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S1E14 - Love Languages w/ Bailey and Katrina (Part 2)

Episode Description:

In this episode, I have some special guests on with me! If you listened to episode 11, then you’ve already met Katrina. She joins me today along with another one of our best friends, Ms. Bailey! These ladies join me as we talk about our love languages. We guess each other’s love language and reveal what we got on the quiz.

If you’re interested in knowing about the 5 different love languages and figuring out what you are, here’s the link to the quiz: Please let me know what you got. Do you agree with the quiz? Why or why not? Katrina's YT Channel:


Some parts of the transcript may be edited for better readability, but the content remains the same. Mostly removed duplicate words, vocal filler words, and added/removed some words for clarification.


Continuation from Part 1...

Meliza Manalo 32:28

No, but yeah. I totally get what you're saying. Cuz yeah, I'm just always busy.

Bailey 32:35

I know. It takes me a month to be penciled into your busy schedule.

Meliza Manalo 32:39

Yeah, oh my God. I stopped...

Bailey 32:41

You're so popular.

Meliza Manalo 32:42

I stopped buying planners though. Cuz I was like, I'll just do it electronically. Like killing too many trees with my plans. So, the quarantine, no actually even with the quarantine. That sounds really bad to say 'Stay safe. Wear a mask', but...

Bailey 32:59

I love wearing a mask. The only thing I don't like about it is it makes my acne really bad.

Meliza Manalo 33:03

Oh, yeah.

Katrina 33:04

Oh, yeah. Me too.

Meliza Manalo 33:04

Oh, I think mine went away. But I was getting major acne on my chin.

Bailey 33:09

I have to wash it a lot.

Meliza Manalo 33:10

Because I don't get acne. But these masks. Man! They're killing me. Like my nose...

Bailey 33:15

They need to come out with a laundry detergent that you can use in your sink for mask that has salicylic acid in it or something.

Meliza Manalo 33:22

They probably do.

Bailey 33:24

What if I could just wash my mask with my salicylic acid bodywash stuff?

Meliza Manalo 33:29

Sure. (Laughter)

Bailey 33:29

Like the inside of it. You don't know what salicylic is?

Meliza Manalo 33:35

I know what it is. But I mean, let us know how that works. For cleaning your mask.

Bailey 33:39

Oh, I will on my next appearance.

Meliza Manalo 33:41

Okay. (Laughter)

Bailey 33:46

So, you.

Meliza Manalo 33:47

Oh mine. So, are you done?

Bailey 33:49

Wait, what's your least one though?

Meliza Manalo 33:51

Yeah, what is your least one?

Katrina 33:52

Receiving gifts.

Meliza Manalo 33:52

Receiving gifts.

Katrina 33:53

Because I already said.

Meliza Manalo 33:54

Yeah, makes sense.

Bailey 33:57

You don't like gifts?

Katrina 33:58

No, I love gifts. But I mean like... (Laughter)

Meliza Manalo 34:01

No one hates gifts.

Katrina 34:02


Meliza Manalo 34:02

It's just lower on the totem pole.

Katrina 34:05


Meliza Manalo 34:06

And I guessed that because you always want to do something.

Bailey 34:08

Oh, for the birthday?

Meliza Manalo 34:09

Yeah. Not really gifts.

Bailey 34:11

But this year sucks. Because we didn't do like, I feel like we didn't do anything.

Katrina 34:15

The 25th yeah.

Meliza Manalo 34:15

Yeah. Cuz that's when we went locked down.

Katrina 34:17

That's all good.

Bailey 34:18

I didn't even get any feedback on my gift.

Katrina 34:21

I haven't gotten it yet.

Meliza Manalo 34:22

Oh, for real?

Bailey 34:23

Wait, are you serious?

Katrina 34:25

Yeah. Did you ship it to my house?

Meliza Manalo 34:27

No. Because you have it.

Katrina 34:29

You have it.

Meliza Manalo 34:30

Oh my God. You're gonna get that right now?

Bailey 34:33


Katrina 34:33


Bailey 34:36

Why not?

Katrina 34:36


Bailey 34:37


Meliza Manalo 34:38

Yeah, that'll be our quality time without the invisible guest. But that's the hard part.

Bailey 34:43

Good point.

Katrina 34:44

Like, I love receiving gifts from other people. But I'm not the one that's like, "Oh, you have to get me a gift on my birthday."

Bailey 34:50


Meliza Manalo 34:50


Katrina 34:50

And also, I'm really hard at showing my emotion when I open.

Meliza Manalo 34:56

Me too. I feel like a sociopath sometimes.

Bailey 34:59

I'm not.

Katrina 35:00

Yeah. I know, when we gave you your mixer, that was so cool.

Meliza Manalo 35:04

I love giving you gifts. You're the best person to give gifts to. Because you appreciate everything. Every little thing.

Bailey 35:09

Y'all are so good at getting good gifts though.

Meliza Manalo 35:11

Hell yeah, we are.

Bailey 35:13

I need to bake something.

Meliza Manalo 35:14


Bailey 35:15

I still need to make you those cookies.

Meliza Manalo 35:17

Bailey is a great baker.

Katrina 35:18

Reese's. Make something with Reese's butter Cups.

Bailey 35:21

You want me to make Reese's?

Katrina 35:22

No, I said make something with.

Meliza Manalo 35:25

Peanut butter and chocolate mmmmm.

Bailey 35:27

Oh, I should make some brownies with the Reese's peanut butter Cups in the middle.

Meliza Manalo 35:30

Yeah. Oh Casey, you need to try those peanut Butter Cups. Anyways, sorry.

Bailey 35:36

No, I'm going to do half Reese's peanut Butter Cups in the same brownie batch and then the other half is going to be cookie butter.

Katrina 35:42


Meliza Manalo 35:43

Oooh. That sounds good.

Bailey 35:47

That sounds so bomb right now.

Meliza Manalo 35:49

Yeah, it does. Okay. So, we talked about the least favorite.

Bailey 35:53

Okay. What's your least favorite? It's gifts okay. Okay, I think you're number one...

Meliza Manalo 36:00

So, this is... I took the couple one. So...

Bailey 36:04

It's hard. It's hard because I feel like I don't know.

Katrina 36:06

I got the same thing on both though. The questions are very similar.

Bailey 36:11

Mm hmm.

Meliza Manalo 36:14

I feel like I'm a hard book to read.

Bailey 36:16

You are. Because I don't really know anything about yours and Brandon's relationship.

Meliza Manalo 36:23

Our relationship?

Bailey 36:24

Because I don't ask. Because it's not my place to ask.

Meliza Manalo 36:26

I'm also a very private person.

Bailey 36:27

Yes, you are, honey. That's one of the qualities I love about you the most. That's because you have such a high level of self-respect and self-dignity.

Meliza Manalo 36:34

That's why it's weird to have these podcasts at the same time. Because I'm kind of a private person.

Bailey 36:38

Because you're kind of like opening up.

Meliza Manalo 36:40

Yeah, that's what I was saying.

Bailey 36:42

But it's good for you.

Katrina 36:42

I feel like social media has kind of opened you up a little bit.

Bailey 36:45

It's good for you. This is so like, you in your element.

Katrina 36:48


Bailey 36:49

Like you are glowing right now. See, this is why we need the camera.

Meliza Manalo 36:55

Watch Mia grow... glow. Glow not grow.

Bailey 36:59

Grow and glow.

Katrina 37:00

Yeah both.

Bailey 37:02

Both. (Laughter)

Meliza Manalo 37:04

What do you think Casey? If you had to guess?

Katrina 37:07

If I had to guess I would think quality time. I'm not sure yet.

Bailey 37:11

Physical touch? No, I'm a narcissist so I think everyone's like me. Ummm... I want to say gifts. Because I feel like every time Brandon gets you a gift, it's a really good gift. And you're freaking. You're just like, "Oh, I can't believe you got me this knife set."

Meliza Manalo 37:31

Oh, that knife set is really good. I love those knives. Ahem... so, no. (Laughter) Casey is kinda... she's number two.

Bailey 37:44


Katrina 37:44

I'm gonna guess.

Meliza Manalo 37:45

So, my number one is 'Acts of service'.

Bailey 37:49


Meliza Manalo 37:50

Yeah. What? Why is your face like that?

Bailey 37:53

Because now I'm like, oh, I need to do more acts of service for Mia. And I need...

Katrina 37:59

But like, what does that mean to you?

Bailey 38:02

Like helping you move?

Katrina 38:04

So, what was your percent? Do you know?

Meliza Manalo 38:06

No. I didn't write it down. Sorry. It's like thirty something percent.

Bailey 38:08

Oh, wait, is this for Brandon?

Katrina 38:10

The couple one.

Meliza Manalo 38:11

Yeah, I took the couple one.

Bailey 38:12


Katrina 38:13

That's true.

Meliza Manalo 38:13

It does. It fits for every relationship, you know. I love when people do little things for me. I love when they don't think about it. If they know I'm having a hard time and then they do something to help me out without being asked, without being told. It's just like, they just feel they can help out and I love that. Because I like helping people out too. Even in Animal Crossing, I always pay bells for their bridges.

Bailey 38:43


Meliza Manalo 38:45

But you guys don't play Animal Crossing. Wrong group.

Katrina 38:50

You should do one with them.

Meliza Manalo 38:51

Yeah, I want to do all kinds of interviews. I even want to go and branch out and interview random people. Or even listeners. I will even interview a listener. Anyone that wants a little platform to talk to, I'm down for that. So, if you guys listen to Chatty Broads, I love when they interview just random a*s, random people. Like they did a sex worker one, they've done people who read auras. They've done like, what else do they do?

Bailey 39:25

Birth charts?

Meliza Manalo 39:25

Yeah, just every walks of life. I think it's so fascinating learning about people's different occupations too. Even the super obscure ones. Like...

Bailey 39:37

Like a sex therapist?

Meliza Manalo 39:39

Yeah, like weird ones, too. Like, there's like a Sex witch?

Bailey 39:45


Meliza Manalo 39:46

There's all kinds of different ones. Right now, it's just family. I'm gonna do one with Patrick. Patrick is so excited to do. He texted me he's like, "Lets catch up on the... "(burp sound). (Laughter) My bad. So, he texted me.

Bailey 40:06

(Laughter) That bobbing weave motion though.

Meliza Manalo 40:10

It was showing together on mic. I was like eww.

Bailey 40:16

Don't want to burp your Coronavirus on the mic. (Laughter)

Meliza Manalo 40:22

Oh my God. Anyways, Patrick texted me and said, "Good job on the podcast."

Bailey 40:28

Awww. He's such a sweetheart.

Meliza Manalo 40:28

And I was like, "Yeah I got to get you on there." And he's like, "Yeah." He's like, "I'm down this weekend." I was like, "Hold up." I need to plan this stuff. There are other episodes that I need to edit and stuff. But I want to get him on there. Yeah, because Patrick can talk for a day.

Katrina 40:43

Yeah, he can.

Meliza Manalo 40:44

He has thought about doing his own podcast.

Katrina 40:46

He is probably an introvert extrovert?

Bailey 40:49

I feel like he's an extrovert.

Meliza Manalo 40:50

Yeah. Social media beast? Extrovert. Real life Patrick? Probably a little more introverted. Not saying like he's not real on social media.

Katrina 41:01

He can talk and talk, but I think he's a little bit of an introvert.

Meliza Manalo 41:05

Because he doesn't. I don't know. Oh, I guess we'll get to that one. We get to his episode; I'll ask him what he thinks he is. I'll give him a little quiz or something to take. Anyways, what were we talking about?

Bailey 41:16

It'd be cool if you made your own quiz.

Meliza Manalo 41:19

Make my own quiz? I could.

Bailey 41:20

Like in Quizlet or something?

Meliza Manalo 41:22


Bailey 41:22

Just come up with different questions.

Meliza Manalo 41:24

I'm just not an expert on it. Because I just google stuff.

Bailey 41:28

But I feel like you can become an expert, the more you learn about it. Maybe after your first season, you'll have enough knowledge of interviewing different people. You'll be able to come up, like, you can start writing down questions as you're interviewing and talking with people about it. And then you can come up with your own quiz. And then, like going forward...

Katrina 41:47

Get to know your people.

Bailey 41:48

Yeah. It could be something for your listeners to take part of and then your listeners can share their answers like on Instagram and stuff.

Katrina 41:56

That'd be a great plan. Ask yourself. "Hey guys!"

Meliza Manalo 41:58


Katrina 41:58

Like, you know, introduce it in every episode so that every new...

Meliza Manalo 42:01

"Take my quiz."

Katrina 42:02

Yeah. Every new listener would like...

Bailey 42:04

Something that you plug at the beginning of each episode.

Katrina 42:06

Yeah. That's what it is. A plug.

Meliza Manalo 42:07

Yeah, that's a good one. I'll think about that.

Bailey 42:09

But like, yeah, dude. I feel like it's a basic thing that people should know about themselves.

Meliza Manalo 42:15

Yeah. I think so too. Because then it helps you realize what you prefer. Because I didn't think of myself as an introvert until later.

Bailey 42:23

You didn't?

Meliza Manalo 42:24

Well, I didn't think of myself as an extrovert either. But I didn't know stuff either way.

Katrina 42:29

Categorizing yourself.

Bailey 42:32


Meliza Manalo 42:33

I'm not out there. Like now I'm, yeah, I'm an introvert. But back then I just...

Katrina 42:37

Yeah, that's like finding out about your zodiac. You love to learn.

Bailey 42:40


Katrina 42:41

It just depends on whatever you like to be.

Bailey 42:43

Do you all know your zodiac? Like your Sun, Moon and Rising?

Katrina 42:47


Meliza Manalo 42:47

I just know I'm a Capricorn.

Katrina 42:49

I just know the real one. Just not the Sun, Moon.

Meliza Manalo 42:52

Yeah, I don't know what my Sun or Moon is either.

Bailey 42:56

So, my Sun is Leo because of my birthday. It's next week. Yayy! My birthday is August 12. So, my Sun sign is a Leo, but my Moon is...

Meliza Manalo 43:10

So, before Bailey reveals her moon sign, I want to talk to you guys about Instacart. Instacart does the shopping for you and delivers your grocery to your doorstep. They connect you to a personal shopper who you can easily chat with online or on the mobile app. It's super easy to use and saves you on travel time and going through the store. Listeners will receive free delivery on your first order over $35. Follow the link in the description to let them know I sent you and to help support the show. Use Instacart and you'll never step into a grocery store again.

Bailey 43:42

My Moon is Taurus and then my Rising is, what is it? Aquarius.

Meliza Manalo 43:48

Do you guys know a lot about that stuff? Cuz I think we can do an episode.

Bailey 43:50

I know a little bit about. I just know lately from listening Chatty Broads and doing my own research.

Meliza Manalo 43:55

I know nothing about it.

Katrina 43:56

I don't know in depth. I just know months and the Zodiac.

Meliza Manalo 44:02

Like I don't understand why where the moon is and the stars and the planets and how is that like.

Bailey 44:08

Listeners. If any of you listeners know a lot about Zodiac and want to read our charts, we can tell you our Sun, Moon and Rising. And you can tell us what that means.

Meliza Manalo 44:21

Ooh. Oh, you can go on the episode. DM me.

Bailey 44:22

Slide into those DMs.

Meliza Manalo 44:24

No one DMs me. (Laughter) Kind of a few.

Katrina 44:27

DMs are really hard though to keep.

Meliza Manalo 44:30

Plus, if you're an introvert, you know. That's why you feel like I don't have a lot of engaging people either. But I don't know. Whatever. That's all good.

Katrina 44:40

Yeah. Start small.

Meliza Manalo 44:44

Okay, so yeah. So, it's 'Acts of service', then my second is 'Quality time', 'Words of affirmation', 'Gifts' and then 'Physical touch' is my last one.

Bailey 44:54

Haww. Really?

Katrina 44:55

Yeah. She hates it when people touch.

Bailey 44:57

Oh duh.

Meliza Manalo 44:58

Yeah. Didn't you know that?

Bailey 45:00

Do you remember that one time in high school where you had something on your face, and I licked my thumb and tried to get it off?

Meliza Manalo 45:07

Oh my God. I flinched so hard.

Bailey 45:09

You freaked out and Courtney started laughing. (Laughter)

Meliza Manalo 45:13

I absolutely hate it when people touch my face.

Katrina 45:17


Meliza Manalo 45:20

Yeah. I can't tell you how many times someone tried to take an eyelash off. It's my face, like I don't care if you're doing that, but my face in general, I cannot let someone touch my face.

Bailey 45:32

So, Brandon, does he ever grab your face and kiss your face?

Meliza Manalo 45:37

Yeah, and I don't.

Bailey 45:38

You don't like it?

Meliza Manalo 45:40

Not really. I know he hates it. Because he likes touching my face, but...

Katrina 45:45


Bailey 45:47

Awww. You guys are so frickin cute.

Meliza Manalo 45:49

I don't know what is with my face. I don't know if it's some childhood trauma. I have no clue what the basis is with my face specifically. Because everything else is like, whatever.

Bailey 45:59

I mean, you don't have to know though. Like just, it'd be how it'd be. It'd be like that. (Laughter) That's what the kids are saying. It'd be like that sometimes. But not sometimes. In this situation, always. Never touch the face.

Meliza Manalo 46:15

Never touch the face. I don't know if my listeners know what I look like because I don't post selfies on Instagram or anything.

Bailey 46:21


Meliza Manalo 46:22

My account is private on Instagram, my personal account. But if you watch Casey's videos, I'm on some of them. (Laughter) But if you ever see me in public, please do not touch my face. I'll just freak out. I'll just run away. (Laughter)

Bailey 46:40

Oh my God. Do you want to hear the creepiest story ever?

Meliza Manalo 46:43

Is this the gas station story?

Bailey 46:45


Meliza Manalo 46:46

Okay, yeah. I don't know if Casey knows about that one.

Katrina 46:49

I don't.

Bailey 46:49

Okay, so I was at a gas station and I was pumping gas. And there was this dude across the way at the other pump. And he saw me, and he walked over. I was like...

Meliza Manalo 47:07

Just someone rando too?

Bailey 47:09


Meliza Manalo 47:10


Bailey 47:11

Old creepy rando.

Meliza Manalo 47:12

It's old people.

Bailey 47:14

Well, don't be creepy then.

Katrina 47:15

Don't be creepy.

Bailey 47:16

Then don't be creepy. But I was 23.

Katrina 47:19

What time of the day was it though?

Bailey 47:20

It was like an afternoon. So, it wasn't at nighttime. But I was 23-24. Because we had the same car, and I kind of just said like, "Oh, hey, we have the same car." I guess I invited it. (Laughter) Casey's face right now. Well, then he came over and he was like, "There's something on your face." And he tried to wipe something off of my face.

Katrina 47:50


Bailey 47:50

And I was just like, what just happened?

Katrina 47:54

And he just walked away?

Bailey 47:55

Yeah. I got in my car and drove off. I was scared. I was so scared.

Meliza Manalo 48:01

That is so weird.

Katrina 48:03

That's weird.

Meliza Manalo 48:04

Did you wash your face after?

Bailey 48:05

Yes. When I got home. And what's even weirder is that the house, that you guys used to live in together? I was leaving your house and I turned out on the main road. And I was driving, and I saw his car.

Meliza Manalo 48:19

Oh creepy.

Bailey 48:21

It was terrifying.

Meliza Manalo 48:24

Yeah. I don't touch people's face.

Bailey 48:25

I mean, especially a stranger, a young girl.

Katrina 48:28

A stranger. Yeah.

Meliza Manalo 48:29

At the gas station too, he just held the gas pump.

Bailey 48:32

A young girl at a gas station.

Katrina 48:35

That's scary. Don't do that.

Bailey 48:36

Yeah. Don't ever do that. If someone did that to me now, oh, I'm not the right person to do that to. I would come unglued if somebody ever. If I was at a gas station and somebody started walking up towards me, you know, I'll go to jail defending myself. I don't care. You know what I mean? Like no, that's not a good idea to do that to me. But I'm crazy. (Laughter)

Meliza Manalo 49:08

That's good though.

Katrina 49:09


Bailey 49:10

But when we were at the park. Remember?

Meliza Manalo 49:12

Mm hmm.

Bailey 49:13

We were just sitting on a bench and this dude on a bike came like rolling up. And it was weird because we were sitting right here, and he walked right in front of us to get to the water fountain. And I didn't really know what to do. I think that's like a social anxiety. I think what I should've done is maybe, I didn't want to get up though and move.

Meliza Manalo 49:37

Like have a confrontation also?

Bailey 49:40

Yeah. I didn't want to do that. I didn't think that was appropriate. But it's just like, just don't do that. Especially to two females, like don't ever roll up on to women, or a woman or really anybody in any public situation.

Katrina 49:56

That kind of happened to me when I went to the gas station, right there on the corner. Not that one, but the one over there.

Bailey 50:01


Katrina 50:02

I was with Leah and I was just about to drop her off from home. Where were we? I don't know. It was just like past week. Anyways, it was dusk, kind of like already dark but the lights still out. And this car parked right behind you, and we pulled up to get gassed. I was like, of course, he chose the one right next to me. Why couldn't you choose the one over there? But then it was like females. Okay. If she's out here, I'll be out here with her. And then this guy just started walking and got her attention and was talking. And she was kind of freaked out a little bit. But she had somebody in the car with her too. Just like I had Leah in the car, just in case, because I would never get gassed when it's late night. It's too scary. Anyways, he just came up to me. And he said something, I just got in the car, because she got into the car right away. And then we just went to our way. I was like, what? Like, why do you come up to like, that's so scary. Especially at that time of day.

Meliza Manalo 50:56

If he was getting questions, just go into the store and ask the clerk or something.

Bailey 51:01

Yeah, see, if somebody did that to me, I would pull out my pepper spray and be like, "Hey, what's up? Is there something I can help you with?" I've done that before.

Meliza Manalo 51:13

Because they can ask a question from afar.

Bailey 51:14


Katrina 51:15


Meliza Manalo 51:15

If they have a legit question, that's fine. But be a little farther away, so we don't feel threatened, you know. And that's sad that we have to say that. Because I'm not trying to say all men are bad. If I see a guy come up to me, that's the first thing I'm going to think of.

Bailey 51:31

Oh, it's not just about men, I would do the same thing to a woman too. If any person come rolling up on me. I remember one time I was at a gas station filling up a U-Haul right before I was about to return it. And this young kid, young punk on a bike came rolling up super-fast and he was like, "Hey, you got any money?" And I came unglued on him. I don't know if I should say in detail because it's a bit explicit. But basically, to the fact that, get the bleep away for me. Right bleeping now. I will bleep you up. Get the bleep out of my face. Cuz I just don’t...

Meliza Manalo 52:12

Tolerate that?

Bailey 52:12

Uh huh. I'm crazy. I sleep with a bat by my bed. And I sleep with my windows open too. Every night to get my AC a rest. You have to in Sacramento.

Katrina 52:23

Yeah. We rest it at night too.

Bailey 52:25

But I keep fans in front of my windows so that if anybody did try to come in, they'll trip over the fan. But even if, I mean, you know, I mean, it's fight or flight. And what? I'm just gonna stand there while somebody tries to assault me? I mean I feel really weird putting this out into the universe because I feel like it's going to happen. Because I have never been in a situation where somebody rolled up on me with a knife or anything trying to mug me.

Meliza Manalo 52:55

But we live in an area where that happens a lot. It happens all the time.

Bailey 52:59

That's why I'm surprised. It has never happened to me. I think maybe I just give off that vibe. Because I'm so muscular.

Katrina 53:08

You're not a frail little girl.

Bailey 53:10

I'm not. I'm short. I'm a short stack.

Meliza Manalo 53:14

You're not short.

Bailey 53:16

I'm 5'4".

Katrina 53:16

You're not short. You're taller than both of us.

Meliza Manalo 53:18


Bailey 53:19

I'm 5"4". I guess maybe that's average.

Katrina 53:20


Meliza Manalo 53:21


Bailey 53:22

But I can puff my chest up real tall. I think because I just have that natural stature like nobody fucks with me. Oops. (Laughter)

Meliza Manalo 53:33

No. We're always really careful.

Katrina 53:36

Yeah. We have to be.

Meliza Manalo 53:37

Because we have gone through stories.

Bailey 53:39

That's just a part of it. When you're all together when that dude came right into the backyard.