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About Me

MBTI Avatar of Meliza and Link.

Hey everyone. I’m Meliza, and I'm the Talkative Introvert.

I wanted to start this podcast, because I feel like I have so much to say, but I’m not always given the time and the attention to share my thoughts. I figured, well then shoot, I’ll just start a podcast!

I’m a quiet individual with a soft-spoken voice. I’m not boisterous or attention seeking, so my voice gets a bit stuck in the background. With a podcast, my voice is finally in the forefront and it has been so uplifting and empowering to have a platform where I can speak freely without the fear of being interrupted or overrun by other voices.

As an introvert, there's a lot I can say about the day to day struggles of living in a very extroverted environment. Along with that, I'm also very intrigued about the whole subject surrounding different personality types and found out during the creation of this podcast that I'm actually an INTJ-A, which was fascinating. 

My content doesn't stop there, though. Outside of introversion subjects, I have a lot to say about almost everything. Hence the name. I chose it, because I do like to talk. However, people may not realize that about me and don't always give me that chance to share my thoughts. So, here I am. Creating a podcast just so I can talk.


I hope you enjoy listening to me as much as I enjoy talking to you. 

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