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S2E17 - We Interview a Shoe Collector w/ Patty and Brandon (Part 1)

Episode Description:

I’m joined by my husband and his cousin, Patrick, to talk about collections. Why have a collection? Why collect the things you collect? What would you collect if money wasn’t an issue? What do you do when you retire or get older? What’s the end goal? So many questions!

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Some parts of the transcript may be edited for better readability, but the content remains the same. Mostly removed duplicate words, vocal filler words, and added/removed some words for clarification.


Hey, everyone! This is Meliza, and I'm The Talkative Introvert.

Before we get into the episode, I wanted to prepare you guys. Unfortunately, when I recorded the episode, I messed up on the audio, we had to do the episode through Skype since Patrick doesn't live in California. And I forgot to change the audio settings. So we were on webcam, and I ended up using the mic on my webcam and not my podcast mic, like actual microphone. So the audio on our side is pretty bad. So I apologize for that. But Patty's audio sounds pretty good. And he does do most of the talking anyways. So hopefully it's not too distracting. Also to be completely transparent, Brandon wouldn't do the podcast unless we took a couple of shots to calm his nerves. And I don't really drink. So I'm a bit of a lightweight. Anyways, I had to cut some stuff out. But hopefully it still flows pretty well. I'll interject here and there. But who knows, maybe you wouldn't have noticed if I didn't say anything? But let's get into that episode.

Welcome back to the podcast. We're joined again by Patrick Deguzman and by my husband, Brandon. If you are a first time listener, then you don't know who they are. But if you've been listening, they're joining us again for this episode, and we're going to talk about collections and what we collect and why we collect them and all that good stuff. Hey Patty.

Patrick Deguzman 1:40

Hey, Meliza. Hey, Brandon.

Brandon 1:42


Patrick Deguzman 1:43

(Imitating Brandon) Hi. (Laughter)

Meliza Manalo 1:48

So this episode is an idea from Patty or Patrick. Sorry. Short form Patty. Whatever. You guys know what I'm talking about. So why did you want to talk about collection?

Patrick Deguzman 2:02

Well, I've always been interested in collecting things. I know Brandon likes to collect video game memorabilia, and old trading card games like Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! stuff. And since COVID and stuff I started tracing the stuff I started to collect. I used to have Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, Pokemon games. And now lately, it's been just shoes. A lot of shoes. So it kind of made me think about it though, because a lot of people who you don't expect to collect things, or collect like secret stuff. Like the stuff they like to hide, like pop figures or magic cards or whatever. But I was just curious of what you guys thought about it.

Meliza Manalo 2:47

And then FYI for the listeners, there's people screaming over at Patty's place. So, just ignore them.

Patrick Deguzman 2:57

Yeah, I try to control them. I tried closing the window. I tried adjusting the settings on the microphone if for some reason that high pitch is just getting through.

Meliza Manalo 3:06

It's okay. But yeah, that's cool. Collections. I don't know we don't really collect a whole lot of these. I am pretty interested in what you collect. You collect shoes, but are there really like specific shoes?

Patrick Deguzman 3:25

I'm what people perceive me, as a sneaker head. Because I have a majority of Jordans I, have some New Balance.

Meliza Manalo 3:35

New Balance? You got New Balance?

Patrick Deguzman 3:38

Well, I would say as a general term, I collect shoes. So I have anything from your Jordans to your Adidas, your Yeezys, your New Balances. And overall, I just collect a bunch of different shoes. And I just think I like specific colors and specific styles. And lately it's kind of fun to match different clothes with different shoes. Like I have a pair of shoes that are just all pink with black and I had to go out and look for clothes for it. And I just think it's fun. Like I was saying, I had a pair of old pink shoes. And it was just fun to go figure out what I wanted to wear with them and just buy different stuff to match it. And just to get reactions and stuff from friends. Most of the reaction I get is from my girlfriend. She either tells me it looks good or it looks okay. But most of the time it's really good.

Brandon 4:46

So she likes it.

Patrick Deguzman 4:47

Yeah, I kind of got her into collecting shoes.

Meliza Manalo 4:50

Oh, really?

Patrick Deguzman 4:51

Yeah. I had at the time maybe like 10 pairs. And then one day she's like, "Oh, I really like what these look like." And so now she actually has more shoes than me.

Meliza Manalo 5:07

Are they the same type?

Patrick Deguzman 5:09

Yeah, she has hype shoes, but she also has like shoes that people don't really consider to be... And I'll put this in quotes. For some reason in the community, people don't like Jordan on mids or anything mid or lows kind of. But mids, when people hear that they're like, "I don't like that." And so, they go for a little bit cheaper depending on what style or what collab they're doing. For her, for instance, she loves her mids, which is good for me because they're cheaper. And that's fine. So one day, she came home and she had ordered two pairs of shoes at once and just kept coming and coming and coming. Once a week, she'd have a new pair of shoes. And I thought that was crazy. Then she became even a bigger sneakerhead than me.

Meliza Manalo 5:58

So what got you into the actual collecting? I know when you were here back home, you didn't use to collect stuff. I don't remember you collecting shoes.

Patrick Deguzman 6:10

So, the reason why I started collecting was, so my buddy Livingston or Kiandre, he was into shoes, and we went to the store one time or went to the mall. We were just walking around. And I was telling him, you know, I don't think I could ever pull off wearing Jordans. He just looks at me and he goes, "Man, who cares what people think? Just buy it and wear it. I think they look good." And so one weekend, we went back to the mall, and I bought a pair of mids. Crazy enough. Ever since then I just kind of like shoes. And then I started thinking about it. And honestly it took me two years to actually start getting into heavy collecting. Because I bought my first pair in November of 2018. And then I didn't buy my second pair until May of 2020. So after that I'm just looking at the shoes. I would show you guys my wall. I'll show you guys my walls later. But I made a whole little entrance to our apartment that if you walk in and take a left, all you see is just my shoes showing. It's really cool. You could use it as the photo and I'll take a little picture for this

Meliza Manalo 7:28

Yeah. Like your Animal Crossing house?

Patrick Deguzman 7:35

Exactly like that. Yeah. (Laughter) I forgot I showed you guys that. Yeah. Hey, you gotta let Animal Crossing me match real me, you know? I got this your collection there, too.

Meliza Manalo 7:50

Yeah, send me that. And I'll put that on my Instagram page.

Brandon 7:54

Does the shoe come as a leaf?

Patrick Deguzman 7:57

What's that?

Brandon 7:58

Did the shoes come as a leaf when you buy them?

Patrick Deguzman 8:01

The leaf. I wish. You know how easy would be to transfer things? You know how much easier it would be for me to collect things if everything just turned into a leaf that I could put in my pocket? That'd be so cool.

Meliza Manalo 8:15

So since you started collecting, how many pairs of shoes do you have now?

Patrick Deguzman 8:22

Um, so I put out a halt. I had to halt. I had to slow down because I was moving. So I couldn't have too many pairs of shoes because base. But right now I have about 35 to 40. But I've sold a lot in the last few...

Meliza Manalo 8:41

Oh my God. You got 35 pairs?

Patrick Deguzman 8:45

Yeah, 35 pairs of shoes.

Meliza Manalo 8:52

This is a fairly new collection that you've started, right?

Patrick Deguzman 8:56

Yeah, I would say my collection started picking up momentum, I would say September of last year after my birthday. Because my girlfriend had got me the Jeff Staple pigeon dunks the black version. The actual version will go for like $30,000. And that's another reason why people like to collect too because not only is this a hobby of collecting but it's also like a job. Because people, all they do is they buy shoes and they resell them. So that's kind of like why I started at first was to kind of just get some kind of, I put in air quotes, "Investments". Like I've probably spent about $7000 on all my shoes.

Meliza Manalo 9:46

Oh, Patty.

Patrick Deguzman 9:48

Yeah, but my collection goes for like 11 so if I wanted to sell, obviously I've taken some loss on. But there's others that made up for it, if that makes sense.

Meliza Manalo 10:02

Yeah, that makes sense. Okay, so the last time we were talking you were talking about Shoe Meet? Remember that? And everyone was like, what the hell's a Shoe Meet? So, what is a Shoe Meet?

Patrick Deguzman 10:18

a shoe me? Well, to put it into terms that I know you would understand, it's like going to a Car Meet. But everybody just shows off their shoes. And they sell their shoes. It's just kind of a way to like...

Brandon 10:34

Like convention or something.

Patrick Deguzman 10:35

Yeah, kind of. They actually have conventions like Sneaker Con is one of the big companies that they do conventions for. Another one's Complex. Like there's a bunch of different companies.

Brandon 10:48

Complex like the journal... I don't know if you call it like a journal news source.

Meliza Manalo 10:55

What are Complex?

Brandon 10:57

Complex. They do like...

Patrick Deguzman 10:59

They do journalism.

Brandon 11:02

Yeah, but based on... I'm not really sure.

Meliza Manalo 11:07

Just like cars or something?

Patrick Deguzman 11:09

They're based off of things that are in the now. They have people like celebrities. They have people for shoes. Anything that's kind of like the hot topic right now. And like any celebrity.

Brandon 11:23

Like the fad.

Patrick Deguzman 11:23

Yeah, that's the perfect word. It's like whatever is a fad right now, but I don't know Complex...

Meliza Manalo 11:30

like that Parks and Rec were like, "It no longer is. It was."

Brandon 11:35

Kind of. I think I've shown you some complex before. Okay. I don't remember. I don't really know how to describe what they cover exactly. But Patrick kind of liked it.

Meliza Manalo 11:49

Okay. Patty, you're on mute. We can't hear you.

Patrick Deguzman 11:55

Okay now.

Meliza Manalo 11:56

Okay. (Laughter)

Patrick Deguzman 11:57

I didn't want them to hear me slurping on my water. But yeah, just for like an easy way to describe as Complex, they just pretty much do news now that is in regard to like fashion hype and stuff like that. And I just follow them mostly for their shoes, because they had the segment where they talk to celebrities, and take them to a shoe store. And pretty much do what we're doing now. Like how you started? Why you do it? And then they just go out and they go and buy shoes. And the thing I like about it too, is they don't have specific celebrities. They'll interview everyone. Like I've seen Steve O on there. I saw Adam Levine on there. It was pretty cool. But yeah, that's pretty much all of it. Well, going back to what the topic is. We kind of started off with...

Meliza Manalo 12:58

Yeah. Shoe Meet.

Patrick Deguzman 13:00

Show Meet is like people just go around because like I said a lot of people are resellers, or a lot of people just like to unload some of their shoes. So, what they do is they'll check the community and some communities will host like a Shoe Meet. And then you reserve a table. You put up all the shoes you want to sell and you just pretty much sell shoes, trade shoes, talk shoes. It's just literally everything that you can do with shoes. I'm ready when you are.

Patrick Deguzman 13:27

Sorry to everyone. We had to take a little break. But we were talking about Shoe Meet. So you go to Shoe Meet. What's the whole thing about Shoe Meet? Because I was super curious about what that is and what you do.

Patrick Deguzman 13:43

Do you remember Panda? The guy you guys met at one of the shoe meets? He had the Blue Cyan with the airbags?

Meliza Manalo 13:51

Probably. Oh, yeah.

Brandon 13:53

Oh, Joe?

Meliza Manalo 13:54


Patrick Deguzman 13:55

Yeah, Smoking panda. That was his name.

Brandon 13:59

Oh. That's Joe.

Meliza Manalo 14:00

Is that Joe?

Patrick Deguzman 14:02

Yeah. When I met him there. And so the biggest thing I get from these shoe meets is I get to meet really cool people.

Brandon 14:12

You met Joe at the shoe meet?

Patrick Deguzman 14:16

I met him at a Car Meet. I was trying to compare it. So like that experience, that's kind of how it is when I go to the shoe meets is. I meet somebody and it's so nice to hear their story, how they came up from shoes. And honestly, a lot of the people I've dealt with, luckily, because there are some pretty sh*tty people out there who are sneaker heads. But a lot of the ones I've met are pretty nice. They're really cool people. So that's kind of like what the shoe meet is. It's just...

Brandon 14:46

Like minded individuals coming together for one common interest.

Patrick Deguzman 14:52

Exactly. That's exactly what it is. That's pretty much what the shoe meet is. You got so many different hobbies, and this is the one I go to.

Brandon 15:02

Makes sense.

Meliza Manalo 15:03

Yeah. So Shoe Meet. Obviously, there's a bunch of people who like the same shoes, but it's also like.... how you do it, Patty? Okay. But it's also a bunch of people who also swap right? Because you were talking about swapping. So, you swap shoes and stuff?

Patrick Deguzman 15:23

Yeah, there's a lot of...

Brandon 15:29

People value.

Patrick Deguzman 15:30

Yes. Yep, a lot of trading gets done at these events. But usually, when you trade, if let's say, I have a shoe that you want, and I'm not trying to trade or trying to sell it, like you're gonna trade me whenever you want. And I'm going to be the one that goes usually on top with these deals. Because a lot of the time it's like, I'm pushing to try and get that shoe. I've traded a pair of shoes that I didn't wear anymore, and I bought them at first, I was super excited about them. Then I realized, man, I've only worn these twice. So I traded it to this dude who really wanted them. And he gave me like three pairs of shoes for it. So I was like, okay. Yeah, so it's like business in a sense. I don't do it as business but because I honestly am tired of dealing with people via the selling. But I like talking to them and hearing stories. But I'm trying not to sell anymore. I'm trying to just more like collect the shoes and only sell it if I need to. Yeah, not worrying about the business aspect of things is great. And just like enjoying the actual artwork of the shoes and just growing my collection is my favorite thing to do right now.

Meliza Manalo 16:51

Do you wear all the shoes that you buy? That you collect?

Patrick Deguzman 16:58

Yeah. So I do actually wear almost say, 99% of the shoes I buy.

Meliza Manalo 17:07


Patrick Deguzman 17:09

Yeah, there's that 1% were if I'll buy it at first or buy it in a group and then I'm like, you know, I feel like somebody would appreciate this more than me. So then I'll either sell it to them or trade it to them. But I've worn almost every single pair of shoes I've got. Right now, I have three pairs of shoes that I haven't worn only because I'm just waiting for the right time to wear. Kaylee on the other hand, she'll wear them out the store every time.

Meliza Manalo 17:37

I would.

Patrick Deguzman 17:38

Yeah, she'll buy them and she'll be like, "Yeah, my shoes came in." And then a few hours later, we'll be going out to dinner or going out to grab something from the store and she's already wearing them. And I compliment her every time. I'm like, you know, it's good to see you actually wear your shoes. It's like buying guns.

Brandon 17:58

You guys share a common hobby.

Meliza Manalo 18:01


Patrick Deguzman 18:03

Yeah. Cuz I remember one of our really good friends, her name is Jessica. She's been collecting since she was in middle school, I think. 2009. She's been collecting since then. She says she has full storage units of shoes.

Meliza Manalo 18:25

Damn. A real collector.

Patrick Deguzman 18:26

That's what I'm saying. Exactly. And she's like, "Yeah, we have too many shoes." They have to go to the stores to go get shoes. And I think that's crazy. Do I want to be like that? Hell yeah. But I want the storage to be in my house. I want to...

Brandon 18:43

Talk to my mom then. (Laughter)

Patrick Deguzman 18:44

Yeah. So this is where I would pose the question. Would you say your mom collects shoes? Are does she buy shoes just to have them?

Brandon 18:57

I don't know. She's talked about it being more... It sounds more like it's the collection. She'll buy them and never wear them.

Meliza Manalo 19:07

She's got them from the 80s.

Brandon 19:09

Yeah, it has tags on them.

Patrick Deguzman 19:11

Yeah, I remember when we were moving into the Woodmore Oaks house. Or no, the Walnut House. And we were moving your mom's shoes and we're like dang, "Have these even been worn?" Your mom was like, "No." And she had so many pairs of shoes.

Brandon 19:28

Yeah. She's got like that subscription service for the extender shoes every month.

Meliza Manalo 19:33

What's it called? ShoeDazzle?

Brandon 19:34

Yeah. ShoeDazzle. I don't know sh*t. I've asked her about that before. She says shoes and purses are her hobby.

Patrick Deguzman 19:47

And that's kind of why I wanted to get into this topic. Does being on the spectrum of an introvert or an extrovert, like does that affect how we collect things? You know what I mean? Do you think an introvert collects more than an extrovert? Cuz your mom is definitely like...

Meliza Manalo 20:10


Patrick Deguzman 20:12

Extrovert. Yeah, she's definitely an extrovert but she collects these.

Brandon 20:18

Yeah. Extrovert.

Meliza Manalo 20:19

I don't think it's an introvert extrovert spectrum. I think it's more just like your personality and like...

Brandon 20:27

Yeah. Everyone has something they'd like to collect or have a hobby over. Whether it be shoes or anything. Some people like to collect hair or something or some weird stuff or toenail clippings.

Meliza Manalo 20:40

Yeah, cuz I was talking to Brandon about it earlier. I was like, I don't collect things personally because I have a rational mindset. I just don't have the funds to really collect things. If we took money out of it, I feel like both extroverts and introverts would have something to collect. And now that's happening in the Brandon. I was like, so if money wasn't a problem, what would you collect?

Brandon 21:12


Meliza Manalo 21:13

Just all firearms?

Patrick Deguzman 21:16

Yeah. I like collecting shoes. I remember, I used to collect pop figures too. And then I used to sell those. And then I was aggressively shifting in my collecting of things. I used to collect cards, pop figures, cards again. And then I ended up collecting shoes. And honestly, I love collecting shoes, because it's so cool to just walk out with a different pair. I can wear a different pair of shoes every day for a whole month. I don't know. I just think that's so cool. I don't know.

Meliza Manalo 21:59

What is that like? Cuz there are so many things you can collect, right? So like, what is it about shoes? Like other than you can wear a different pair every day? Like, what is it about shoes that made you gravitate towards it and you want to collect it more? And like the different types of shoes?

Patrick Deguzman 22:20

Honestly, it was the looks. The look of the shoe. The way the shoes look? I think certain pairs of shoes are beautiful. I'm like, damn, these are amazing. Honestly, the way shoes look kind of influences like which ones I want to get. That's kind of why I get into it.

Brandon 22:46

But it's a hard question to ask because I can't really tell you why I would collect something, too.

Meliza Manalo 22:54

Like what attracts you to it? Why do you like it's so much you know? Why do you like firearms so much? Other than my firearms, how come you didn't pick guitars or your other hobbies like witchcraft, and whatever? Like why firearms? Is it like the beauty of it? The technical definition of it? Or like...

Brandon 23:20

I don't really know how to answer that. Just some sort of fascination. I don't know where, why.

Patrick Deguzman 23:28

I know, one of the reasons why I think I collected a lot of shoes was because when I was younger, I had one or two pairs of shoes I would wear through the whole year. I would go to the mall and buy a pair of shoes every six months, because there was four of us and it was expensive buying $100 shoes for all of us. Now that I'm older, I'm like, there's certain things that I wanted when I was a kid that I kind of wanted now. And I feel like shoes is just like a closed off ones. Now that I'm like able to do it and now that I've actually looked into it, done the research, watch the videos, actually appreciated the shoes, I'm like you know what? I'm sticking with it. I like it. I keep saying I'm going to sell my whole collection just because I don't know. Some days I just feel like I want to get rid of all of it. But then I look at it another day and I'm like yeah, I can't get rid of it. I think it's definitely a psychological thing with me with these shoes.

Meliza Manalo 24:28


Brandon 24:29

It's like some sort of attachment you can't explain.

Patrick Deguzman 24:33

Yeah. Me and Brandon, we used to make weapons in his garage as kids. And now that we're adults, we want to play with weapons, you know, so...

Meliza Manalo 24:45

To clarify the meaning of weapons...

Brandon 24:47

Well, shoes are a weapon. (Laughter)

Patrick Deguzman 24:50

Oh yeah, your mom was with sniper with that frickin flip flop. Anything she threw was very accurate. It was crazy. I remember when she threw a phone at my uncle. Uncle, you remember when she threw that phone? Dang. Oh man, I remember that. Yeah, but when we say weapons though, like as you were asking, I remember one of the first memories I had was we made weapons out of wood in Brandon's garage. You remember our little battle tanks were made out of cardboard and wooden swords and stuff that we made out of spare wood and gold paint and plaster? Or plastic tape. I don't remember what kind of... masking tape.

Brandon 25:40


Patrick Deguzman 25:40

Yeah, that what I remember. Yeah, cuz when I leave Hawaii, I'm probably gonna get some more guns.

Brandon 25:52

Battle tanks?

Patrick Deguzman 25:53

Yeah, but I think that's where we kind of got our fascinations with guns. Also shooting games. I was playing Bioshock and I was like, dang, this is so much fun.

Brandon 26:02

Which one are you playing? Are you playing the first or second one?

Patrick Deguzman 26:05

The first one. And then we're gonna play the second one. And then I'm gonna play the third one. I'm playing the remastered ones right now.

Brandon 26:11

Are you gonna beat it one night again?

Patrick Deguzman 26:14

I played yesterday for 3 hours.

Brandon 26:17

Did you get the quest achievement?

Patrick Deguzman 26:26

The one that I can't even never get?

Brandon 26:27

We spent all night trying to get that last achievement that turned out to be a glitch?

Patrick Deguzman 26:29

Yeah, I even remember the names. It's called Brass Balls.

Brandon 26:30


Patrick Deguzman 26:31

It was like complete the game without going through Vita-chamber? That's another one I was thinking about with collections. Remember when we'd have to get every achievement? I mean, you were at 25,000 gamer score and I was like at like 22,000. And I was like, yeah. It was so much fun.

Brandon 26:52

I guess that can be considered a collection. A lot of people really take that seriously. Like a set of every game and get every achievement.

Patrick Deguzman 27:01

Yeah, it was like a sense of accomplishment. I remember it got to the point where I remember me and you were just playing online. We were playing first Left 4 Dead. We're checking out some other people's gamer scores and stuff. I was like damn, they're like in the 90,000s and then I had like every single achievement in every game and then we looked it up and I was like, oh, they actually have mods for that to give you every achievement. I think that's crazy. It's like how far do people go for these collections.

Brandon 27:30

Right. Yeah, achievements definitely would.

Patrick Deguzman 27:33

Oh, yeah.

Brandon 27:34

I have friends that were into that too trying to want to do 100% game.

Patrick Deguzman 27:39

Yeah. I would consider your Fallout stuff. You have your memorabilia. That's definitely like a little collection for the majestic collection. I got a Pip boy. I'm gonna find a Pip boy. The other day cuz they had one on sale like the the collector's edition for like 90 bucks. And I was like, I was so excited. You can ask Kaylee. She saw my face lit up when I saw this. I wanted it so bad.

Brandon 28:05

Oh, yeah. Every time you come here, I have an extra one of those Pip boys kits because they sent me two of them when I bought one, somehow.

Patrick Deguzman 28:14


Brandon 28:15

Yeah, and I’ll give it to you. But I have one that's completely unopened. This one is the one that you build. It's like the replica one.

Patrick Deguzman 28:22

I will definitely take that. Because I wanted one so bad. I got the perfect spot on the desk to put it to.

Brandon 28:31

I ordered one. And they sent it. And then for some reason I got another one. Not sure why. I forgot what the company was. It's one of those replicant companies. The Fallout replica stuff. Yeah, that could be a collection too, though.

Patrick Deguzman 28:48

Yeah, cuz you had the bottle caps. You had the game mat. You have the Pip boy, did you have the helmet or no?

Brandon 28:58

I bought the 76 Pre-Order collector's edition with the power armor helmet.

Patrick Deguzman 29:05

Yeah, you had the Anthology game. Like you had a little collection. I remember every time I would go and look into your video game. Your metal case you had in the corner for your like video games, and I always used to be like, damn, that's so cool.

Brandon 29:22

Yeah. I remember that. The IKEA metal case thing.

Patrick Deguzman 29:26

Yeah, that was really cool. But yeah, that's another thing I like about my collecting of shoes is when people come over and they see and they're like, wow, that's actually really cool. Like, they look at it and they're like... it's a conversation piece. That's what I tell people when I wear my shoes. They asked me like how could you wear $1,000 shoes?

Brandon 29:49

That's a good point. Like people that have artwork.

Patrick Deguzman 29:53

Exactly. So I did do some research before we like started to do this.

Brandon 30:03

Oh, okay.

Patrick Deguzman 30:03

Yeah. And one of the research things I was talking about for this collection thing was, did you guys see it was a piece of art. It was a banana duct taped to a wall.

Meliza Manalo 30:20

No. (Laughter)

Brandon 30:22

No. A banana?

Patrick Deguzman 30:23

Yeah,. It's sold for 1000s of dollars. I'm not even kidding you. Yeah, it was $120,000.

Meliza Manalo 30:31


Patrick Deguzman 30:32

Yep. It's sold in Miami for $120,000. So this is kind of like, when was reading up on this. And I was like, why would somebody pay for something like that? Well, this guy was a comedian. And he decided to put it up for sale. And somebody actually saw this banana. I don't know if that is a joke. They're like, "I actually think this is really, really cool art." And they bought it for $120,000. And I was like, now that's a conversation piece, even though it's gonna die. And I'm pretty sure the banana died. But still.

Meliza Manalo 31:13

It died obviously.

Patrick Deguzman 31:16

Yeah, it was like in 2010. This was in 2019. Like, this was 2019. This was not long ago at all. I'm gonna send it to you. But yeah, this is a...

Meliza Manalo 31:31

So, it's a banana like a real banana taped to a wall?

Patrick Deguzman 31:38

A white wall. They're comparing it to Andy Warhol's soup cans.

Meliza Manalo 31:47


Patrick Deguzman 31:49

Yeah, when we were talking about this discussion post, there are there pieces to talk about. Even when... what's that?

Brandon 32:07

What does it mean? Banana taped to a wall? What does it mean? What meaning does it bring to you?

Meliza Manalo 32:16

What do you feel?

Patrick Deguzman 32:19

The people who bought it knew it was blatant absurdity. But it's something to talk about. It's like, you can have the craziest... I kind of see it how you see crazy people, right? (Laughter) Like they're crazy, right? But to some people, we see them as like these crazy people. Like, Oh my god, like there's something wrong or something going on in their head. But to other people, they're fascinating. You know what I'm saying? Like they're fascinating. For instance, like...

Brandon 33:03

Like a crazy person hanging on my wall?

Patrick Deguzman 33:09

No, no splicing in this world, Brandon. Not yet. No splicers yet. (Laughter)

Brandon 33:18

That's pretty interesting. They're pretty fascinating.

Meliza Manalo 33:21

That'll be its own episode, okay?

Patrick Deguzman 33:24

Yeah. Me and Brandon talk about games this time? We could do another one.

Meliza Manalo 33:31

Yeah, that's a different one.

Patrick Deguzman 33:32

But yeah, it's so weird. Cuz you push your like... what I was trying to say what the whole collection thing was, the reason why I asked Kaylee. I didn't asked her I was telling her like, I was really into these Pigeon Dunks, that Jeff Staple ones. Because do you remember Jeff?

Brandon 33:57


Patrick Deguzman 33:58

Jeff would not stop talking about these shoes, but the original ones. And I was like, yeah, those are really nice. And for some reason, it just stuck with me. And now I have them. And I have a variant of them. And I decided to wear them one day. And people were like, how much are those? I'm like, well, they're like 600 bucks. They're like, why would you want a $600 shoes to work? I was just like, well, I'm not gonna wear them anywhere else. And I'm not doing anything too crazy at work. And they're like, why do you wear? Because of this right there. You're talking to me about it. You're asking me and then I told him the backstory behind it. And he was just like, yeah, that's actually really fascinating. And I'm actually glad you shared this little moment with me and talked to me. I'm like, yeah, that's exactly why I like to do it.

Meliza Manalo 34:45

Alright, this is what I was talking about in the intro about how we decided to drink for this episode. And at this point, if it's not apparent already, I may have possibly started drinking a little too much. At least for me. The other two are perfectly fine. Anyways, at this point we stopped to take a break and set up some shots. Honestly, I'm probably overthinking it as per usual, but I can't help it. This episode was definitely a struggle to edit and I just wanted to pop in here to let you know why we change subjects all of a sudden. Alright, you guys, let's get back into it.

Meliza Manalo 35:22

What are you drinking?

Patrick Deguzman 35:24

So for all these people, I am drinking grapefruit Soju. It's very delicious, but it will hit you hard if you're not paying attention.

Brandon 35:36

I'm having Bullet Bourbon.

Meliza Manalo 35:37

Bullet Bourbon and Pink Gin.

Patrick Deguzman 35:43

Bullet Bourbon That's good. That's a sipping bourbon.

Brandon 35:48

Oh, I thought it was a chugging bourbon.

Patrick Deguzman 35:50

Hey, whatever gets you to point A to point B, you know?

Meliza Manalo 35:57

Okay, cheers.

Patrick Deguzman 35:58

Cheers. Hinoy Minoy. Alright, I'm ready whenever you guys are.

Meliza Manalo 36:05

The next one, Kaylee can take the subject.

Patrick Deguzman 36:07

Okay, what would you want to do? Oh, I know. I got one. Tattoos.

Kaylee 36:14

That's actually funny because my research papers gonna be about tattoos and discrimination in the workplace.

Meliza Manalo 36:20

Oh my God, that's a good one.

Patrick Deguzman 36:23

That's a really good one. Mark that on the calendar. That's very good. Smart. Yeah, that's a good one. Let's talk about that one. I don't know. I'm gonna try to figure out when to go home. I'm thinking either October. I think we should be good to go by Christmas this year. So, I'm gonna try to go home for Christmas.

Brandon 36:42

Are you both coming or...?

Patrick Deguzman 36:44

She's moving back to California in end of September, early October. And then I'll be in San Diego next year. We'll see. Hopefully y'all get to meet her. She's really nice. She's nice, but her arm looks like a gym locker.

Brandon 37:07

What does that mean?

Patrick Deguzman 37:09

I just like to make fun of her. Because she's so tiny. And she looks so innocent. But she has like a full sleeve.

Brandon 37:15

Tattoos are normalized now.

Patrick Deguzman 37:17

Yeah. I mean, I got a rainbow pineapple on me. And then I got this one on my wrist. I think ya'll have seen it.

Brandon 37:24

I have this one right here.

Patrick Deguzman 37:26

The mole you ripped off?

Brandon 37:28


Patrick Deguzman 37:31

Oh, man.

Meliza Manalo 37:33

I'm trying to convince Brandon to get a tattoo.

Patrick Deguzman 37:36

I say only get it if you know you really want it.

Brandon 37:39

There has to be particular about that. It has to be something...

Patrick Deguzman 37:45

for me. You can match Brandon. I'll get a yellow triangle right here. And then mine will be power. You can get courage and then Dotan can get the other one. (Laughter) I forget it. Wisdom. It's wisdom. Dotan can get wisdom, I can get power and you can get courage.

Meliza Manalo 38:08

What colour is that?

Brandon 38:09

Maybe Dotan can have courage. I'll take wisdom.

Patrick Deguzman 38:12

Okay, that works too. We can all get like little Triforce tattoo or something.

Meliza Manalo 38:19

Haww! That'd be so cute.

Brandon 38:21

Dotan, he's is collecting ducks now.

Patrick Deguzman 38:25

Yeah. Yeah.

Brandon 38:29

Sounds like he's got his ducks in a row.

Meliza Manalo 38:31

I forgot that. He should get on the podcast. He's a very interesting person.

Patrick Deguzman 38:38

Oh, he's very interesting. We should have invited. You know, you should just do a whole family one because Leah likes to like collect vinyls and all that stuff. And then...

Meliza Manalo 38:50

We could do a family one.

Patrick Deguzman 38:52

That'd be fun. That'd be great.

Meliza Manalo 38:56

I have a lot of Louie podcast. She's been in the podcast a lot. Yeah.

Patrick Deguzman 39:06

Maybe like a whole video game one.

Brandon 39:09

Video game podcast would be fun with our gaming group to talk about.

Meliza Manalo 39:14

I'll have a segment on video games to talk together.

Patrick Deguzman 39:19

So Mia, I have a question for the host.

Continue to Part 2 to read the rest...

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