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S1E11 - An Introvert & Extrovert Become Friends w/ Katrina Lim

Episode Description:

In this episode, I invite a special extrovert to join me, Ms. Katrina Lim. Not only is she family, but she is one of my closest friends. Even though we are so different, we have gotten so close and we talk about our friendship journey and about our differing personalities. Katrina also has a YouTube channel, so go check her out at: Let her know in the comments that I sent you. Please let me know what you thought about the episode. If you want to stay up to date on new episodes, please follow me on social media and check out my website.


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Hey, everyone! This is Meliza and I'm the Talkative Introvert.

Meliza Manalo 00:12

In today's episode I have a special extrovert guest on with me, not only is she family, but she has become one of my closest, and dearest friends. I'm so excited to do this episode with her. And I hope you enjoy our conversation.

Meliza Manalo 00:25

But before we get into the episode, you guys know I love having this little segment on my podcast journey. If you've been listening along, you'll know that I'm new to podcasting, and I'm still learning the ropes. But what has really helped me during this journey was getting hosted on Buzzsprout. Buzzsprout makes it easy for any aspiring podcaster like myself get started and get listed on all the popular podcast platforms with they're easy to follow instructions and numerous videos and resources. If you're thinking about starting a podcast, I highly suggest getting hosted on Buzzsprout. Follow the link in the description to let them know I sent you and to support the show, new podcasters get a $20 amazon gift card when you sign up for a paid plan. If you do start a podcast, please let me know. I'd love to hear all about it.

Meliza Manalo 01:10

And yes, that right there is an ad. As far as my podcast journey, I did learn about affiliate marketing. I wanted to find ways to fund the show and affiliate marketing is definitely great for smaller podcasts, because it's not a sponsorship, because anyone can be an affiliate, so you're going to hear another ad in the middle of the show. But I will try to make them short and to the point, because I know that no one likes ads. But I wanted to find a way that isn't directly asking people for money like a Patreon. Maybe if I get more listeners, and this becomes more demanding, I'll create a Patreon. But for right now, I just feel weird asking people for money. So I'm going to do this affiliate marketing and like I said, you'll hear like a couple ads here and there in my episodes going forward. If you're interested in those, please check out the links in the description to help support the show. Alright, so enough about that. Let's get into the episode.

Meliza Manalo 02:10

Joining me today is my beautiful cousin Katrina Lim. Well, she's not really my cousin, but I call her my cousin when I introduce her. But she's my husband's cousin. And just to like preface all this, I won't be calling her Katrina because if you're a basic Filipina like we are, you don't go by your first name. So throughout the whole podcast, I'm going to go by Casey. So Casey, thanks so much for joining the podcast. How are you doing today?

Katrina Lim 02:40

I am feeling good.

Meliza Manalo 02:44

Happy Friday.

Katrina Lim 02:45

happy frickin Friday.

Meliza Manalo 02:47

Well, this is gonna come out on Monday. But yeah.

Katrina Lim 02:51

Just to juice up your Monday, you know.

Meliza Manalo 02:53

Yeah. Do you wanna like give the listeners a little info about yourself?

Katrina Lim 03:00

Hi, guys, nice to meet all of you, listeners. My name is Katrina. And as she said, she calls me by Casey because that's actually my middle name. And that is what my family calls me. And like she also said, we relate each other as each other's cousin just because if you know, our family behind, background, or whatever, you know, it could get really confusing. So it's easier to explain to other people that we are just cousins. But saying that I am her husband's cousin. So I'm technically her cousin in law now since she is married, tied down. But um, yeah, she's bringing me on here because we are completely opposite. In personalities, I would like to say because she's more of an introvert and I'm more of an extrovert. For instance, she started off with this podcast and for me, I started off with YouTube, which personally I started off with YouTube because I just like visual interaction as in for this Zoom as well. I told her that I wanted to see her face so I could be a little less nervous, I guess. I don't know. But you would think behind the scenes, it's a little bit easier because no one could see you. But I don't know why I just feel kind of nervous today.

Meliza Manalo 04:26

Totally fine. Yeah, I don't have a webcam, unfortunately. And not gonna lie. I'm probably not gonna go buy one. I don't know. Maybe if I do enough Zoom meetings, I'll go and buy a webcam. We'll see.

Katrina Lim 04:39

But I mean, it's different. If you're doing the podcast, there's no need for a webcam, you know?

Meliza Manalo 04:43

Yeah, exactly.

Katrina Lim 04:45

Yeah. But yeah, me and Mia have been friends. Oh, yeah, I guess I never really said that part, but I call her Mia like she said Filipinos have nicknames after nicknames and as you guys know her name is Meliza, but I call her Mia because that is what I was introduced to her. And I actually met Mia back in I think it was in 2008 How long have you guys been dating?

Meliza Manalo 05:11

No. 2007.

Katrina Lim 05:13

I don't know if I met you within that first year though.

Meliza Manalo 05:15

Yeah, because that's our first date is that I went to your guys’ house. I'm not gonna say where.

Katrina Lim 05:22

2007 that is insane. I was in seventh grade at the time we first met.

Meliza Manalo 05:27

Yeah, because I was a freshman in high school.

Katrina Lim 05:30

That's crazy.

Meliza Manalo 05:32

Oh, no, wait. Yeah, yes. 2007. And it was weird because you guys... I don't know if you guys were having a gathering or just because we're Filipino, we have big families, and like I met everybody.

Katrina Lim 05:46

But I think it's because you came on a Saturday and like, our family always gets together on Saturdays. I honestly kind of remember it kind of vividly. Actually, I think I remember meeting you kind of in that big living room.

Meliza Manalo 06:01


Katrina Lim 06:03

kind of looking at a far from the balcony at the same time.

Meliza Manalo 06:07

What did you was your like first impression?

Katrina Lim 06:10

Honestly, I had. I don't even remember. I was so young. I can't believe it's been so long.

Meliza Manalo 06:17

I know. It's weird.

Katrina Lim 06:18

I was literally in the seventh grade when I first met you.

Meliza Manalo 06:22

Yeah. So a previous episode with my friend Mia. I talked about how like, me and Brandon have been together for 13 years now. So like, I don't know anything about like dating and all that. And man 13 years is a long time.

Katrina Lim 06:42

It is. that's already over a decade. So congrats to you guys.

Meliza Manalo 06:48

Thanks. Yeah, I was just thinking about like when I first met you guys, but we weren't like... so we weren't friends back then. I was closer to the boys just because Brandon's closer to the boys. I didn't like really hang out with the girls yet. Until like later. And I just remember, like, you guys just running around. I don't know. I just you guys just felt like little kids to me at the time.

Katrina Lim 07:17

Exactly. Saying that I was in seventh grade When I first met you. It's kind of hard for me to have my first impression also, because of the fact that you were mostly with the boys. So I didn't really get to interact with you until later on in life.

Meliza Manalo 07:30

Actually, let's see. Because I was a senior when you were a freshman. So Weren't you in sixth grade?

Katrina Lim 07:37

Well, if it was 2007, because my years go with my, my school grade, if that makes any sense. So wait, when did you guys first started dating? So it was March of 2007?

Meliza Manalo 07:53

Yeah, so I was a freshman in high school. You're like three grades below me.

Katrina Lim 07:58

It was seventh.

Meliza Manalo 08:00

Sure. Whatever. Anyways. Yeah. So um, yeah. So today's episode is just about like, our friendship and how we became friends. And like, how...

Katrina Lim 08:15

Mom, I'm...

Meliza Manalo 08:16

Oh, hi Auntie!

Katrina Lim 08:19


Meliza Manalo 08:20

What is she doing?

Katrina Lim 08:22

She was just looking for the weight. So I was gonna tell her that I was in the middle of something. Okay. All right.

Meliza Manalo 08:28

What were we talking about?

Katrina Lim 08:29

We were talking about our when we first met our first impression of when it was like 13 years ago.

Meliza Manalo 08:35

Oh right. You guys were just little kids. Yeah, I don't think... We didn't really become friends until probably when I moved in with your aunt.

Katrina Lim 08:48

Which was what year?

Meliza Manalo 08:50

2010, Because It was like, right after high school.

Katrina Lim 08:54

So, 2010 I was either a fresh I think I was a freshman.

Meliza Manalo 09:00

Yeah, so I think you're going into your sophomore year.

Katrina Lim 09:03

I still wasn't even that close to you, though. yet. I didn't get real, really, really close to you until like, towards my end of high school career. Junior year maybe?

Meliza Manalo 09:16

Yeah. I think we just like hung out a lot Because I babysat Ava lot and then we played volleyball a lot.

Katrina Lim 09:24

Yeah, I think the most part why we didn't get so close when I was younger is because the fact that I was younger, and honestly, we weren't really driving at the time. So you know, I would always have to ask if I wanted to go anywhere. And if you were just around it just happened to be that we could be hanging out, you know?

Meliza Manalo 09:43

Yeah, definitely. Like, I definitely was still closer to like Patrick and Dotan because like, Patrick would come over a lot to my parents’ place. And then what is it, but I always felt like the Ate you know. So, in English it's like the bigger sister, but I always felt like that because I was the one that was driving and like, we would just drive everywhere like go to the park or like to the lake, or like go to my parents’ place or something. So I definitely we definitely didn't have like a friendship yet, because I was more of just like the older person. The older sister, I guess. I don't know what you want to call it.

Katrina Lim 10:23

Yeah, the Ate pretty much.

Meliza Manalo 10:25

Yeah. Cuz at some point I think Kaylee, or somebody started calling me Ate. Or maybe it was you? I don't know. Somebody. But now we're like closer in age. And yeah.

Katrina Lim 10:38

We're bonding more now that I'm older.

Meliza Manalo 10:40

Yeah, exactly.

Katrina Lim 10:42

And I could relate now, I guess. Not saying that we're much apart. But I mean, you know,

Meliza Manalo 10:48

Well that's a huge difference. Like, I am not who I was, like, when I was in my early 20s. For sure. Because like, I definitely grew and like I learned stuff and experienced things, you know. So yeah, like, even though like our age gap is only like, what, three years or something like that. What year were you born?

Katrina Lim 11:05

I think you're four years, right? No, you're sorry. Oh, yeah. Brandon's four.

Meliza Manalo 11:11

So three years? Yeah. So a three year? Yeah, because three years ago, I'm not who I was. Or who I am now. Definitely. For sure. I like myself better now.

Katrina Lim 11:27

You and me both sister. but yeah, so then eventually it grew after you moved in sort of kinda still not really? Not until, like, my junior years when we kind of got closer.

Meliza Manalo 11:44

Yeah, like when we got our own place.

Katrina Lim 11:46

Yeah. When you got your own place. That's when I was kind of coming around more.

Meliza Manalo 11:50

Yeah. And then even then, though, oh, my God, hopefully my mom's not listening. But like, we were also like, we were the ones that had our own place. Like our friends still lived at home. You know, most of our friends still lived at home. You guys still live at home. Um, but like, we ended up being kind of the hangout spot. And we were the ones that like bought alcohol, you know, too. good times. So I think that's when we got closer too. Because then we finally have our own place. And then we could like, do whatever we want. And like, hang out with people and like, have people come over and all that. And yeah. And then you guys got older. You guys graduated high school.

Katrina Lim 12:35

after high school, that's when we kind of moved in together. Right?

Meliza Manalo 12:40

So did you just graduate high school we moved in together?

Katrina Lim 12:44

Well, I know I was going to Carrington at the time. So I think it was after maybe a year after.

Meliza Manalo 12:50

Yeah, a Year after? Yeah. So yeah, Casey, was one of my roommates. So there is a... we rented a house. And it was Casey and your ex. And then me and Brandon, and then Brandon’s little sister, Leah, who hopefully we'll get on to the podcast soon. I need to set that up with her. She's an introvert like me.

Katrina Lim 13:15

All the way across the country currently in Virginia.

Meliza Manalo 13:18

Yeah. But we'll figure it out. I mean, Zoom seems to be working.

Katrina Lim 13:22

Zoom. Zoom, Zoom. Sorry.

Meliza Manalo 13:26

No one gets that. 90s kids only. But yeah, so yeah, so we rented the house together. So I don't remember why we even rented a house together.

Katrina Lim 13:39

yeah, it kind of just happened that we all moved out.

Meliza Manalo 13:43

Yeah. Like, I don't even remember the conversation. Why we agreed to move in together.

Katrina Lim 13:49

Honestly, me neither. Because I was at least, I was probably like, 18 or 19 already. Yeah, but anyways, that was really fun. We got to hang out a lot, then.

Meliza Manalo 14:00

Yeah, that's when it like blossomed. And yeah, those are fun. Those were fun days. It was difficult, though, as an introvert, and Casey being her extravert self. She wanted to hang out all the time.

Katrina Lim 14:12

Yes! I wanted to be... I'm the type of person that wants to be around people like not necessarily 24/7, but I do appreciate being around company a lot more than what I felt for them.

Meliza Manalo 14:22

Yeah. And I remember it being like, it was def... it's difficult because like, so I didn't really think of myself as an introvert until I got older and really, like realize I was an introvert, you know, um, because I didn't really think about it much. But back then. I know. It was difficult because you always wanted to hang out but then sometimes, we want to just do our own thing or just like stay in our room. You know, it's just so funny because Literally every time we open the door of our room and come out, Casey was right there ready to hang out.

Katrina Lim 14:50

Yes, because I'm like what are you guys up to? What are you guys doing? I'm bored. Come hang out with me,

Meliza Manalo 14:50

like the Energizer Bunny.

Meliza Manalo 14:55

And honestly, now that I kind of think about it, I think my ex is kind of an introvert too. So I was the most extroverted person in that house. And I'm just like, everybody's just in their room. I want everybody just come out in the living room. We don't even have to be doing anything. I just want to sit and be with you guys.

Meliza Manalo 15:02

Just like want the energy of everybody.

Katrina Lim 15:04


Meliza Manalo 15:04

Yeah, that's true. I think you are the only extrovert in that house. Because Leah's an introvert me and Brandon are and I'm, I guess Garcia is too. But he, yeah, he definitely was an introvert too because he was a lot like us. In a good way.

Katrina Lim 15:28

Whatever that's supposed to mean.

Meliza Manalo 15:42

He had his Yeah. I doubt he'll ever listen to this podcast. It's okay.

Katrina Lim 16:11

You never know.

Meliza Manalo 16:13

I know. That's true.

Katrina Lim 16:14

It's a small world I found you without even you telling me.

Meliza Manalo 16:18

Everyone did literally everyone did because people will text me. And they're like, you have a podcast. And I was like, Oh, yeah, I didn't tell anyone. But thanks for listening.

Katrina Lim 16:27

Yeah, I was a little hurt. She didn't tell me. I was like, you didn't tell me? Like I was the person to frickin tell her like you should do it. We had this date one time, and we went to get ice cream. And I was like, you should do the podcast. And she was been always wanting me to do the podcast with it. I'm like, No, you should just do it. And I'm like because I was always the feel for YouTube.

Meliza Manalo 16:51

And you did it.

Katrina Lim 16:52

And I did. Yeah. If you guys want to watch me or something. No.

Meliza Manalo 16:57

No, no. Yeah. It'll be in the description. I'll plug you. Don't worry, I got you. But yeah, no, I that's kind of the one of the reasons why I started the podcast. So if you listen to my intro, I did talk about it a little bit. So that beautiful cousin of mine that I talked about is Miss Katrina Lim. You started the YouTube channel. And that's kind of what made me want to do the podcast even more, especially now that we're like, you know, quarantined, and I have more time to do my hobbies, I guess, because I'm home all day. not that I'm not working because I still work. But I don't have to, like, get ready or like drive anywhere. So it saves a lot of time.

Katrina Lim 17:39

Oh, yeah, for sure.

Meliza Manalo 17:40

But yeah, thanks for like, you know, pushing me to do it. And I'm sorry, I didn't tell you, but I didn't tell anyone.

Katrina Lim 17:47

Okay, no feelings hurt Since you didn't tell anyone.

Meliza Manalo 17:51

I just was nervous. I'm like, I think I think it's because I wanted a few episodes out first, because the intro is just so short. It's like, well, if I tell everyone now, they're gonna be like, that's it. Just the six-minute intro. I wanted like more content out.

Katrina Lim 18:06

I mean, just to get your stuff out there. Yeah. I mean, I totally feel you. I mean, I'm not really pushing my YouTube to be out there either. If people find it, they find it. But I also do put it on my platforms. Just if anybody does want to watch it. You know what I mean?

Meliza Manalo 18:22

Yeah, for sure. Yeah, because I haven't even shared my podcast on my personal accounts yet if you haven't noticed that. But now that I have more content, I'll probably... I'll probably share it on my personal account.

Katrina Lim 18:37

I mean, yeah, once you progress, and you put more it's fun to just - the work that you put in - It's fun to just share if people want to see it. You know,

Meliza Manalo 18:47

I hear Auntie's laughing or your mom laughing.

Katrina Lim 18:51

Do you want me to move?

Meliza Manalo 18:53

No. That's okay.

Katrina Lim 18:54

You didn't know I live with my parents. Sorry.

Meliza Manalo 19:00

That's okay. I like her laugh. What were we talking about?

Katrina Lim 19:06

We were talking about my YouTube and your podcast. man, and I thought I had short, short term memory.

Meliza Manalo 19:13

No, I was having this problem with Mia too. Because I listened to our episode and I think I repeated myself and I was like, oh, shoot, but whatever. I left it in anyways. It was still a good conversation. Okay, so back. We digress. So back to so we moved in together. And then you were like the only extrovert in the house with a house full of introverts. So like, how did that make you feel? I guess.

Katrina Lim 19:42

Honestly, I never really thought about it as introvert or extrovert. I just thought they wanted their personal time and I just, I'm the type that always wants to be around people. So I don't know. Not necessarily saying I felt offended of it, but more of like, come on, guys. Don't you guys want to hang out? Like. I guess that was really it. Because I don't know, I didn't really have a lot of friends. So like being in the house, you would think, you know, like as roommates you want to be close, but not every roommate is close to their own roommate. But you know what I mean. If we're all family, we might as well be hanging out. You know?

Meliza Manalo 20:22

Yeah. You just got stuck with the introvert part of the family. I guess. Which is funny because everybody else in the family are extroverts. But it's still fun. And like, we really became not like super close, obviously, because we saw each other every single day.

Katrina Lim 20:41

And then obviously, where we are now. I mean, you guys are still like since your guys’ relationship back at the start of your 13 years. Of course, our years are not as long but you know, we developed our, our growth together.

Meliza Manalo 20:56

Yeah. And like I do consider you as like one of my super close friends. Obviously, we do stuff together all the time. Well, maybe it doesn't seem like all the time to you, but to me it's like all the time.

Katrina Lim 21:07

yeah, I know. It's been So long, I frickin miss you.

Meliza Manalo 21:11

I know, it's this quarantine is just especially because you work in the medical field. It's like hard to like. That's the hard part about it. But we will see each other again. And then we can do a Zoom call just us like with my phone so we can like see each other. So you can have like some type of human interaction even though it's virtual. Anyways, so yeah, so we got closer. And then I introduced you and Leah to Bailey, and I think that got us even closer. because Bailey's like my best friend. And I always got like, I don't intermingle friends, because I never know what their reactions gonna be. Yeah, you never know. Like, are they gonna like each other, are they not gonna like each other? Like, how's this gonna work? But since we're roommates, Bailey is gonna see them anyways and I with them all the time and their family, so I was like you know what, whatever. We'll just we'll just try it out. We'll just... Well, it's like, do you remember like the first time we all hung out together?

Katrina Lim 22:25

Do you? I honestly don't remember. I think it was just at the house to be honest.

Meliza Manalo 22:31

Maybe? We did like carved pumpkins one time. Oh, no, that's that was after though. I don't know. I don't remember the first-time you guys all hung out. But anyways, we got really close. Yeah. Like it worked out. And they actually liked each other. And I was like, Oh, yay.

Katrina Lim 22:53

Yes. I freakin love Bailey.

Meliza Manalo 22:55

I was so scared.

Katrina Lim 22:56

I was so happy to meet her. I totally understand that too. Because like, that's really good to understand your friends' like, personalities, I guess you could say or their concerns of being comfortable. Which is why like, when I tend to have a party, like if it were to be my birthday party, the group tends to be really big. Because I know like, I don't want to be leaving somebody that I can't be with the whole time. So I always offer for them to bring a friend and especially if I know them too like they can also tag along. I don't really know where I'm going with this. But I'm just saying

Meliza Manalo 23:29

no, I get what you're saying. So like, they're not going to the party by themselves like they have a plus one. So that they don't feel uncomfortable. Not knowing everybody.

Katrina Lim 23:37

Yeah, yeah, exactly.

Meliza Manalo 23:39

I totally get that.

Katrina Lim 23:40

So it was it was nice. Like, it's nice for you to understand how people feel so that when you bring them along that they don't feel too uncomfortable.

Meliza Manalo 23:50

What happened?

Katrina Lim 23:52


Meliza Manalo 23:57

okay, I wasn't sure if you finished.

Katrina Lim 23:58

I wasn't sure what I was gonna put with that. But yeah, Anyways, back to Bailey. It's frickin amazing that she's in our lives like it's nice to be able to be friends with multiple friends that they were friends first with if that made any sense at all.

Meliza Manalo 24:18

No I got you. okay. Yeah, I'm glad it worked out. I'm glad you guys are friends still and she's still a big part of our lives. I mean, obviously, she's like my sister from another mister. And then hopefully we can do an episode us three. I just need to figure that out. That'll be a fun one. We are always cracking up when we're together.

Katrina Lim 24:45

Yes. Oh my gosh. Non-Stop laughing I swear with the three of us. Oh god. hot mess.

Meliza Manalo 24:53

Hot. Mess. Oh, that could be the name of the episode: hot mess

Katrina Lim 24:59

the trail of the hot mess.

Meliza Manalo 25:01

Yeah, exactly. Oh my goodness. Okay, so yeah, so I introduced you to Bailey. We become great friends. We're still friends. Our friendship like blossomed throughout our roommate era. Because we lived together for like, what? Two years?

Katrina Lim 25:18

I think so. Yeah.

Meliza Manalo 25:19

Yeah, two years because we renewed it. And then we went like our separate ways. But we still stayed really close. Because then Louie went to Virginia. And then we stayed here local. That's when we used to have our Netflix nights. You remember that?

Katrina Lim 25:37

Mm hmm.

Meliza Manalo 25:39

I missed that. We used to watch Jane the Virgin together.

Katrina Lim 25:41

Jane the Virgin. I honestly haven't even finished that whole. Its kind of got... it kind of got old after like season two.

Meliza Manalo 25:50

Yeah. I mean, I finished it. I mean, it's good.

Katrina Lim 25:55

I mean, it's good. It's hard to get back into it. If you haven't watched it in so long.

Meliza Manalo 26:01

Yeah, you have to like rewatch some episodes.

Katrina Lim 26:04


Meliza Manalo 26:05

But yeah, so we used to do Jane the Virgin nights. But then what happened? Oh, I think because, like we bought a house. So we moved farther away from you guys. Because we used to be like five minutes from each other. Now we're like a good 20 to 30 if we're lucky, because we're not even that far from each other, it's just we just live like, in the heart of... Not, not in the heart of Sacramento but like, we just live in a very dense area.

Katrina Lim 26:30

You can say, yeah, it's like the heart of Sacramento.

Meliza Manalo 26:34

I guess. It's next to the heart of Sacramento. so it's pretty dense. And it takes forever to go anywhere. Oh, my God. And don't even try to come to my house on a lowered car. That's Casey doesn't visit me.

Katrina Lim 26:51

My car is lowered. His name is Henry. Thanks to Mia and Leah for naming my car. Yeah, but traveling around with the lowered car is pretty rough.

Meliza Manalo 27:05

Yeah, I'm glad I never got into that. I was too broke. Again, and I used to work downtown and that's like the worst to drive down there. So I'm good. still not on that lowered life so probably won't ever be. I'm still

Katrina Lim 27:25

I'm still with that lowered life and I've pretty much lowered it since I've had it. Which I had car since 2013.

Meliza Manalo 27:35

Yeah, Henry's getting old.

Katrina Lim 27:37

Henry's getting old. But I'm not ready yet to get a new car.

Meliza Manalo 27:41

Oh, yeah. It's nice. Not having a car payment.

Katrina Lim 27:44

Oh, yeah, for sure.

Meliza Manalo 27:45

I want a new car though. Not gonna lie.

Katrina Lim 27:50

You kind of have a new car.

Meliza Manalo 27:52

It's new to me. But it's not a new car.

Katrina Lim 27:54


Meliza Manalo 27:57

Now I want Bluetooth. I want all the fancy gadgets.

Katrina Lim 28:00

You're telling me Henry is So basic. It' still frickin manual locks.

Meliza Manalo 28:06

Oh, yeah. and! Oh, no, you don't have manual windows. That's Leah.

Katrina Lim 28:10

Which is it's interesting how that car got modeled because the where the buttons are for the window, the automatic window? They have the automatic lock option, but they frickin packed it. I was like, Why? Why would they even bother doing that? Why couldn't you just make this.

Meliza Manalo 28:33

Oh my god. I remember my first car because I have a new car this year, no, I got it last year. Oh, it's been over a year I've had my car. My dad gave me his old car. Um, but my original car was the had manual locks too just like Henry. Her name was Mitzi the Mazda. And it was so annoying. Like I know you can relate. so annoying having passengers because they always forget to lock their door. Oh my god.

Katrina Lim 29:07

I barely have passengers in my car because of lowered situation.

Meliza Manalo 29:13

That's why everyone always used my car.

Katrina Lim 29:15

I know.

Meliza Manalo 29:16

She has seen a lot of like, she's, she's seen what am I saying? She's been through a lot. Mitzi's been through a lot. she's a she's traveled. She's very well-traveled. And now she's in a new home. yeah. Hopefully, it's a good home. I haven't seen him in a long time. Hopefully still good. He took off my... so I had a Mazda three and the three was pink. And then I had like a Hello Kitty badge. And I even had like at one point when Illest was still cool. you Car people if you know what that is or Nike people. I had like the cherry blossom pink and it's like everything was a sticker bomb Like the inside With Hello Kitty stickers and it was super girly, but I saw it recently or not recently, but like after I sold it and he took off the three. He just took it off. It's probably because he couldn't figure out how to take the like pink of it. then he took off the Hello Kitty and I was like oh Mitzi is not girl anymore. But it's fine. It's not my car anymore. He bought it. it's all good. Anyways

Katrina Lim 30:30

Anyways, Enough about our car

Meliza Manalo 30:34

again being basic Asians we like cars. go figure

Katrina Lim 30:39

and they have to be lowered. had to be

Meliza Manalo 30:43

yes. I mean we don't really do that anymore like we don't go to Car meets anymore I don't remember the last time we've been to a car meet and I don't remember... like, no one's really doing anything with their cars anymore. Like that used to be like all over Instagram. Everyone takes pictures. I mean, some people still do. But it's not as like before, like when we were younger. I think everyone's just getting older people are getting married. People are having kids.

Katrina Lim 31:12

Yeah, we’ve been through some memories with each other.

Meliza Manalo 31:18

Yeah, we've been through a lot of phases too. definitely a lot of phases. Our bike phase, I mean, I still like biking, but we used to bike like, almost every night.

Katrina Lim 31:29

Oh my gosh, that was so much fun. Yeah. I love that.

Meliza Manalo 31:34

Yeah, because we would go because we live really close to the trails. So we would just bike to the trails. That was fun. I was a lot skinnier back then.

Katrina Lim 31:42

Oh stop. Stop.

Meliza Manalo 31:48

But it was I mean; I still have my bike we just haven't gotten to it. I keep saying like I'm going to I'm going to but then it's still there.

Katrina Lim 31:57

Yeah, I know.

Meliza Manalo 31:59

Someday we'll keep doing it. We'll still go biking.

Katrina Lim 32:02

Yeah, biking is So much fun., it's one of Bailey's favorites.,

Meliza Manalo 32:07

she still goes biking actually. so good for her. I don't like biking by myself. Because I - well you know this because you're like me - I'm very accident prone. I can't be left alone for too long.

Meliza Manalo 32:23


Meliza Manalo 32:26

I'll fall off or something

Katrina Lim 32:29

You're pretty clumsy. Just like me.

Meliza Manalo 32:31

Yeah, it's unfortunate. My mom, she's always worried about that. If she gives me something like heavy or gives me something like soup. She'll hand me Soup to go bring it to the to, to the what's it called, the dining table. Okay, Anak, be careful.

Katrina Lim 32:53

I feel you. I get that every time. And honestly, there's not a day that goes by that I'm not not clumsy.

Meliza Manalo 33:01

Yeah, seriously, like I just dropped food on myself before we started this podcast, because I was eating my lunch.

Katrina Lim 33:06

Oh my gosh.

Meliza Manalo 33:09

proof right there.

Katrina Lim 33:10

Yeah, I really feel you. I'm just like, how does that frickin happen? It's so annoying. Y

Meliza Manalo 33:16

yeah, and like so often too. I don't get it. Anyways...

Katrina Lim 33:27

So often.

Meliza Manalo 33:29

I don't think we even finished our timeline. We are still at our roommate phase. Oh, no, we Okay, we stopped being roommates. That's when our friendship blossomed. So we had our Jane the Virgin nights but then that had to stop because then we moved too far away and Miss Casey with her lowered car struggled going down our street.

Meliza Manalo 33:58

And then

Katrina Lim 33:58

I still made it work.

Meliza Manalo 34:00

we Still did it for a while. And then we like had to stop plus it like even our work hours changed too so like, I don't know, I think we just started becoming adults and like responsibility started coming in. I mean, clearly because we bought a house. Like, I don't know, that's like adult status, but we still like hang out all the time. And we try to hang out like at least once a month. But then obviously with this whole quarantine.

Katrina Lim 34:32

Yeah. quarantine. I haven't seen you. When was the last time I seen you?

Meliza Manalo 34:37

I think it was Ava's birthday. or mother's? No,

Katrina Lim 34:44

no, I didn't see you in May.

Meliza Manalo 34:46

Ava's birthday.

Katrina Lim 34:48

Oh, yeah. Yeah, but that was a very short like, Hello, because I had to work that day. Yeah. That doesn't really count.

Meliza Manalo 34:57

But like hanging out.

Katrina Lim 34:58

I can't even Remember

Meliza Manalo 35:00

Cuz we didn't hang up for your birthday. Oh, you know what? It's probably the cruise.

Katrina Lim 35:05

Oh yeah. Oh my gosh, we got so lucky to go on that frickin cruise.

Meliza Manalo 35:10

So lucky. See you guys. We went on this cruise, like, the first week of March and then we came back, and we went into lockdown.

Katrina Lim 35:21

Yeah, that was so fricken crazy. We got very lucky because even when we got back on shore then the following day, we were we got the news of the princess.

Meliza Manalo 35:32

Oh, yeah, the princess cruise line, is it?

Katrina Lim 35:34

yeah, I think so.

Meliza Manalo 35:36

they got quarantined because someone or like a group of people got the corona virus. And that was like, right behind us too. Because weren't they in Miami?

Katrina Lim 35:46

Yeah. And I remember texting you guys that next day and talking about it.

Meliza Manalo 35:50

Yeah, that was crazy.

Katrina Lim 35:52

That's insane.

Meliza Manalo 35:53

Like we dodged a bullet. My mom was texting me the whole time. She's like, make sure you let me know when you dock. Make sure you let me know if you get on the plane. You know? Do you have a fever?

Katrina Lim 36:02

Because right before we got on to the boat, we got screened for the questions, you know, if you had a fever, whatever. But then when we got back on shore, they were actually taking temperatures and stuff.

Meliza Manalo 36:15

Yeah, so we missed that. so we didn't have to do the temperature thing, which is a good thing. I'm not gonna lie. Because like Mikie wasn't feeling super great. But then it ended up being nothing so, don't worry. He didn't he didn't have the Coronavirus. But we were freaking out because we're like, oh my god, you're gonna be the one that doesn't let us like get us on the...

Katrina Lim 36:37

stops us

Meliza Manalo 36:38

Yeah, you're gonna be the one that stops us from going to the cruise, because it was his cruise to begin with. Because we were going for a wedding. So it would have been like messed up if he couldn't go because he was like the ring bearer. No, my brother's not 10. He's almost thirty.

Katrina Lim 36:58

do you think your brother's an introvert or extrovert?

Meliza Manalo 37:01

I asked him. He said he's more in the middle.

Katrina Lim 37:04

I could see that.

Meliza Manalo 37:05

Yeah, because he likes being home and he likes his alone time and stuff. But he also like thrives of being around people. like you know

Katrina Lim 37:13

oh yeah.

Meliza Manalo 37:15

Yeah. So I was gonna see if he wants to. I keep asking him if he wants to be on the podcast and he keeps saying maybe. Brandon's the same way. He's like, I don't know, maybe. Whatever. But yeah, I think Mikie's more in the middle for sure. Because he his, um, like, Mauri, his wife is definitely an introvert, I think.

Katrina Lim 37:38

Yeah, yeah,

Meliza Manalo 37:39

maybe more so than me, maybe. I don't know. But Mikie is definitely both because he can be alone for a long time. But he can also be around people for a long time. he's an all-around person. I think. that's the opposite. That's, um, that's like, how he's opposite from me is that he's, he's good around people. But then he's also good If he wants to just be on his own. Like, he's a Type B personality kind of just goes with the flow. And me, I'm not like that, like, I want to do whatever I want to do. he'll just do whatever everyone else wants to do as long as Everybody's happy.

Katrina Lim 38:20

So do you think being a bit introvert or an extrovert is hereditary?

Meliza Manalo 38:26

I think so. Um, because it's like a personality trait. So I'm assuming so I can Google it, but because, but like, that's kind of hard. Also, because my family just like your family. Like, there's not really a whole lot of introverts, like, you know, my family. They're all they're all loud too. And they all like people, like, my nephews have tons of friends and they're always hanging out with people. Like my nephew, Joseph, he. Oh, so just jeez. My family's so complicated. So, all my nieces and nephews are my age. So when I say my niece and nephew, like, don’t think little kids think, like people in their 20s, almost 30s and some of my nieces and nephews are older. Anyway,

Katrina Lim 39:19

to put a better picture in your head practically like cousins, but in these terms, niece, and nephew.

Meliza Manalo 39:26

Because in high school, I think we introduced ourselves as cousins. But then it got confusing because when their parents would come around, they're like my siblings. They're not my aunts and uncles. So we like I don't know, whatever. High School was a very confusing time for all of us.

Katrina Lim 39:43

Yeah. took me a long time to really understand your family.

Meliza Manalo 39:48

Yeah, it's a it's difficult. But it was that could be like another episode just like describing my family dynamic. But yeah, so like Joseph. For example. I Don't think he's an introvert. But even though he kind of has like introvert, like personality traits, because he's kind of shy and quiet, but he, that doesn't necessarily mean you're an introvert, if you like, Listen to my introvert misconceptions episode. But he, he likes being around people, even if it's just like sitting in the middle of a group of people

Katrina Lim 40:23

my thoughts exactly

Meliza Manalo 40:25

yeah, like, and he's always with somebody. And when he used to work for Brandon, he would come over every single day because he just likes to be around people. But now he's in the Marines.

Katrina Lim 40:40

But he's with Patrick, though.

Meliza Manalo 40:42

Yeah, so Patrick's Casey's brother, and their man, our family is so big. There's so many of us. people are gonna be like, wait, who's who? There's too many too many names to remember. But yeah, so Patrick's Casey's brother, who's in the Navy then Joseph's my nephew, who's in the Marines, but they're both stationed in Hawaii. and now they're hanging out with each other, and they snap us all the time. Do you get those snaps when they're like hanging out together?

Katrina Lim 41:10


Meliza Manalo 41:11

Yeah. Like, wow, you guys are hanging out together Finally.

Katrina Lim 41:14

I know.

Meliza Manalo 41:16

took forever. Okay, where are we on the timeline?

Katrina Lim 41:21

Um, I think we are.

Meliza Manalo 41:25

We bought our house, and we stopped our Jane the Virgin Netflix nights.

Katrina Lim 41:32

And you moved on to your own house. We just started talking about quarantine a little bit to be honest.

Meliza Manalo 41:39

Yeah. Oh, I did want to talk to you since like you're an extrovert. And I'm an introvert. I mean, this is kind of how it’s kind of all started with the podcast is that I remember you were saying you're kind of in a creator’s block because you don't know what to do with your, your YouTube channel because everything's closed. And I brought up the idea of like, talking about being an introvert versus extrovert, like during this quarantine time, because like, you're struggling super hard, but like, I'm not really.

Katrina Lim 42:13

I know, right? I see this thing where it's an introvert to dream for quarantine.

Meliza Manalo 42:17

Yeah. All the memes are coming out about that. It's true, though, in a way, but like, so How's it been for you? Like, do you mind talking about it?

Katrina Lim 42:26

Yeah, but I mean, I'm just saying like, I feel whether you're an introvert extrovert, I feel like human interaction is just something that you need. Like, because the fact that you have Brandon that's like, keeping you sane. And for me, like yeah, I have my family. But for me, I feel like just to satisfy my extrovert-ness I guess you could say,

Meliza Manalo 42:51

like your social needs or something

Katrina Lim 42:52

my social needs there you go. exactly. I have my family here daily, but like, I just need more. I need to be like out. I need to be seeing other people.

Meliza Manalo 43:06

I mean, yeah, because like, you guys used to have everyone over every single weekend. and you used to go out like bars and the clubs are closed now.

Katrina Lim 43:18

Yeah, it's, it's pretty interesting to see the differences of our What do you call it?

Meliza Manalo 43:26

like our lifestyle?

Katrina Lim 43:28

not lifestyle, but our meters of our energy

Meliza Manalo 43:31

our social meters?

Katrina Lim 43:33

Yeah. I never really thought about it. But some days like that we would hang out and then like, it's fine. Like, everyone's different. And once we hang out, like, some people just, I don't know, like, that's enough for them. But for me, like, I would go even more like, you know?

Meliza Manalo 43:54

No, I get it because like, like, so I talk about this in my What's it like to be an introvert in an extrovert family episode, but like how... so like, when me and Brandon go to a family event, it’s like, for a few hours, but when you guys have a family event, it's like from like, sometimes it's like from two o'clock in the afternoon to like two o'clock in the morning. you're still Like going at it. just like hanging out. And like it's almost a whole like that's like a whole 12 hours and then you guys in the morning still like make breakfast. then, everyone comes over and eats breakfast and like, it becomes like a three-day event.

Katrina Lim 44:36

you would honestly think we would be sick of each other but we're just so we just like the company of everyone.

Meliza Manalo 44:43

Yeah. And that's why I know that like the whole family are extroverts because they just like being around big groups of people. Because like, even when those times when we did come over to your place and we would stay for a while your dad will be like be calling everybody to come over because they're like, Brandon and Mia are here. Come over.

Katrina Lim 45:07

We come in a pack.

Meliza Manalo 45:08

Yeah. always,

Katrina Lim 45:11

always. We can't just contain ourselves with a small group we like to express with everyone.

Meliza Manalo 45:18

And we're like the loudest group at every restaurant. Like you'll know. You'll know it’s us.

Katrina Lim 45:25

what were we saying though?

Meliza Manalo 45:26

Oh, like how's quarantine for you? It's okay. We can go on different tangents. It's fine. But yeah, how quarantine's been going?

Katrina Lim 45:35

Well, honestly, being an extrovert some days, it does really hit me to where I miss people. And I just want to be out and exploring. So quarantine has been kind of rough for me. But luckily, like I interact with people at work, so it somewhat satisfies my social needs. But it doesn't satisfy it all the way. Because it's not like the people that I actually want to hang out with, you know,

Meliza Manalo 46:01

yeah, just coworkers and patients.

Katrina Lim 46:05

yeah, so during quarantine, I did have my moments where I felt like I had a few meltdowns of just not having enough social needs, I guess you could say. And I would reach out to people and I would literally just like be in my feels because I just miss people.

Meliza Manalo 46:24

Like, did you like, do you use Zoom a lot? Like, do you?

Katrina Lim 46:28

I mean, when, when, when quarantine first started, me and a group of friends did Zoom a couple times. But that that didn't last very long. But now like, I have two girls that I talked to nearly almost every day. And like just over Snapchat though, like, that's pretty much it to keep me sane. But nothing like, I mean, I had my first outing, like, a month ago, when the first things started lifting. But not even with my friends, friends, though, they were just coworkers. No offense to my coworkers. But I mean, you know

Meliza Manalo 47:10

Yeah, I get it.

Katrina Lim 47:11

And like I said, you know, like, whether you're an introvert or an extrovert, I think human interaction is just something you need in life, you know?

Meliza Manalo 47:20

Yeah, for sure. I definitely agree with that. Like, even though I'm an introvert, like, I still like seeing people and I do miss people like I, like I started, you know, I started the new job. And I'm finally meeting my teammates, and like, actually growing a relationship with them and getting to know them and stuff. And we actually have a really great group. And it kind of sucks because like, I just started and like, but then we just had to all stop. And we don't see each other every day. And it's weird, like not seeing each other every day, because we were, we were getting pretty close. And like we were decorating our office together. And we have like plans like how to make it more Just nice to be in since we have to be there 40 hours a week. And like we were decorating it and we went to like Dollar Tree together. And like, put some streamers up and stuff just to make it look nice. and then Now it's the quarantine and it was kind of sad because my coworker went in to go pick up some stuff from her desk. And she sent us a picture of our office, like through Slack, like through IM and I was like, awww, it still looks the same, but it's like empty. There's like no one there.

Katrina Lim 48:37

Yeah, I know.

Meliza Manalo 48:40

oh Are you doing video now?

Katrina Lim 48:44

I just wanted to see. but Yeah, anyway. how was your quarantine as an introvert?

Meliza Manalo 48:59

Um, so

Katrina Lim 49:01

as it's your dream?

Meliza Manalo 49:04

Yeah, it's honestly not like, like, I didn't, um, I didn't have like a mental breakdown because of the quarantine. I did have one because of the protesting but that's, that's completely different. that has nothing to do with the quarantine. But like, it's been nice. Like, I've been working from home and then our teleworking got extended to October 31. So at first it was like, really, really great. And it's still great now like, I like working from home and I like that I get to be home with Link and then like, I see Brandon definitely more than I did before. because before like we would only see each other for a few hours and then we have to get ready for bed. And then he used to work weekends. Well, he sometimes works weekends. So sometimes I even lose a weekend so really I only see him like Sundays. But now we actually get to see each other like all the time because he works early and gets off early. But it's been nice like clearly because I am doing my podcast now. Like, if it wasn't for the quarantine, I don't know if I would have done it,

Katrina Lim 50:10


Meliza Manalo 50:10

And like I'm doing my crafts now. So I opened my Etsy shop. And I just shared that recently, and I've just been able to do a lot of things I haven't been able to do because, like of work and like driving and all that stuff. So for me, it's like totally fine. Like, I'm cool with it. But I do like Miss people. I think what really got me was when our teleworking got extended to October 31st. Because I love Halloween.

Katrina Lim 50:40

Dude, me too. And I'm off that weekend. Sorry to kind of off track. But yeah, it's just like, how are we ever going to plan anything within this time of what's going on?

Meliza Manalo 50:52

And like how do you do social distancing Halloween you know? like do we take turns going up to people... well you can't even go up to people's houses because you like, that's still like spreading germs and stuff. I was like super upset because I dress up every year for Halloween at work. And, and like after Halloween that’s like the holidays. and in the holidays. We decorate our office every year. Like I wish... we're not allowed to take pictures in our office because of HIPAA and stuff like that. But man I wish I can like can share those photos because we like decked out the office like we turned one wall into a chimney.

Katrina Lim 51:31

That sounds like so much fun.

Meliza Manalo 51:32

Yeah, we made like a fake recliner. And like I brought my slippers. So, it looks like Santa, you know, was there eating our cookies and Oh, yeah. And I just realized this like after they extended to teleworking is that because once Halloween hits that's like, you know, holiday season? you Got your you got your Halloween, you got your Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's and all that stuff. But this year, I don't think we get to do that. Especially if they extended our teleworking. So I'm gonna miss that I am part of the - this probably weird for an introvert - but I am a part of the social committee at work.

Katrina Lim 52:11

love that

Meliza Manalo 52:11

So I help plan the events. And we're trying to do a virtual like, Halloween costume. Like contest, but we're just gonna be on webcam. So we were gonna just like show off their costume at home. And we just did a we did a trivia night yesterday.

Katrina Lim 52:32

Oh, that's so fun.

Meliza Manalo 52:33

Yeah. So there's like these, uh, this one, what are they called? Sporcle, I think is what's it called, Sporcle. Um, but they do trivia. And so they have it. So like, you're in your own groups. So they'll have like the question trivia question up. And then you break into your groups. And then you have like the team leader, and then they'll give like the answer to the trivia question.

Katrina Lim 52:57

Oh, that's so fun.

Meliza Manalo 52:59

Yeah, because we wanted to do something. Because we've been teleworking and like something that everyone could enjoy doing. And then we also if you didn't want to join, you could be an observer. So if you're not like into the whole socializing aspect of it, you could just watch people if you want.

Katrina Lim 53:14

I love that. Honestly, I love that your guys’ company is so interactive with each other. Yeah, I don't know if that's an extrovert thing, but there's all this like lovey dovey-ness, I guess.

Meliza Manalo 53:32

But like, it's been nice. And it's just weird though. Cuz like, the only thing about quarantine is like the fact that we have to like social distance and then we have to wear a mask. And it's just like, uncomfortable. You know, going out.

Katrina Lim 53:48

Yeah, But lucky for you. You're teleworking because I have to wear my mask every single day. And now other extra PPE

Meliza Manalo 53:59

Yeah, oh I know because you have to wear like the face shield and all that stuff

Katrina Lim 54:03

have to wear the face shield, the gown, the booties are optional, but it's hot.

Meliza Manalo 54:10

Yeah, plus were Asian so we take off our shoes before going inside the house anyways.

Katrina Lim 54:20

And I change in the in the garage.

Meliza Manalo 54:24

Oh, yeah. Oh, that's smart.

Katrina Lim 54:26


Meliza Manalo 54:26

But like even like so when at first all started like the grocery stores were weird. Like I oh! that I think that's when I almost had a mental breakdown because like the shelves were empty. People were like avoiding each other and everyone's giving each other weird looks and I think I just like I just stood in an aisle one time. Like I just stood in the aisle and like Brandon was like asking me like, what are we supposed to be getting next? And he like kept asking me but I was just like blanking out because I'm just like, what? Like, what world are we living in right now. And then like he snapped me out of it. because he's like, hey, are we gonna get something? I was like Oh, yeah, let's Yeah.

Katrina Lim 55:08

I mean, like, if I'm not driving to work and I'm going and running errands, like I kind of feel like I forget to be like, I feel like I forget how to be a human and interact with other humans. You know what I mean? Because like, I look at someone in their car and I'm like, Oh shit. Oh shit, don't look at me. You know, or like, awkward contact. I'm just like, man, I feel weird. I haven't seen like besides work, obviously. But it's different.

Meliza Manalo 55:37

Yeah, it's definitely different. And like, it's kind of an inconvenience too. like, wearing the mask is kind of hard, like hard to breathe. And like if you wear glasses, they get all fogged up. But talking about groceries.

Katrina Lim 55:54


Meliza Manalo 55:56

So what we've been using at the start of this is Instacart. And if you guys never heard of Instacart, Instacart does the shopping for you and delivers the groceries to your doorstep. They connect you to a personal shopper that you can easily chat with online or on the mobile app. It's just like texting. And it's just been we started using that and I feel like right now it's just like the perfect time to start using Instacart because then you can avoid it. avoid having to go into the grocery store and avoid having to wear the mask and wait in line and be like six feet and worry about being six feet apart and worrying about catching the Coronavirus. So, if you follow the link in the description to Instacart, listeners will receive a free delivery on your first order over $35. So, use Instacart and you'll never need to step into a grocery store again. Okay, I was trying to make that like, smooth.

Katrina Lim 56:53

Honestly, you could probably crop this part out too. But I forgot I totally forgot about it. I was like, What? What groceries? Because we're like talking about groceries. I was like what?

Meliza Manalo 57:08

No, it's cool.

Katrina Lim 57:09

But yeah, the conveniency I'm sure.

Meliza Manalo 57:12

Yeah. And we actually like before became an affiliate with Instacart. Like we did use it like we do use it like I have an account with Instacart. And it's actually really easy to use. And, like, I think we're gonna, so we did take a break. And we did start going back to the grocery just because the numbers went down. But man, the numbers went way up like it's spiked, like,

Katrina Lim 57:34

Oh, yeah,

Meliza Manalo 57:35

over double. I mean, I mean, you know, like, are you guys super busy?

Katrina Lim 57:40

I see it live. See it live. We are incredibly busy because of Corona.

Meliza Manalo 57:45

when's the last time you worked?

Katrina Lim 57:49

The question is When is the last time I didn't work?

Meliza Manalo 57:54

Good question. good question.

Katrina Lim 57:55

My work. I was at work yesterday. Today is my day off. Practically work every single day.

Meliza Manalo 58:03

So was it super busy yesterday?

Katrina Lim 58:05

Honestly, it's just been random. Some days were completely busy. Yesterday, we were really slow. And sorry, my mom walked in. But what was I saying? Oh, yeah,

Meliza Manalo 58:21

it's been busy.

Katrina Lim 58:21

Yeah, hit or miss. Like, we've been really busy. We have the tents outside just in case we get the overflow. But we've been sending our patients who have the symptoms to the tents, like it's just...

Meliza Manalo 58:34

what are the tents?

Katrina Lim 58:36

It's just like, so like, if you have any symptoms of coronavirus, we put you in a tent so that we don't contaminate other areas of the hospital.

Meliza Manalo 58:44

Oh, dang isn't it hot though?

Katrina Lim 58:47

They are actually customed to have AC in them, and it's actually cold in there.

Meliza Manalo 58:53

Okay, so you want to be in the tent?

Katrina Lim 58:58

Yeah, I guess if you want to, but I mean, I mean, not saying that you want to, but it gets really, really cold in there, even with all the PPE stuff,

Meliza Manalo 59:07

dang. So, like, what do you guys do when a COVID patient comes in?

Katrina Lim 59:14

Well, we just take our precautions, you know, we limit the amount of people that interact with that patient, like only that one nurse could be with that patient, one doctor and like, if they need anything, we have to look for that person or that tech or

Meliza Manalo 59:30

Oh, dang, that's rough.

Katrina Lim 59:33

Yeah, it is because nearly almost every patient is coming in with any type of symptom. And it's not just like the regular fever or the congestion. It's literally any random symptom now.

Meliza Manalo 59:49

Oh, really? You just have to test everyone for it?

Katrina Lim 59:52

Not necessarily that we're trying to test for everyone with Yeah, for everyone because we're kind of running out on tests. But just like if we just if we think that you have the Rona then they will test you. But like some people are coming in for diarrhea, nausea vomiting like the symptoms are just different body aches, weakness,

Meliza Manalo 1:00:17

that rough because then that could just be like the common cold or like a flu or you know, something else not COVID. Not really the type of socializing you want.

Katrina Lim 1:00:30


Meliza Manalo 1:00:31

We just like went off a tangent on Coronavirus. It's just Yeah. Oh, because we're talking about the quarantine.

Katrina Lim 1:00:37

Yeah. And we're talking about your groceries.

Meliza Manalo 1:00:43

I know. Like, I guess we're on lockdown again. Apparently. So they closed the malls, the gyms I think all indoor eating. I think it's all close to.

Katrina Lim 1:00:55


Meliza Manalo 1:00:56

And I forgot what else.

Katrina Lim 1:00:58


Meliza Manalo 1:00:59

But we can do outdoor eating. Right?

Katrina Lim 1:01:01

Yeah, I think if that's still an opportunity.

Meliza Manalo 1:01:05

Yeah, because I went... So when they first like opened everything up. I did go out to like Jack's. And what they... I don't... Well, you've been out but like they just spaced out all the tables outside, and then we just eat outside.

Katrina Lim 1:01:21

Honestly, my first outing was, um, I think I went to macaroni girl. And there was literally nobody in there, but me and my coworkers.

Meliza Manalo 1:01:31

That's good though.

Katrina Lim 1:01:33

But for my second outing, I went with a couple of my girlfriends and it's really cool how they worked it out. Because the first thing as soon as you walk in the host makes you put hand sanitizer or wash your hands with the portable sink. And then they walk you to your table. And then they have you scan the barcode on the table. And then that automatically brings up the menu on your phone. And then obviously, they do their business and then they come back, bring your food and then on the way out to pay. It's the same thing the scan like there's no like, really human interaction besides obviously getting your food.

Meliza Manalo 1:02:11

Okay. Yeah, I think we did something similar at Scott's Seafood. They do the same thing.

Katrina Lim 1:02:19

That's cool, though. That's awesome.

Meliza Manalo 1:02:21

So they just give you Oh, well, they give you the menu, but it's like plastic. And then you Yeah, you scan the QR code and it takes you to the menu. I mean, that's, I mean, that's environmentally friendly too like, they should just do that going forward. Because everyone has a phone. Like I've seen, like even homeless people have a phone like, I've seen them, you know, have phones. But yeah, like that's, and then we're back to bagging our own groceries too. But like, I don't know, like if you've been to the to the grocery store. this is like another reason why we probably will go back to Instacart. But, um, we have to bag our own grocery because the grocers or what are they called? whatever they're called the people that

Katrina Lim 1:03:05

the clerks

Meliza Manalo 1:03:06

Yeah. the people that put your grocery in the bags. So they can't bag your grocery if you're using your own bags, but they can bag your grocery if you're using their bags.

Katrina Lim 1:03:18

Oh, interesting.

Meliza Manalo 1:03:19

Yeah, I don't know like how that works. Because what's the difference?

Katrina Lim 1:03:24

They actually stopped allowing you to bring your own bags, but then I think recently they just kind of opened that up again.

Meliza Manalo 1:03:32

Yeah, they just started I think July 6 was when they because I remember seeing the sign. So because we just went grocery

Katrina Lim 1:03:39

but honestly, I don't really go anywhere except for work. I'm fortunate enough to have to be living with my parents to where they handle that.

Meliza Manalo 1:03:48

Oh, well you guys can check out Instacart and just try it out. I mean your first orders free your deliveries free.

Katrina Lim 1:03:57

I mean if you love Amazon, I'm sure you'll love frickin Instacart

Meliza Manalo 1:04:00

Oh yea. because Instacart is like your local grocery stores too. because I don't know what Amazon does. Like if they're getting it from whole foods or like, I have no clue how that works. I'm assuming wholefoods because they're like partners, or I think Amazon bought Whole Foods or something. I don't know. Whatever. we had to get we ran out of pepper, so he bought pepper on Amazon. I don't know why we didn't use Instacart but whatever. We're just like already on Amazon. And it came in, but it's bent. And so some of the pepper came out. And we're like, are you serious, like why?

Katrina Lim 1:04:43

Yeah, but unfortunately that are gonna be those are some issues you're gonna come across with other people doing it for you.

Meliza Manalo 1:04:51

Well, Amazon like the thing is, it was delivered by like, UPS. Like Instacart It's like an actual person. It's kind of like doordash or like, yeah, whatever those are called grub hub and all those other ones. So it's like an actual person that brings it to you. Whereas Amazon, I think they have like, they have people who package it and then they deliver it through UPS or FedEx or something.

Katrina Lim 1:05:17

Yeah, that's weird.

Meliza Manalo 1:05:19

Yeah. Because we need butter too. But we're like, is the butter gonna be melted by the time we get it. like how does this work? Yeah, wo we didn't do that. Just the pepper, but just came in damaged anyways,

Katrina Lim 1:05:34

they're probably like, random ingredients. Okay.

Meliza Manalo 1:05:40

Yeah, whatever. It's fine. So have you been listening to all my episodes?

Katrina Lim 1:05:45

Yes, I have. Every Monday.

Meliza Manalo 1:05:49

Thank you. Yup! Mondays at 10am. Pacific time. Did you learn anything? Like, what's something You didn't know about introverts like, after listening to the episodes?

Katrina Lim 1:06:05

like, I mean, I guess I kind of already brought it up the social meter thing, knowing like you need your own personal time and having to respect that. And the different types that are out there.

Meliza Manalo 1:06:19

Oh yeah. I didn't know that one either. So that's new to me, too.

Katrina Lim 1:06:24

That kind of makes me wonder like other types of extroverts, which I'm sure there's other types, right?

Meliza Manalo 1:06:30

Oh, yeah. I'm sure. Yeah, I'm sure it goes both ways. Like, I definitely want to do some like extrovert topics, you know, because you're like my, you're like my extrovert Pro. My go to

Katrina Lim 1:06:45

thank you. I'm flattered.

Meliza Manalo 1:06:50

Definitely want to do some, like extrovert episodes with you. We can figure that out.

Katrina Lim 1:06:54

Totally down,

Meliza Manalo 1:06:55

because this has been fun. I enjoyed having you on the podcast and like reminiscing on like, how we became friends.

Katrina Lim 1:07:03

Yes. Thank you for having me.

Meliza Manalo 1:07:05

Yeah. And how things are working for you and how they are for me. And I'm sorry that your social meter is so down.

Katrina Lim 1:07:12

Thank you. Honestly, it's gotten better. I've been reaching out to people.

Meliza Manalo 1:07:18

That's good.

Katrina Lim 1:07:20

I mean, it's a lot of work too having to put in the energy of, you know, keeping up with all your relationships with all your friends.

Meliza Manalo 1:07:28

Like, are you like calling all your friends?

Katrina Lim 1:07:32

Honestly, I think Snapchat is a great source of communication because I feel like I could physically see them. I could see what they're feeling, you know, like, rather than a random just a text.

Meliza Manalo 1:07:47

And you could do like the voice chats that are what are they called? Like, voice text? basically? vocal texts?

Katrina Lim 1:07:53

I would say voice chats?

Meliza Manalo 1:07:55

Sure. whatever they're called,

Katrina Lim 1:07:58

because voice text would be like, you talking to your Siri and having her text it for you.

Meliza Manalo 1:08:05

Oh, yeah. Okay, that's true.

Katrina Lim 1:08:10

But yeah, I think I've definitely like gotten better, being an extrovert and, you know, still communicating as much as I can. luckily enough, I've been working a lot and work has been getting better with my coworkers. And I usually just talk to them, but obviously not on a personal connection.

Meliza Manalo 1:08:29

Yeah, it's not the same thing. Yeah, I get that. Like, I don't talk to my coworkers about, like, personal stuff. Like sometimes, but not like in depth like I would with you or like Bailey or something.

Katrina Lim 1:08:42

Right. Right.

Meliza Manalo 1:08:43

So I get that. Well, thanks. Thanks for joining me on this podcast. We've been talking for like, I think an hour.

Katrina Lim 1:08:52

two or almost two. I feel like an hour and a half.

Meliza Manalo 1:08:55

Maybe? Yeah, but yeah, things and then. Um, yeah, you guys check out her YouTube channel. It's just called Katrina Lim?

Katrina Lim 1:09:06

Yeah, you could find me under Katrina Lim. Um, yeah.

Meliza Manalo 1:09:09

I'll link in the description. Go check her out.

Katrina Lim 1:09:12

Thank you for the plug.

Meliza Manalo 1:09:14

Yeah. And if you do, check out her episodes, comment in the video and say that I sent you, but you got sent by The Talkative Introvert. I just want to see if anyone goes and watches.

Katrina Lim 1:09:26

Yeah. Thank you for having me. I'm excited to do more with you whenever time comes for that.

Meliza Manalo 1:09:33

Yeah. And hopefully we can do one in person. Hopefully, like when this is all done with, I don't know when that will be. But someday,

Katrina Lim 1:09:42

for sure. For sure.

Meliza Manalo 1:09:43

Yeah, I'll bring my I'll bring my mic. We can share a mic.

Katrina Lim 1:09:47


Meliza Manalo 1:09:53

Thank you, guys, so much for listening. I hope you enjoyed that episode. If you did, please follow me on social media. You can find me on Instagram under The Talkative Introvert Podcast. I'm also on Facebook. You can also check out my website at please let me know what you thought about the episode, what topics you want me to cover and even just to chat. again for aspiring podcasters please check out Buzzsprout for all your podcasting needs, link will be in the description. Also check out Instacart again, listeners will get a free delivery on their first order of $35 or more. Please use the link in the description to let them know I sent you. Thanks so much and I'll talk to you in the next episode.

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