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S2E6 - Don't Call Me That w/ Shannon and Mia (Part 2)

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

Episode Description:

In this episode, I am joined by my two friends, Shannon, and Mia. We focus on certain words that may seem innocent but may actually be negative. Since we’re women, we focused more on terms that are related to women and how certain words make us feel. Then Mia entertains us with information she has on the meanings behind our first names. Links to the books she mentioned are below.


Some parts of the transcript may be edited for better readability, but the content remains the same. Mostly removed duplicate words, vocal filler words, and added/removed some words for clarification.


Continuation from Part 1...

Meliza Manalo 39:41

Oh, geez. Yeah. I don't know. I was just wondering. I was like, huh. Because people still... like when they send us letters, Brandon's family likes to do the Christmas photos, like family photos. And we'll get like 'Mr. And Mrs. Brandon and Meliza Perry'. Even though I never changed my last name, but I think they just assumed because that's just the norm. I don't think people realize that I never actually did change my last name. Because we also got married two weeks after we got engaged. And then there was only 20 people at our wedding including us.

Mia Russell 40:29

And that was pre-pandemic.

Meliza Manalo 40:30

Yeah. Oh, yeah. Good thing too, because I wanted to actually plan it and get married in 2020. But good thing we didn't do that. Because it wouldn't have happened.

Shannon 40:45

Okay, I googled Mrs, Miss and Ms. And I don't know what I was... Maybe there was something else for widow cuz I thought there was some type of signifier for that.

Mia Russell 40:56

I thought there was, too.

Shannon 40:57

See, that's what. Maybe it's changed or maybe, I don't know. But what I'm seeing now in just a quick Google search is so, Mrs is married, Miss m-i-s-s is single, unmarried and the Ms, they have it like pronounced as Ms. Like m-i-z, and that is like they say unspecified. So, it doesn't tell you marital status.

Mia Russell 41:24


Shannon 41:26

But I thought there was one for widow, too, but I don't know.

Meliza Manalo 41:32

I mean, I don't want people... I don't want that as a signifier. Like I'm a widow.

Mia Russell 41:38


Shannon 41:40

Like not nowadays. But I feel like back when there was something that this woman is now widow. But I can't think of... I don't know. I don't know if there is...

Meliza Manalo 41:54

Are men called widows? Because I was watching a show and the guy considered himself a widow, but I feel like that sounds wrong.

Mia Russell 42:04

Yeah, they're widows. Aren't they?

Shannon 42:06


Meliza Manalo 42:07


Shannon 42:09

Like widows, or widowers?

Mia Russell 42:11

Yeah. widower?

Meliza Manalo 42:14


Mia Russell 42:15

Yes. I think there's some difference between widow and widower.

Shannon 42:19

Yeah, so widow is a woman whose spouse has died and then a widower is the man whose spouse has died.

Mia Russell 42:25

Okay. Yeah, that's what I thought.

Meliza Manalo 42:27

Okay, makes sense. Anyways, interesting.

Shannon 42:33

Interesting, interesting. See, whenever because there's I don't know, maybe it's for signing up for some things, but I feel like there's been some prompts on... I don't know. But that I've had to say what is my title on thing? Something? And I usually pick that Ms. Something about miss I don't like? Or I don't know it's not about not liking it. But...

Meliza Manalo 43:00

It makes you sound like a...

Shannon 43:03

...Obviously I'm not a missus.

Mia Russell 43:04

Like a little girl.

Shannon 43:05

Yeah, that's probably what it does. It sounds young.

Mia Russell 43:09

Little miss?

Meliza Manalo 43:10


Shannon 43:11

So, something about your... I like Ms. Ms. Shannon.

Meliza Manalo 43:13

Young, bright eyed, bushy tailed, very fertile virgin. (Laughter)

Mia Russell 43:21

Bubbly. You just had to throw that in there, didn't you?

Meliza Manalo 43:29

Yeah. That's what I think of it.

Shannon 43:34

Right. I can see that.

Meliza Manalo 43:39

Let's see. What else do I have? Okay. I think that was... oh, 'cute'. But I put 'cute/little lady. But cute, I think... I don't know. I think it's not gender that's more stature. Like I don't like being called cute because I'm short.

Mia Russell 44:04

I find that I like being called cute now. But these previous relationships where if somebody called me cute, I'd be like, well, why am I cute? And not beautiful or something, you know, better than cute.

Shannon 44:21

Yeah. Well see when you say cute, it's different.

Mia Russell 44:25

A dress is cute.

Meliza Manalo 44:28

Uh huh.

Mia Russell 44:29

But I am more than that. You know? I find in recent times that I do like being called cute.

Shannon 44:39

And I use cute, too. Like that guy is cute. Like, yeah.

Mia Russell 44:47

We're our own perpetrators.

Meliza Manalo 44:50

Yeah, I think I didn't like cute because I've always been the short one. Especially when I'm with you both. (Laughter) Cuz you guys are tall. I'm always the little one.

Mia Russell 45:03


Meliza Manalo 45:05

And it just like... it makes me feel little. (Laughter)

Shannon 45:12

Yeah, I can see that.

Mia Russell 45:14


Meliza Manalo 45:15

And I've actually read someone else doing my Google search too that some guys, especially short guys don't like being cute or called cute, either. Because it's like, they can't tell if you're calling them cute because they're actually cute. Like, their looks? Or cute because they're little, you know? And it's another kind of... just feels demeaning and kind of same way out.

Shannon 45:40

That makes sense.

Meliza Manalo 45:42

Yeah. So, don't call a little guy cute.

Mia Russell 45:49

I don't think I would.

Shannon 45:50

Don't call Meliza cute. And pat her on the head. "Oh, my God you're so cute."

Meliza Manalo 45:58

Yeah. Or like... Ahh. So, this doesn't happen to me now probably because I'm an adult now. But in high school and even in college, guys would put their arm on my head. And it pissed me off.

Meliza Manalo 46:16

Oh, yeah. I saw that a lot.

Meliza Manalo 46:17

You saw that?

Mia Russell 46:19

Not specifically you but short girls getting that done to them.

Meliza Manalo 46:24

Yeah. It's like, don't do that first of all. Don't ruin my hair. (Laughter)

Mia Russell 46:30

You armpit's dank.

Meliza Manalo 46:33

Yeah, that. Oh, I didn't even think about that. That's just like, right in your face. But, yeah. Don't do that to girls, or short people. Don't do that to short people. I'm sure guys hate that, too. Don't put your nasty, COVID filled, bacterial, infested arm on my head. (Laughter)

Shannon 46:59

Don't touch people without their consent. Don't do it.

Meliza Manalo 47:03

Yes. Exactly.

Shannon 47:05

Do not put your arm on me, sir. Or ma'am.

Meliza Manalo 47:11

Oh, yeah, definitely. Any walks of life, do not put your arm on my head. I don't care what you identify as. Don't do it. Okay, I think that's the last one on my list. Did you have any other? Either of you? Is there one that somebody calls you that you hate?

Mia Russell 47:32

No, but there are like... I know that there are certain women in my life who will just absolutely lose their mind if they're called the C word. It's just super triggering for them. I don't understand it personally. But it's like worse, the worst word they could be called.

Meliza Manalo 47:57

So that word I... hopefully you guys know what word we're talking about. I mean it doesn't matter. Like, we can swear on the podcast. This is not for children.

Mia Russell 48:11


Meliza Manalo 48:12

but I read that that's an American thing. Because in other countries they use that word just free, you know, freely.

Mia Russell 48:21

All the time. Yeah.

Meliza Manalo 48:23

But Americans hate that word for some reason. I've honestly never really been called that. I've never been called that ever. And I've never really heard someone use that word. Maybe like a couple times. But hardly ever.

Mia Russell 48:38

Yeah. Like I think people are so averse to it that they don't... Sorry. There's background noise right now.

Meliza Manalo 48:46

Is it the ghost?

Mia Russell 48:47

No, it's... someone's trying to get ice out of the freezer.

Meliza Manalo 48:52

Oh, tell them it's winter. Why are they getting ice out of the freezer? (Laughter)

Mia Russell 48:56

It's winter. Drink some hot...

Meliza Manalo 48:58

Drink some tea. (Laughter)

Mia Russell 49:02

I think they're having an alcoholic beveragino.

Shannon 49:05


Mia Russell 49:06

Yeah. So anyway, I have this book to the meanings of names. And then if you want to do that.

Meliza Manalo 49:15

Oh, yeah, I forgot to say that in our intro. But Mia has got a little segment for us. 'Mia's corner' or I don't know what we would call it.

Mia Russell 49:26

Mia's corner. Go to your corner. (Laughter)

Shannon 49:29

Okay. Are we leaving the C word?

Mia Russell 49:33

Yeah. I think so.

Shannon 49:34

Okay. We went through quickly and then we...

Meliza Manalo 49:39

We'll leave that behind.

Mia Russell 49:39

Yeah. I think that's kind of different than what we've been talking about and entrenched in a lot more...

Shannon 49:46

It would I think, yeah. I think it would require more research into it. And I tried to... I was reading about it earlier. But I think there's a lot of opinions on it and a lot of feelings with it. Okay, but yes, let's move on to Mia's corner.

Mia Russell 50:06

All right. So, this book is called 'The Hidden Truth of Your Name: A Complete Guide to First Names and What They Say About the Real You'. It's part of the Nomenology Project. It doesn't really have an author.

Meliza Manalo 50:24

What's the Nomen..? What?

Mia Russell 50:27

A Nomenology Project is basically the name project. Like there's one that's birthday stars and numbers, and then there's the hidden truth of your name. And I'm sure they have other books, but I don't have them.

Meliza Manalo 50:39


Mia Russell 50:42

This book, it goes way in depth to evolution of name analysis, how to use numbers, mythical origins, runes, marriage, adoption and other life altering events that change your personality based off of whatever. And this is just first name. So, it doesn't have last name stuff in here.

Meliza Manalo 51:06


Mia Russell 51:07

So we'll start with our host, Meliza.

Meliza Manalo 51:11

Okay. Should I explain like, how I got my name?

Mia Russell 51:15

Yeah, go ahead.

Meliza Manalo 51:17

Okay. So, my name is Meliza. Hi Meliza.

Shannon 51:20

Hi Meliza.

Mia Russell 51:20

Hi Meliza.

Meliza Manalo 51:27

So, my name is slightly unique. Because it's spelled with a Z in case you guys haven't read the description or anything about the podcast. Shame on you. Go my website But in case you didn't know, it's M-e-l-i-z-a. And so, it's pretty simple. It's just the combination of my dad's name and my mom's name. So, my dad's name is Mike. So, we took the M... we didn't. My parents took the M. And then my mom's name is Elizabeth. And so, they took the first part of Elizabeth, and put M and Eliza together to make Meliza.

Mia Russell 52:10

Oh, that's very nice.

Shannon 52:11

That's so cute. Aww.

Mia Russell 52:12

I really like that.

Meliza Manalo 52:15


Mia Russell 52:18

Yeah, that makes sense. And I like the Z spelling too. Just feels better. You're welcome. (Laughter) So, I was reading through these beforehand, and they can be really hit and miss. But, um... okay, so I'll just go into it. The kabbalistic synopsis of Meliza is that, 'You won't meet any women more quintessentially feminine than Meliza. As a result, many people feel immediately protective of her and try to tell her how to run her life. Generally, Meliza will be too impressionable to tell them to leave her alone. So, it may be up to someone who really understands her to get rid of those who are interfering. Meliza is wonderfully idealistic and charmingly innocent. When Meliza tells people how the world could be if we all behave decently in the most hardened sitting, we'll be impressed by her conviction. Friends are very important to Meliza and will continue to be even after she settles down with a partner. So, any lover of Meliza’s will have to be willing to share her with other people.

Meliza Manalo 53:27

So basically, the opposite of all of that is me.

Mia Russell 53:31

Yeah, right. (Laughter)

Shannon 53:38

And friends. You love friends.

Mia Russell 53:39

There's two more interpretations.

Meliza Manalo 53:43

Okay. What's the other one?

Shannon 53:45

Yeah, the other one.

Mia Russell 53:48

The other one is that, basically Meliza is whole and encourages wholeness and others and uses isolation to clear out her head and create balance in life. Once she feels she's a whole person, she spreads a soothing wholeness and balance out to other people. You have a wonderful intuition, flexibility, movement, and you like to kick up your heels and travel. So, I don't know.

Meliza Manalo 54:18

What does wholeness mean?

Mia Russell 54:21

Like wholesome. Like wholeness. Like, you are yourself type thing? I don't know.

Shannon 54:32

You are Meliza.

Meliza Manalo 54:34

Shut up, Shannon. (Laughter) I don't... Hold up. Let me Google it. Cuz I don't even know what wholesome means.

Shannon 54:43

I will tell you.

Mia Russell 54:45

Well, anyway, while you guys are doing that the derivation of Meliza is Greek meaning bee. Like Bumblebee. A common name in ancient Greece became popular in English speaking countries in the late 20 century. Particularly during the 1970s.

Meliza Manalo 55:04


Mia Russell 55:07

And then we have Shannon.

Shannon 55:08

Yeah, that's me. (Laughter)

Mia Russell 55:12

Derivation is Irish Gaelic from the old Celtic River name meaning old or ancient. Began to be used as a first name in the 20th century, most commonly in the United States. Occasionally found as a male name.

Shannon 55:28

I didn't know that. Did you know that?

Meliza Manalo 55:29

That's true.

Mia Russell 55:31

So, did you find the definition of whole?

Shannon 55:36

Wholesome. Google says 'Conducive to or promoting moral well-being'. And there's probably other definitions. But that's the first thing.

Meliza Manalo 55:44

So, I promote? Yeah, promoting social and moral well-being with others? I don't know if I necessarily do this.

Mia Russell 55:53

I feel like that's accurate. Because you want everybody to get along. Like, especially with like, in regards to political stuff. I know you don't really want to talk about that. But...

Meliza Manalo 56:03

No, that's all good.

Mia Russell 56:06

Basically, that, you know, you want both sides to see each other's view, point of view type thing.

Meliza Manalo 56:14

Have you been watching my Instagram stories? (Laughter)

Mia Russell 56:18


Meliza Manalo 56:22

I guess that makes sense. I don't like the division and I think people should see. I mean, well, we won't go into politics. But I do believe that both sides have more in common than they think. They just don't want to admit it. Anyway, that's a different subject and we won't go there. But okay.

Mia Russell 56:45

So, Shannon's synopsis.

Shannon 56:47

Oh, wait. You want me to tell my... why my name...

Mia Russell 56:50

Oh, yeah. Go ahead.

Meliza Manalo 56:51

Your origin Story, Shannon.

Shannon 56:53

Origin Story. It's super exciting. It's not that exciting. So, originally, my mom had picked out the name Stephanie.

Meliza Manalo 57:04


Shannon 57:05

And then my cousin was born first. And she was named Stephanie.

Mia Russell 57:11

Ooh. Bummer.

Meliza Manalo 57:11


Shannon 57:12

So my mom had to come up with another first choice name, right? Like Shannon wasn't a second choice. She just had to come up with another first choice.

Meliza Manalo 57:24

Oh, that's cute.

Shannon 57:25

So, yeah. That's the most exciting. But she just picked Shannon. She just liked that name. She also had a boy's name picked out for me.

Mia Russell 57:35

What was it?

Shannon 57:36


Mia Russell 57:38


Meliza Manalo 57:38

Wesley. I like that.

Mia Russell 57:39

Princess Bride.

Shannon 57:41


Meliza Manalo 57:42

It's like, what's the name? Wesley is in Star Trek. He's the boy from The Next Generation.

Shannon 57:52

Yeah. The nurse's son, right? Is she the nurse?

Meliza Manalo 57:56

She's a doctor. Or a nurse.

Shannon 57:58

How do you know? It's been a long time.

Mia Russell 57:58

Oh, yeah. I've seen like three episodes. And I know who you're talking about.

Meliza Manalo 58:05

I know her real name is Beverly. Because... what's this name?

Mia Russell 58:10

Patrick Stewart?

Meliza Manalo 58:13

What's her name?

Shannon 58:15

Wesley Crusher is the character.

Meliza Manalo 58:17

Crusher. Beverly Crusher. Okay. That's the crusher. Yeah.

Shannon 58:22


Meliza Manalo 58:24

Shut up. (Laughter) I like that. I like Wesley. That's a cool name. Stephanie? You do not look like a Stephanie. You look like a Shannon.

Shannon 58:35

Well, we should read what the Shannon meanings are and then see what the Stephanie ones are.

Mia Russell 58:41


Shannon 58:44

Cuz now I'm just like curious.

Mia Russell 58:46

So, Shannon. Basically, saying that you should be a nervous wreck. But that's weakened to a degree because of other components of your name. Does not need to be surrounded by supportive and loving individuals in order to feel good about herself and the world around her. Umm...

Shannon 59:07

Is that like my introvertism?

Mia Russell 59:10

I guess.

Shannon 59:11

That kind of sounds introverted to me.

Meliza Manalo 59:13


Mia Russell 59:13

The capacity to do battle even when she's feeling down. And thanks to her appealing personality and genuine kindness, Shannon will have plenty of strong friendships and should not be overly troubled by her emotional insecurities.

Meliza Manalo 59:27

I think that's true. You have a lot of friends for being an introvert.

Mia Russell 59:32

That's true. Okay. Stephanie. The derivation is French version of Stephen which comes from the Greek name 'Stephanos', meaning crown. First used in English speaking countries in the 1920s and steadily increased in popularity since then. So, as soon as you meet Stephanie, you know you're in for some fun. She tends to have sparkling eyes and a bubbly personality which makes Stephanie and instant hit for everyone.

Shannon 1:00:01


Mia Russell 1:00:02

She loves to chatter and usually does sound very enthusiastic and excitable way as if she must get her words out before she bursts from having to keep them in! Exclamation mark. Stephanie is not ideally suited to an office job but is better off in a job that makes use of her outgoing personality and taste for the glamorous side of life. The value of her name is 211. The initial two numbers relate to the High Priestess card in the Tarot. In broad terms, this could be regarded as showing higher than usual level of women's intuition. The final 11 in her name reveals an attraction to the mysterious and bizarre aspects of life.

Meliza Manalo 1:00:41

So basically, Stephanie is the extroverted version of Shannon.

Shannon 1:00:46

Yeah, Stephanie is my extroverted alter ego.

Meliza Manalo 1:00:49


Mia Russell 1:00:49


Meliza Manalo 1:00:53

Wait, so is your cousin Stephanie an extrovert?

Shannon 1:00:58

I'm not sure. My guess would be yes. I'm not sure.

Meliza Manalo 1:01:02

Okay. So, it was destiny that your name is Shannon.

Shannon 1:01:06


Mia Russell 1:01:08


Shannon 1:01:12

Because you said there's three interpretations, right?

Mia Russell 1:01:16

Yeah, there are three.

Shannon 1:01:18

So, what was that? The one you just did? What was that?

Mia Russell 1:01:20

The kabbalistic one.

Shannon 1:01:24

Okay. What are the other the other ones?

Mia Russell 1:01:26

Hang on. Let me get back to that page real quick.

Shannon 1:01:28

Yeah. Tell me now.

Mia Russell 1:01:31

I'm sorry I lost it.

Meliza Manalo 1:01:33

We are in the world of instant gratitude.

Mia Russell 1:01:36

For Shannon or Stephanie?

Shannon 1:01:36

For Shannon. We can leave she can leave Stephanie behind.

Mia Russell 1:01:40

Shannon has the challenges of Shane but to a much greater degree, the triple rune of constraint this name could suggest pronounced physical, mental or emotional challenges. It could also manifest itself as imprisonment, financial decline or other unusual problems.

Meliza Manalo 1:01:55

Oh, geez.

Shannon 1:01:56

Oh, no. Wait, is that because I have so many 'N's in my name?

Mia Russell 1:02:03

Yeah. But hey, you have the rune of wholeness.

Shannon 1:02:12

What is that? What's a rune?

Mia Russell 1:02:15

A rune is like a letter.

Shannon 1:02:17


Mia Russell 1:02:19

Which can emerge through your dreams, chance encounters and meditations. After much upheaval, Shannon will find her way. Thanks to another room of wholeness and the powers of the four elements that bless her name.

Shannon 1:02:33

Aww, okay, so I'm gonna be fine. I'm gonna be okay.

Mia Russell 1:02:36

Yeah, you'll be fine. Don't worry about it.

Shannon 1:02:42

Don't worry about it. Everything's fine.

Mia Russell 1:02:44

The last one is 'Shannon is very happy when she is out and about nature. She may even decide to seek a profession that is connected with ecological movement. She is very aware of nutrition and diet and is careful about her physical health. A practical person with a genuine concern about day-to-day life, Shannon is quite close to her family. She is much more concerned about what is permanent worth than fleeting and transient.

Shannon 1:03:10


Mia Russell 1:03:11

Yeah. So there's that.

Shannon 1:03:14

There's that. (Laughter) So should we...?

Mia Russell 1:03:14

So... Go ahead.

Shannon 1:03:14

Oh, go ahead. (Gibbers) Okay. I was just gonna say so should we move on to the last name?

Mia Russell 1:03:28

The last name, last name is mine, which unfortunately isn't in this book. But in the index, they say which names are derived from other names. So like, 'Joanna, see-' or 'Jody-See' Jody spelled a different way. 'Kathleen' see Katherine'. So, mine is 'See Marie', which is funny, because that's my middle name, too.

Meliza Manalo 1:03:54

Oh funny. So what's your origin story, though?

Mia Russell 1:03:58

Oh, my mom wanted to name me Victoria. My dad did not want me to be named Victoria. And so, my mom picked another name, which was Mia. And she had a goat growing up that was named Mia that she really loved and she really loved the name. So, that's me named after a goat. (Laughter)

Meliza Manalo 1:04:21

Your mom's favourite goat.

Mia Russell 1:04:23


Shannon 1:04:24

We're gonna have to look up at least Victoria for this first one also. Just to see what's your alter ego.

Mia Russell 1:04:30

Well, I have Marie in here.

Meliza Manalo 1:04:32


Shannon 1:04:33

For your alter ego.

Mia Russell 1:04:34

Oh, yeah. We'll look at my alter, too. But anyway, Marie is 'You will never hear Marie complain that she is bored. She barely has time that day to stop and eat.' Bullshit. 'Marie likes to squeeze every last drop of enjoyment out of life, is a great person to be with, although most people prefer her in small doses. Paradoxically, the most significant and stable feature of Marie's life has changed from her job, to her lifestyle, to her country of residence, and her partners. Marie changes everything, sometimes with quite startling rapidity. She has a real interest in world cultures. So, extensive travel is definitely in the cards for Marie. She may as well decide to work her way around the world picking up a variety of temporary jobs she goes. The total value of her name suggests that she will eventually settle down but that might not be until she has turns 60.'

Shannon 1:05:23


Meliza Manalo 1:05:24

Very interesting.

Mia Russell 1:05:24

So, I don't know. I don't feel like that's very accurate. As far as I feel like but... Then we have Victoria. English and Spanish from the Latin Victoria with accents, meaning victory. Extremely popular among early Christians in the name of a saint in the third century. Very popular in 1950s and 60s. Excuse me. Cheerful, energetic, intelligent and business minded too, this woman has it all. Victoria is a deeply contented person with the confidence to take on any challenges that interests her. The central A in her name, a rune is a key letter that indicates Veronica's business acumen will provide her with the money she needs to indulge many and varied interests that make her such a contented individual. Victoria has very close ties to her parents and family. Although they are not so close that they prevent her from forming commitments to more intimate relationships. Yet Victoria likes partners who can genuinely be honest and upfront about their feelings but they must also know how to have fun. The value of her name reduces to 11. The number most associated with magic and the unusual. It is not uncommon for Victoria to be interested in the mystical and supernatural when she has achieved her major goals in life and is looking for a new and stimulating interest.' That I feel like is more close.

Meliza Manalo 1:05:54

Just that last part?

Mia Russell 1:06:14

Yeah, just not like dead on. But like...

Meliza Manalo 1:06:55

The beginning part seems very corporate.

Mia Russell 1:06:58

Yeah, I'm not cheerful or energetic or business minded. I do think I'm intelligent. But that's only one out of four. So, fail. (Laughter)

Shannon 1:07:12

Fail. Okay, what are the other ones for Marie?

Mia Russell 1:07:19

For Marie? Sorry, I bookmarked these but poorly.

Shannon 1:07:29

You're doing great.

Mia Russell 1:07:30

You're doing great, sweetie. (Laughter) Okay, so the Runic interpretation is making a home on unchartered waters because life is a thrill beyond compare. The rune of self offers Marie a clear identity and inner reserves of faith and optimism. The rune of stand so indicates that Marie welcomes stillness and enjoys studying foreign languages and history. That's pretty true. She likes to be by herself and actually requires a good deal of time alone to feel rested and orderly. That's true. Two runes, one of movement and one of journey signifies travel, good communications and numerous transitions and adjustments ahead for me. Okay, I like that one a little bit better.

Meliza Manalo 1:08:18

Yeah, that seems a little closer, too.

Shannon 1:08:20


Mia Russell 1:08:21

Yeah. And then the numerogic... numerogical... Numerological. Jesus Christ. (Laughter)

Shannon 1:08:29

One more time.

Mia Russell 1:08:30

Ughh. The number interpretation. There we go. Marie is sensitive with a deep desire for peace and cooperation. She is also her own individual with a very personal agenda. She is very fond of children. Eh? And is naturally inclines to be nurturing and emotionally caring.

Meliza Manalo 1:08:51

A Big and fat no.

Mia Russell 1:08:53

Yeah. 'It is important for her to create a beautiful home environment and she is skilled in doing so. Her name value is 1. The number that stands for 'I am me and no one else'. Marie has to assert and prove her sense of singularity in the world. Her challenge consists of in the alignment of her responsibility to herself with responsibility she feels for others.' I feel that's true. Just the last part there.

Meliza Manalo 1:09:19

Was that the last one?

Mia Russell 1:09:21

Yep. Marie's kind of short.

Meliza Manalo 1:09:23

So, what we learned so far is that your name means nothing. Has absolutely nothing to do with your character.

Mia Russell 1:09:30

Yeah. I think honestly the birthday stars and numbers book was much more accurate. But it also goes into birth charts and stuff like that. So, you have to really know the time you were born and the stars alignment.

Meliza Manalo 1:09:48

So, it's kind of like the Zodiac.

Mia Russell 1:09:49

Yes, it is. (Coughs) Sorry.

Meliza Manalo 1:09:54

That's okay.

Mia Russell 1:09:55

I just choked on my own spit. And that's why we're not all together in person.

Meliza Manalo 1:10:04

Thank goodness for Skype. Even though we had some technical difficulties earlier.

Mia Russell 1:10:11

(Coughs) Excuse me. Yeah.

Meliza Manalo 1:10:13

Oh, geez. Are you okay?

Mia Russell 1:10:16

Yeah, I'm in my mom's craft room and there's a lot of dust.

Meliza Manalo 1:10:20

So, is the ghost room the craft room?

Mia Russell 1:10:22

Yeah, well, it's like my... that's where I would stay before I lived here. So, there's a bed and then there's a table with a workbench type thing going on. Yeah, but it's kind of creepy because it has this giant tapestry on the wall that I really like. But it's kind of creepy. It's like a bunch of Victorian women in a garden playing a game with blindfolds on. So, some of them have blindfolds and it's weird. I'll send you a snapshot of it.

Meliza Manalo 1:10:56

Okay. I'm trying to think about it. That's an odd piece of art to put in that room specifically. Blindfolded men.

Mia Russell 1:11:04

It's a family heirloom.

Meliza Manalo 1:11:06

Oh, not men. Women.

Mia Russell 1:11:08


Meliza Manalo 1:11:10

Cool. Thanks for sharing all that. I really want to... Umm... Because you mentioned tarot cards.

Mia Russell 1:11:17


Meliza Manalo 1:11:18

Like a reading. A professional reading.

Mia Russell 1:11:21

We can do that.

Meliza Manalo 1:11:22

That would be kind of cool. Can you do that online? Like, I don't know how that works. Because you know how, usually there's like a place you go to and they... I don't know.

Mia Russell 1:11:31

Well... Sorry, go ahead.

Meliza Manalo 1:11:32

Well, can psychics work over Wi Fi, you know? Does it work that way?

Mia Russell 1:11:38

I believe so. Actually, my mom had a pet psychic do a reading over the phone. And she said it was pretty accurate. And there's like stuff that she wouldn't have known about our pets, you know? Anyway. But there's people on TikTok who do tarot readings for money if you cash out them. And then you'd have a video recording of it, too. Or you could go on those sketchy palm readers that have neon signs on their windows on the side of the road probably. It's up to you.

Meliza Manalo 1:12:14

I'll see if there's one online. I'm sure, you know, your psychic ability can go through the internet.

Mia Russell 1:12:20

Yeah, I mean...

Meliza Manalo 1:12:21


Mia Russell 1:12:22

I would hope so.

Meliza Manalo 1:12:25

Yeah. That'd be really interesting. I've always wanted to do a psychic reading.

Mia Russell 1:12:30

Me too, but I've always... excuse me, also been kind of afraid to. Cuz what if it's accurate?

Meliza Manalo 1:12:36

Yeah. How trippy would that be?

Mia Russell 1:12:40

Pretty weird.

Shannon 1:12:42

Very weird.

Meliza Manalo 1:12:43

I'm just scared it's gonna be something bad.

Mia Russell 1:12:47

And that's why I don't do it.

Meliza Manalo 1:12:49


Mia Russell 1:12:50

All righty. Anything else before we wrap this up?

Meliza Manalo 1:12:55

I don't know. How was that? Oh, well, I mean, we've been talking for over an hour. So, mostly that was good.

Mia Russell 1:13:00

I think that was pretty good. There's a lot of content there.

Shannon 1:13:03

Yeah, it was good.

Mia Russell 1:13:06

Was it good for you? It was good for me.

Shannon 1:13:08

It was good for me. (Laughter) Okay, should we do a little... I don't know where you're going to cut out some of this ending part here, but should we do at actual like, "Okay, see you later" for you?

Meliza Manalo 1:13:20

Yeah. I was gonna... but, um, thanks for coming on to the show. And I'm really... I just got a brain fart, you guys. (Laughter)

Mia Russell 1:13:33

It happens.

Meliza Manalo 1:13:35

It does happen. Oh, I appreciate you having us. You know, being able to talk about all the connotations and denotations that we have with different words. And even though my book wasn't very helpful, it was kind of interesting to see somebody research into our names.

Shannon 1:13:52

Agreed. Agreed.

Meliza Manalo 1:13:53

Yeah, I've never looked at my name before either. Especially cuz it's just spelled weird anyways.

Mia Russell 1:13:59


Meliza Manalo 1:14:00

I guess I could have looked for S-S-A. But it's fine. I never did. But yeah, thanks for sharing that. Thanks for... I like these conversations where we kind of have to think about it, you know? You know, the more thoughtful ones. So, it's like other stuff. And thanks for coming on to your first episode of season two. I mean, this isn't the first episode of season two. But your guys'...

Shannon 1:14:26

But our first episode.

Meliza Manalo 1:14:26


Mia Russell 1:14:28


Shannon 1:14:29

Yay, season two!

Meliza Manalo 1:14:32

I don't know what number of episode is this gonna be.

Mia Russell 1:14:34

We weren't cut from the cast. (Laughter)

Shannon 1:14:36

We made it!

Meliza Manalo 1:14:37

You guys made it.

Shannon 1:14:38

And we weren't recast. (Laughter)

Mia Russell 1:14:42

We weren't killed off. We weren't recast. It's great.

Meliza Manalo 1:14:46

Shannon has been replaced by Stephanie. (Laughter) Victoria.

Shannon 1:14:52

Oh, no. Oh oh oh. Well, I can't wait to start listening to your second season.

Mia Russell 1:14:58


Meliza Manalo 1:14:59

Thanks. It's coming out. I mean, it'll be out already by the time this episode comes out. But yeah, February 1st, if you haven't seen my Instagram post.

Shannon 1:15:09


Mia Russell 1:15:09


Shannon 1:15:09

I did see your Instagram post, I think.

Mia Russell 1:15:12

I don't remember.

Shannon 1:15:13

I think I did. I'm gonna go check it.

Meliza Manalo 1:15:16

Mia, you should remember cuz you shared it on your story.

Mia Russell 1:15:22

Oh, yeah, that one. Okay.

Meliza Manalo 1:15:24

That one's the only one I've posted like in months.

Mia Russell 1:15:27

Sorry. With my art page, I've been kind of busy and posting a lot of crap and you know?

Meliza Manalo 1:15:27

Little shameless plug.

Shannon 1:15:32

Okay. It's February 1st. Save the date.

Mia Russell 1:15:39

Well, I didn't do a shameless plug. I didn't even say the name of the page. (Laughter)

Meliza Manalo 1:15:46

Well, the page that Mia talks about, go check it out. It's called 'artofmia'...?

Mia Russell 1:15:54

'artofmiarussell'. Yeah. Two Ss and two Ls.

Meliza Manalo 1:15:55

I'll put that in the description.

Mia Russell 1:15:58

Thank you.

Shannon 1:15:59

I don't have anything in the plugs. So... fine.

Meliza Manalo 1:16:01

That's okay.

Shannon 1:16:04

Go follow Mia's art page. Do it.

Mia Russell 1:16:09

Yeah. It's great. (Laughter) Support art.

Shannon 1:16:16

Support art.

Meliza Manalo 1:16:17

Yeah. She's starving, you guys. So, follow her. (Laughter)

Shannon 1:16:24

Oh my God, we have to wrap this up. We're getting delirious. (Laughter)

Mia Russell 1:16:29

Well, it's great being on your podcasts, again.

Meliza Manalo 1:16:33

Glad to have you guys.

Shannon 1:16:35

Thank you, Meliza.

Meliza Manalo 1:16:35

It's always fun to talk.

Meliza Manalo 1:16:39

I hope you enjoyed that episode, and maybe even learn something new. And let us know on social media or email me or check out my website and let us know what terms do you not like? What's a term that seems super innocent, but irks you and bothers you and you hate being called it? And I know we talked about mainly female terms just because, you know, we can't speak for men. Obviously, we're not men. So, I'd like to know from the male audience if there is any. What do you not like being called? What's an innocent word that people use all the time, but you don't like being called that term? Let us know. If you enjoy what you hear and want to see up today on the show. Please follow me on Facebook and/or Instagram. You can also check out my website at All the information will be on there as well as in the show notes. Please help support the show by sharing it with your friends and family. Thanks so much and I'll talk to you guys in the next episode.

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