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S2E12 - Introvert Dating Update w/ Mia Russell (Part 2)

Episode Description:

You may remember from Season 1, my friend, Mia. I invited her onto the podcast to talk about dating as an introvert. In this episode, Mia joins me again to give us a little update on her dating life.

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Some parts of the transcript may be edited for better readability, but the content remains the same. Mostly removed duplicate words, vocal filler words, and added/removed some words for clarification.


Continuation from Part 1...

Meliza Manalo 40:02

Has anything else happened when you get nervous? Like, does your body have signs when you're nervous?

Mia Russell 40:10

I can get nauseous sometimes. But I'm mostly just sweaty, jittery, I start pacing or I have to keep moving or doing something if I'm just sitting there. It goes out of control. So I go on Facebook or Instagram and just start distracting myself with that.

Meliza Manalo 40:31

Okay. Also for people who are wondering what that sounded in the background. It's not a child screaming. It's a bird. (Laughter)

Mia Russell 40:41

I'm sorry. My cockatiel goes absolutely bonkers in the morning and just screams its head off. I'm so sorry. I also have six dogs. So if they bark, they bark and there's not much I can do about that.

Meliza Manalo 40:56

That's literally the issue I have with everyone that gets on the podcast. Because yeah, everyone so far who has been on the podcast, has some type of animal in there.

Mia Russell 41:11

Yeah, sorry about that. Three birds, six dogs. I live on a farm. (Laughter)

Meliza Manalo 41:19

No it's all good. I just don't want people thinking like, are you going to help that little girl? Cuz it sounds like my niece is screeching or something in the background.

Mia Russell 41:29

Yeah, it definitely sounds. I'm just lucky it's not the parrot because she can cry like an actual baby.

Meliza Manalo 41:36

Oh really?

Mia Russell 41:38

Yeah, she can sound just like an infant.

Meliza Manalo 41:42

Oh, God.

Mia Russell 41:44

It's super creepy because she can also talk. And say certain things and laugh. So when you're home alone with her it gets kind of creepy. Plus, she hates me. So I can't hold her anything. She'll literally lunge at me. This bird cannot fly but tries to fly at me.

Meliza Manalo 42:04

I am an animal lover. Okay, let's just get that out of the way. But I do not like birds.

Mia Russell 42:18

Birds from a distance are okay, right?

Meliza Manalo 42:21

Yeah. Bird watching? Great.I just don't like them up close. I think they're creepy looking. Oh, I don't like looking at pictures of those birds that are really big. As big as a human. Have you seen those pictures where someone's standing next to one of those exotic birds or something?

Mia Russell 42:42

An ostrich or a Cassowary or an Emu?

Meliza Manalo 42:45

Yeah. Like any type of bird.

Mia Russell 42:48

Yeah, Emus have like evil eyes. Yeah, but I think they're really cool. And they're very dinosaur like. But I wouldn't want one.

Meliza Manalo 42:57

Yeah, that's great and dandy from a distance, but I don't want to get close to one. Like, their talons scare me.

Mia Russell 43:06

Those are birds that could literally rip you apart.

Meliza Manalo 43:14

Yeah. I've also been pooped on before, so I don't let birds flying above me. So I grew up in the Bay Area. We were always around seagulls and pigeons.

Mia Russell 43:34

Those are the worst poops, too.

Meliza Manalo 43:35

They are. And it's like God. And I remember, I was just on a paddle boat with my brother. And we're just enjoying being on the lake and a bird pooped on us. And that was just the worse and I think I was like 10? I don't remember.

Mia Russell 43:54


Meliza Manalo 43:54

I just don't like birds. I don't know. My dad loves birds. The fake Bird in his little niche thing.

Mia Russell 44:08

Oh my gosh, my mom has a fake rooster that looks so real that some people are like, "Is that a real rooster in your house?" And knowing my mom, probably.

Meliza Manalo 44:21

I can do like baby chicks.

Mia Russell 44:24

Yeah, they're pretty cute.

Meliza Manalo 44:25

Yeah, we had a pet baby chick in school once.

Mia Russell 44:30

Yeah, they're not bad at all.

Meliza Manalo 44:34

I don't know. Just something about birds, man. They scare me.

Mia Russell 44:39

Yeah. So yeah, sorry about the bird screaming in the background. He's doing his normal morning routine of screaming his absolute head off.

Meliza Manalo 44:50

Is that why you're up early all the time?

Mia Russell 44:54

No, because I live outside of this house. I usually wake up because the dogs are barking or the roosters are crowing. Because they start at like four in the morning. Unless there's a full moon, and then they're just going all night long.

Meliza Manalo 45:10

Oh my god.

Mia Russell 45:12

Yeah, they're pretty dumb. So they just see like, oh, bright light in the sky. I must yell.

Meliza Manalo 45:21

So the birds wake me up in the morning, too. Because I don't know why we have so many birds. Probably because there's just so many trees in our neighborhood. And they're like chirping the little song and it's just like stop. I know you're birds, just stop. And then we have the birds that mimic car alarms. Oh my god. It's so annoying. I can't stand it. But Brandon, his desk is next to the window and he likes watching our wildlife. So squirrels are there, birds and the magpies and stuff. I can't stand magpies either. Cuz they squawk because you have all these like pretty little chirps. And then the magpies just squawks at you.

Mia Russell 46:14

Yeah, they screech.

Meliza Manalo 46:16

Yeah. Anyways, enough about birds.

Mia Russell 46:21

Sidebar about our phobias, you know.

Meliza Manalo 46:25

Anyway, we were talking about social anxiety. And this is another reason why I don't think I could do well seeing strangers because I get nauseous too for an event. But I'll get nauseous even before like a family event. And these are people I've known my whole life. And I get nauseous. The one thing I hate the most is I also sweat at social events.

Mia Russell 46:58

Yeah, me too.

Meliza Manalo 46:59

Yeah. And when I drink alcohol, I get hot.

Mia Russell 47:03

Yeah. I get hot too. I turn into a tomato.

Meliza Manalo 47:08

So it's not only am I hot, but I'm also having anxiety. So I'm sweating double time. And then because I'm sweating, I feel like people are looking at me. So, I sweat more. Oh my god. It's just like a whole trifecta. It's terrible.

Mia Russell 47:26

It's a vicious cycle.

Meliza Manalo 47:28

Yeah, that's why if I ever go on the date, it has to be in the winter. Maybe eat outside.

Mia Russell 47:35


Meliza Manalo 47:36

Yeah. In the cold. No alcohol. (Laughter) Anyways, enough about social anxiety. The whole dating world is so anxiety inducing. I am happy you found someone. Wohoo!

Mia Russell 48:02


Meliza Manalo 48:04

So how's it like now to not be single?

Mia Russell 48:09

It's nice. It's comfortable. It's nice. You don't have to constantly search out for another person all the time and then get rejected. And it's nice to have your person and have them give you affection and give them affection back. It's very rewarding.

Meliza Manalo 48:37

So, I know that I asked you this because I don't understand it. But how do you know when you go from dating to boyfriend girlfriend status? Or you know relationship status?

Mia Russell 48:54

With me, I just straight up ask because I don't want to mess around. I was like, okay, what are we? And I was just like, am I your girlfriend? And he was basically like, "Do you want to be?" (Laughter) And I was like, yes. So, that was basically it. Like, I'm very forward about what I want out of a relationship. So that was just another step of what I wanted to go from dating to being in a relationship.

Meliza Manalo 49:31

Okay. I wonder if that's just how it is.

Mia Russell 49:37

It could be. Some people just kind of slide into it. They just kind of go from one to another and there's like this understanding that they're together but I can't have that non clarity there. I need it to be very clear and to be said out loud.

Meliza Manalo 49:56

Yeah, it's definitely different from high school obviously. I feel like in high school, at least for like... I don't know if it's a generational thing, but in our generation, I just remember people just ask. Like there's no dating. You kind of already know each other, especially if you guys grew up together and went to the same schools and stuff. And so it's just like, do you want to be my girlfriend? And that's it. And then you're done. Bam. Boyfriend, girlfriend.

Mia Russell 50:32

Yeah, exactly.

Meliza Manalo 50:34

That's why I'm like, as an adult, do you make a big deal out of it? Do you ask the person? Is this like prom where you're like, "Will you be my girlfriend?" kind of situation. So, I was so confused. Like, how does this work?

Mia Russell 50:49

Some people want the fanfare behind it to be super romantic. I am more of a realist. I'm just want to ask the question. I want to know where we are. And I want to be very clear, because I don't want them to be seeing somebody else if I'm seeing them and end up getting hurt, because it wasn't clear enough.

Meliza Manalo 51:17

Yeah. Like, I know some people love the whole theatrics of it. They go out to dinner. And then they have flowers and they have gifts and all the stuff.

Mia Russell 51:39

Which is nice.

Meliza Manalo 51:39

Yeah. It's nice.

Mia Russell 51:40

Obviously, it's nice to get gifts and flowers and stuff like that. But when it comes down to it, I just want to be super clear.

Meliza Manalo 51:52

Yeah, I can get that. So are you a marriage type person? Like, do you want to get married someday? Or is this like, you don't care either way?

Mia Russell 52:05

I mean, obviously, I want to be with somebody for the rest of my life. But whether or not I want to get the government involved, it doesn't really matter to me. I don't have to have a certificate saying, hey, you're legally bound to me. We're gonna be in a relationship for the rest of my life. But then again, having a big party is always fun. And, showing off your love to everybody is a nice gesture of affection too. So, I guess the jury's still out on whether or not I need to be married. But...

Meliza Manalo 52:50

Like, you'll leave it up to the guy. If he asked, he asked. If he doesn't, he doesn't?

Mia Russell 52:54

I think it's something we should talk about for sure. And not just be like, surprise! Do you want to get married? It's should be something that's discussed beforehand. And I don't know. It's not something I'm thinking about six months into dating someone, I guess. But we have talked about it a little bit just to make sure that we're both looking for like a life partner. And not just this year partner.

Meliza Manalo 53:29

Yeah, that makes sense. I think especially as an adult, that's important to talk about. Like, what do you want in life? Because, as you kept saying in the last episode, we're not young. We're not in our early 20s even though I think we're still young.

Mia Russell 53:52

Yeah, we don't have time to mess around. We don't have the emotional energy for it in the first place. So like why bother, you know?

Meliza Manalo 54:06

Yeah. Like, I think my dating profile would be extremely straightforward. It will outline everything. What my political affiliation is, what my religion is, no kids. Just straightforward. Like exactly what I am. INTJ-A.

Mia Russell 54:32

Yeah, that's exactly what I was doing too. I'm like, this is who I am.

Meliza Manalo 54:36

It's like a bulleted list.

Mia Russell 54:38

Yeah. Like, this is what I want. And go. Yeah.

Meliza Manalo 54:42

Because it seems very robotic, but it's just gets everything out of the way. Like, everything you need to know is this bulleted list.

Mia Russell 54:52

Everything that's important.

Meliza Manalo 54:54

Yeah, exactly.

Mia Russell 54:57

It's not extremely romantic or anything, but you got to put your ground base in for what you want the relationship to be like and right off the bat, just let them know and be an adult and say hey, I do or do not want kids, I do or do not want to be married, you know?

Meliza Manalo 55:23

Do you mind sharing what you put as your Tinder profile? Like, I don't know how Tinder works. Is it just pictures? Or do you also have a profile?

Mia Russell 55:35

Um, honestly, I don't really remember but I think Tinder is mostly pictures with captions.

Meliza Manalo 55:41


Mia Russell 55:43

And I just put the generic pictures on there. Me with my friends doing stuff. Or when I went to see a comedian, I got a picture with him. So there's a full head to toe body picture so they know what they're getting into because I am of the larger proportions.

Meliza Manalo 56:07

And not sorry. I mean, like tall. Not... Sorry.

Mia Russell 56:11

No, I'm tall and I am plus size. So...

Meliza Manalo 56:16

I just realized, because (Laughter) I didn't mean to talk that way.

Mia Russell 56:20

No, no. It's okay, I accept it.

Meliza Manalo 56:23

I'm just very short compared to you.

Mia Russell 56:26

That's true. When we hug, your face goes straight into my boobs.

Meliza Manalo 56:30

Mm hmm. It's very comfortable though. (Laughter)

Mia Russell 56:33

I'm so glad. (Laughter)

Meliza Manalo 56:37

Anyways, sorry.

Mia Russell 56:39

But yeah. I have the generic pictures, you know, face picture, body pictures, showing that I'm doing stuff, showing that I love animals. All sorts of crap like that.

Meliza Manalo 56:48


Mia Russell 56:50

And I usually put my Myers Briggs out there because a lot of people know what that is.

Meliza Manalo 56:56

What are you again? I forgot.

Mia Russell 57:00

INFJ, I think? I forgot.

Meliza Manalo 57:05


Mia Russell 57:06

Something like that. Or INTJ. Something.

Meliza Manalo 57:12

No, I'm an INTJ.

Mia Russell 57:14

Okay. Then I'm probably...

Meliza Manalo 57:16

I know we have an opposite in either one thing or two things. Not opposite, but like a different letter. So I think maybe you're an INFJ? I don't know. It is in one of our old episodes. Someone remind us. (Laughter)

Mia Russell 57:32


Meliza Manalo 57:35

Oh, that'd be a good episode. Me and Shannon, to another little MBTI up anyways, that's a different discussion. Yeah, that's a good point. I think people are getting into it more too. Like the MBTI. Even though it's been around for a long time, I do see people use it a lot. And their enneagram.

Mia Russell 57:59

Yeah, that one's more confusing to me.

Meliza Manalo 58:02

Because it's a number. It's just like one single number, right? So when people put like six, that's like, okay.

Mia Russell 58:11

Like out of 10 or what? (Laughter)

Meliza Manalo 58:15

Yeah. What do you mean? So the Myers Briggs makes a little bit more sense because each letter at least means something. You can kind of guess a person a little bit by that letter. Sort of.

Mia Russell 58:30


Meliza Manalo 58:32

So, is he an extrovert or an introvert?

Mia Russell 58:37

Um, I would say an extroverted introvert. Because he's social, but in an introverted way. I don't know. I'm not sure I really want to say much more about it.

Meliza Manalo 59:00

I mean, I get that because I think Brandon isn't a... What did you say? An extroverted introvert?

Mia Russell 59:08


Meliza Manalo 59:09

Because he's definitely introverted. As in like, he doesn't always like doing social things. And we always skip out on family gatherings. And it's like too much. And then if we have too many family gatherings week after week, he needs to take a break. But he's very social in a way that he always wants to do something. But like, just me and him. Or like him, and one other person. Like him and my brother or him and his sister. It's just always like one to one. Or like in a really tiny group. But he likes going out to breweries, and he likes to go out to eat and he likes to talk a lot. The first thing he does when he gets home is check if I'm in a meeting. And then he'll start talking to me because he just needs to talk to someone.

Mia Russell 1:00:06


Meliza Manalo 1:00:07

Yeah. I think he got that from his parents. He just loves to talk and he likes to quote "socialize" but not really socialize.

Mia Russell 1:00:18

Yeah, no, I understand that.

Meliza Manalo 1:00:20

Yeah, but he likes to spend time with people. I don't think as introverted as he is, I think he only scored like maybe... I know, he's more extroverted than I am. I mean, I think everybody I know is more extroverted than I am. So that's not really saying much. I don't think he can be alone. If I didn't exist, he would either find another girl to be with or he would have a roommate or something. Or maybe he would move back with his mom or something. I don't know. Because he needs constant interaction, but not a lot of interaction. Or not a lot of people. That's what that means to me like an extroverted introvert.

Mia Russell 1:01:16

Yeah, I think you're onto something there.

Meliza Manalo 1:01:21

Yeah. Cuz I'm fine alone. I'm perfectly fine alone. Like Brandon, I would just be fine after he dies. Which I mean, obviously, it's wrong. I would obviously be devastated. But I'm not gonna lie and say that I probably would cope with it better than he will. I think our lives would be better off if he died first. Because I can cope with it better. I do well by myself.

Mia Russell 1:01:55

Yeah. I can see that.

Meliza Manalo 1:02:00

That made me sound terrible. Like, I don't need people. I don't need anyone.

Mia Russell 1:02:07

No. You just sound like a witch who lives in the woods by herself. (Laughter)

Meliza Manalo 1:02:11

Which actually sounds great.

Mia Russell 1:02:14


Meliza Manalo 1:02:14

She gets her own house. Her own land. She can talk to the animals. If she wants to see people, she just looks into her crystal ball and watch TV. (Laughter)

Mia Russell 1:02:30


Meliza Manalo 1:02:31

Real reality TV. I don't know why witches get a bad rep.

Mia Russell 1:02:38

Yeah, that's probably all the children eating.

Meliza Manalo 1:02:41

Yeah. (Laughter)

Mia Russell 1:02:44

They don't actually do that.

Meliza Manalo 1:02:48

I do want to learn about witchcraft, though. Like you know how people do identify as a witch?

Mia Russell 1:02:58


Meliza Manalo 1:02:58

I do want to learn about that. Like, I don't know as a religion.

Mia Russell 1:03:02

I have a friend you could interview.

Meliza Manalo 1:03:05

No way. No frickin way. Are you serious?

Mia Russell 1:03:09

Yeah. she identifies as pagan, I think? And she takes it seriously like a religion.

Meliza Manalo 1:03:19

Is that a religion though? Like, I don't know whether...

Mia Russell 1:03:22

There are religious witches. But also, you don't have to be religious to be a witch and you don't have to be a witch to be religious in that sense.

Meliza Manalo 1:03:33

Okay. Do you think she would get on?

Mia Russell 1:03:39

I can ask her. She's really introverted, too.

Meliza Manalo 1:03:46

That's perfect.

Mia Russell 1:03:47


Meliza Manalo 1:03:49

The introverted witch! Oh!

Mia Russell 1:03:51

Yeah. So, I'll ask her and see what she's up to.

Meliza Manalo 1:03:59

That'd be awesome. But if we don't get her, if there's another introverted witch who's listening, let us know. Cuz I don't know anything about it. But it fascinates me. Because is it like do they study witchcraft? Do they do spells? Like, what do spells mean? Are they magic like from TV shows? Are they like putting energy into the universe?

Mia Russell 1:04:28

Um, yeah. I think it's more of the energy one. I don't think they believe they have powers or anything. But it's more like manifestation and root work and chakras and making sure that your mind body and soul is healthy.

Meliza Manalo 1:04:45


Mia Russell 1:04:46

Yeah. So I'll talk to her for you.

Meliza Manalo 1:04:49

Yeah, I have like a million questions. I'm gonna...

Mia Russell 1:04:52


Meliza Manalo 1:04:53

Yeah. But like, I will try not to offend her. Or hopefully like coordinate questions that aren't offensive.

Mia Russell 1:05:03

I don't think she's easily offended.

Meliza Manalo 1:05:05

Okay, I think religion in general just fascinates me. Or like people's cultures and beliefs and spiritual beliefs. Because there's so many different types of spiritual beliefs. Like I still don't even really know what my.... I mean I guess I don't have to put a label on what my spirituality is. I grew up Christian.

Mia Russell 1:05:32

Same. Christian Catholic and I...

Meliza Manalo 1:05:37

Did you actually go to church and get baptized and stuff?

Mia Russell 1:05:40

Yeah. Did First Communion, went through the whole nine yards.

Meliza Manalo 1:05:46


Mia Russell 1:05:46

Yeah I never really bought into it though. I was always very skeptical because I was raised to be skeptical of cons and people trying to trick you. Like, my grandparents had this thing called con alert.

Meliza Manalo 1:06:02


Mia Russell 1:06:03

Yeah, like if somebody was trying to trick you or something, they just say con alert. And you'd be like, oh, okay. This is a scheme, you know? So I applied that to religion, I guess.

Meliza Manalo 1:06:18

That's interesting. I didn't know that about you. Because you just don't give off those religious vibes.

Mia Russell 1:06:24

No, I don't think I've been inside of a church in years.

Meliza Manalo 1:06:30

Yeah, I want to do an episode on Purity Culture, and growing up in the Church and my decision to leave the church and stuff. But like, I don't know anyone. Cuz I want to have a chat with someone who also left the church. But most of my friends were never knee deep into the church like I was. Like my family is or was.

Mia Russell 1:06:58

Yeah, my dad still is really in church, and he would leave pamphlets under my pillow.

Meliza Manalo 1:07:06

Really? That's funny.

Mia Russell 1:07:07

Yeah. (Laughter) And we would go every Tuesday and Saturday night to church when my parents were still together. But anyway.

Meliza Manalo 1:07:19

Yeah. Interesting. Okay, yeah. Ask your friend. That'd be a really great episode. I'm gonna try not to get my hopes up, though. Just in case she doesn't want to because I'm...

Mia Russell 1:07:34

Alright. Well, I'll ask her about it. And she can remain anonymous, too.

Meliza Manalo 1:07:39

Yeah, she can make up her own name. She doesn't have to use her real name. We could just call her the introvert witch The introverted witch. And we'll just called her... I was gonna say IW. But that's like 'Eww'. (Laughter) So that wouldn't work. Okay. Anyways, back to dating.

Mia Russell 1:08:07

So I actually want to bring up my friend from elementary school is working with a new social club type thing. It's called 'La Vette'. L-A-V-E-T-T-E social club.

Meliza Manalo 1:08:30

La Vette. Okay.

Mia Russell 1:08:32

You can look them up on Instagram. They haven't launched yet. But it says they're a social club to evolve your love life. And it looks pretty interesting to me.

Meliza Manalo 1:08:45

Can you send me that so I can put in the description?

Mia Russell 1:08:49

Yeah, I'll send you their Link tree.

Meliza Manalo 1:08:52

Okay, cool. Yeah, La Vette social club. Okay, so what is it about? Sorry.

Mia Russell 1:08:58

It's just like they say they're a romance revival in intimacy and they're exploring consciousness with intimacy and also at the same time being like a social club where you can meet people.

Meliza Manalo 1:09:20

So it's not just for romance? Like you can also meet friends?

Mia Russell 1:09:24

Um, I'm not sure about that. I think it's very geared for romance. Okay, let me open it in Facebook.

Meliza Manalo 1:09:35

I was gonna say like, when do they launch? And this is like, a local thing, or?

Mia Russell 1:09:42

I don't think it's local because my friend working on it is in Arizona. And basically, they just have a lot of topics that they cover and like heartbreak and breakups. And intimacy and stuff like that. And yeah, just check them out on Instagram or Facebook or Twitter. It looks like it's gonna be pretty cool. All Inclusive and all sorts of stuff. I'm sorry.

Meliza Manalo 1:10:21

That's okay. So, this is your friend?

Mia Russell 1:10:25

Um, yeah. She is part of La Vette. She's part of creating it, but I'm not really sure how much she has to do with it. I just know that she's plugged it a couple of times saying that she's working on it. And that it looks pretty interesting. Like they're talking about soulmates and finding your soulmate, things like that.

Meliza Manalo 1:10:52

Okay, cool. Yeah, that sounds pretty cool. I don't know how close you are to your friend, but whenever they start to launch and whenever they actually start doing whatever they're gonna do, I'm not really sure what this is, but when they start, you know...

Mia Russell 1:11:11

Yeah. They say they're a social club. So I think it's more like a group where you can meet people in that context. So it looks pretty interesting to me. And that's why I want to mention it, because it's like one of those Anomo things. You don't really know what's going on. And I don't really have a reason to join them. Besides, you know, discussion. They say they're communities, so why not?

Meliza Manalo 1:11:44

Yeah, that's awesome. I'll link that in the description. And then I'll check them out.

Mia Russell 1:11:51

Okay, cool.

Meliza Manalo 1:11:53

Maybe if your friend wants to get on the podcast. I don't have a lot of followers.

Mia Russell 1:11:58

That's fine.

Meliza Manalo 1:12:00

But you know, she can if she wants to talk about it, and explain what they are, what they do. She can just, I guess, show people too this episode, specifically, and be like, "Hey, if you want to know what you're about, check out this episode." And we can ask her questions like what is it? What do you do? What are the expectations? A stuff like that. Because that sounds pretty cool. Like to just have a little social club about that. Awesome. Thanks for sharing that.

Mia Russell 1:12:37

Yeah, no problem. I just hope people can get something out of it.

Meliza Manalo 1:12:42

Yeah, definitely. So I'll share the Link tree so people can check that out. So many things on the internet. So many apps, so many social clubs.

Mia Russell 1:12:57

So much to do, so little time.

Meliza Manalo 1:13:00

Yeah, definitely. Well, we've been talking for a while, but I don't want to end it before asking you if you have any advice now that you went from single, frustrated with apps, hating apps, deleting them getting back on apps, finally getting on Tinder. And finally finding someone. So like, what's your advice for single introverts out there right now?

Mia Russell 1:13:29

Definitely go at your own pace. But don't give up either. Like if you need to take a break, take a break. But don't totally forget about it. And go back into being in your own little introvert shell. It's really hard to break out. So once you're out of it, I would say just keep going. It is a pain in the butt. And it is not the most fun thing at times. But once it works out, it works out. Like it sucks until it doesn't, is what my brother says.

Meliza Manalo 1:14:07

I like that.

Mia Russell 1:14:08

So yeah, that's pretty much all the advice I can give, because that's all I got.

Meliza Manalo 1:14:15

Well, thank you. Thank you for that. Thanks for the advice.

Mia Russell 1:14:20

Yeah, no problem. Anytime.

Meliza Manalo 1:14:22

Yeah, I think taking a break is probably the best thing people can do.

Mia Russell 1:14:28

Yeah, it's healthy. Don't get obsessed with it or overly engaged with it.

Meliza Manalo 1:14:35

Yeah. And obviously it worked for you.

Mia Russell 1:14:39


Meliza Manalo 1:14:41

I think it helps people. Because I'm sure from what you've told me, what my single friends tell me, it's very frustrating. It's very exhausting. It's very, you know, everything and so taking that break and then just getting back on the horses is good.

Mia Russell 1:15:00

Yeah, it's really great.

Meliza Manalo 1:15:02

Well, thank you. Thank you for getting back on here. Thank you for doing another episode.

Mia Russell 1:15:09

Thanks for having me.

Meliza Manalo 1:15:10

Yeah, Mia is on other episodes. She didn't just do the introvert dating one. So if you enjoy this episode, we do have others with our friend Shannon. Did you do a solo one? Just the introvert dating one, right? And all the other ones with Shannon?

Mia Russell 1:15:26

Yeah, I think the other ones were with someone.

Meliza Manalo 1:15:29

Yeah. Go check those out. Those are pretty funny.

Mia Russell 1:15:33


Meliza Manalo 1:15:34

We don't have many friends, Mia. (Laughter) A handful. But yeah, so go check those out. I'm also gonna link me as art page. What's it called? Your Instagram page?

Mia Russell 1:15:47


Meliza Manalo 1:15:48

Yeah. artofmiarussell.

Mia Russell 1:15:51

I have a link tree link in my bio to my Facebook page, Instagram and Red bubble, Etsy. So, you can buy my artwork there. Etsy is more of photography. Red bubble is my drawings that go on. Hoodies, tapestries, wall art, coffee mugs, anything and everything you could want.

Meliza Manalo 1:16:12

Yeah, and you got new stuff up, right?

Mia Russell 1:16:15

Yeah, I just put new stuff up. I have 99designs available.

Meliza Manalo 1:16:19

Wow. That's a lot.

Mia Russell 1:16:21

Yeah. That's not even all of them. I just haven't uploaded them yet. So there's always new stuff coming.

Meliza Manalo 1:16:31

Cool. So yeah, go check those out. Go check out Mia's art pages and go help starving artists and buy some art. Buy some local... I guess not local for everybody, but buy some small artist art.

Mia Russell 1:16:49

Yeah, exactly.

Meliza Manalo 1:16:50

Thanks, Mia. Thanks for getting on.

Mia Russell 1:16:53

Yeah, no problem. Thanks for having me. Really.

Meliza Manalo 1:16:55

Yeah. All right. Thanks for making it to the end. If you enjoy what you hear I want to see up to the day on the show. Please follow me on Facebook and/on Instagram. You can also check out my website at All the information will be on there as well as in the show notes. If you want to help support the show, please review and rate the podcast and share it with your friends and family. Thanks so much and I'll talk to you guys in the next episode.

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