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S1E27 - Talking Zodiacs w/ the Bewitches (Part 3)

Episode Description:

I am joined again by the Bewitches (Katrina, Leah, and Bailey). We discuss Astrology and reveal our Sun, Moon, and Rising (i.e. our Zodiac signs). We are most definitely not professionals. In fact, I didn’t know there were other signs and different elements associated with the signs. I’m also very skeptical about Zodiacs, but there definitely were some eerily accurate descriptions of me based on my results. Let us know on social media how you felt about the episode and whether you agree with your signs or not.

This is the website we used to figure out our signs:


Some parts of the transcript may be edited for better readability, but the content remains the same. Mostly removed duplicate words, vocal filler words, and added/removed some words for clarification.


Continuation from Part 2...

Meliza Manalo 52:03

I agree, though. You seem like a... well, be somewhat the little I know about being a Capricorn, you seem like a Capricorn outwardly.

Leah 52:14

Yeah, that sounds good, right? I like it.

Bailey 52:17

Indeed. And also, how all of this plays into your introvertedness versus extrovertedness too. Because that's such a big part of who you are as a person.

Katrina 52:30

Yeah. For sure.

Leah 52:31

Very, very much is.

Bailey 52:35

What's the first sentence of yours again, Leah?

Leah 52:38

'You're practical and reserved, but very ambitious.'

Bailey 52:41

Yeah, I totally agree with that.

Katrina 52:42

I know. I said, "Yeah" the first time I head.

Bailey 52:44

Like we're all just nodding our heads.

Leah 52:45

Oh, really?

Meliza Manalo 52:46

It's a perfect of you moving to Virginia.

Bailey 52:48

Exactly. Talk about some ambition baby.

Leah 52:51

I just feel like I'm not ambitious enough. I need to be more ambitious.

Bailey 52:55

Interesting. Because you make me look like a lazy a*shole. (Laughter) All the sh*t that you're accomplishing.

Leah 53:04

Oh, Bailey.

Bailey 53:09

Dude, okay. Right now, my favorite song right now is, I don't know who it's by. But it's um, (singing the song) "I don't want to do sh*t. Except smoke we*d, s*x and watch TV." (Laughter) You've heard this?

Leah 53:24


Bailey 53:25

I'm like, ah, finally. I'm 28 and almost 30. I found my anthem. (Laughter)

Leah 53:30

Oh, my God. You've peaked Bailey. You've peaked.

Bailey 53:36

I mean, look at me. (Laughter) I could not be more accurate. Anyways. No, I agree with all that.

Meliza Manalo 53:45

Yeah, I agree.

Katrina 53:46


Bailey 53:47

Yeah, cuz I was like, this b*tch is smart as hell.

Meliza Manalo 53:52

Yeah. Would like to think that.

Bailey 53:54

You have like multiple telescopes. And like, chart the planets and sh*t. That's some nerdy sh*t right there.

Meliza Manalo 53:59

I know. Because I remember. Like in high school, I was like, man, this girl's got a ton of books in her backpack. She's taking honors classes.

Leah 54:08

Oh my god. Your backpack was frickin school. Leah was... I was a big nerd. I really was.

Bailey 54:15

It was like 80% backpack and 20% Leah.

Katrina 54:17

Yeah. And Leah's so small. (Laughter) You chipper.

Leah 54:22

And it was yellow. It was bright neon yellow. Terrible. Terrible backpack.

Meliza Manalo 54:29

And then you switched over to Brandon's backpack. But it was so heavy. The strap broke and had to stitch it.

Leah 54:37

Then it broke again. (Laughter)

Meliza Manalo 54:41

Oh, man.

Bailey 54:42

That's awesome.

Leah 54:43

Yeah, that's pretty accurate. I hated walking home with those frickin backpacks.

Meliza Manalo 54:50

It's so heavy.

Katrina 54:51


Meliza Manalo 54:52

That's why it's so dumb that they took out all the lockers.

Leah 54:56


Bailey 54:56

Well, you know drugs and shit.

Katrina 54:58


Meliza Manalo 54:58

As if we really stuffed them.

Leah 55:00

Really, really ruined it for us nerds.

Meliza Manalo 55:02

Yeah. I kept my books in my gym locker. But that was only good for two years.

Leah 55:08

Yeah, that's true.

Bailey 55:10

Um, okay. Yeah.

Leah 55:11

Anyways. Now it's your turn.

Meliza Manalo 55:13

So, what's your first impression of me?

Bailey 55:18

Had to do this.

Leah 55:19

Oh God.

Bailey 55:20

Um, I didn't really like you.

Meliza Manalo 55:23


Bailey 55:25

I thought you were kind of mean, but I'm very sensitive of it.

Meliza Manalo 55:28

Everyone thinks that.

Bailey 55:29

Okay, cool.

Katrina 55:30

Okay, cool? (Laughter)

Bailey 55:33

Um, but then as I got to know you, I was like, this is a real a*s b*tch. This is a boss a*s bitch.

Katrina 55:42

Boss a*s b*ich.

Meliza Manalo 55:43

Like she got it going on. And I think honestly. Honestly, Mia, just the way he took charge on that economics project...

Katrina 55:52

... really got me going.

Bailey 55:53

It really did. I was just like, this girl is going places, you know? And by George, have you. (Laughter)

Meliza Manalo 56:02

Thanks, Bailey.

Leah 56:03

Pretty accurate.

Bailey 56:04

Yeah, that was my first impression. I was like, this girl is mean as hell. But damn, she's smart. And she's gonna go far in life.

Meliza Manalo 56:12

Thank you.

Leah 56:12


Bailey 56:13

I must be friend her so I can ride her coattails. (Laughter)

Meliza Manalo 56:17

Oh, my God.

Leah 56:17

The piggyback.

Meliza Manalo 56:23

Well, if this podcast ever goes anywhere, I'll make sure to give you guys royalties for every time you are here, you know. Yes. (Laughter)

Bailey 56:31

And don't forget my residuals.

Leah 56:34

Oh, my God. Let's see. I don't remember too much. Because I was pretty young when I first met Mia.

Meliza Manalo 56:42

Did I?

Leah 56:44

Like the very, very, very first impression was just that she was really, really quiet and reserved. Which I guess I just assumed that you were a lot like Brandon.

Bailey 56:54

Mm hmm.

Meliza Manalo 56:55

Mm hmm.

Leah 56:56

And so, I immediately thought like, oh, she seems like she'd be good for him.

Bailey 57:02

Actually no. I totally agree with you, Leah. I thought that you and Brandon were super similar, Mia. Because you guys are both quiet. And anytime I saw you guys together at school, you're just quiet and looking at each other and smiling. In your own little world. That was super cute.

Katrina 57:20

You should see what he is. And his sign.

Leah 57:23

Yeah. And then as... when you did move in, I was really drawn to you because I felt like we were similar. And I did think that you were super smart. Because I think you were in college at the time. And I remember like... I remember you... I had this distinct memory of you writing an essay. I think on pandas?

Meliza Manalo 57:45

My URSA major paper? Yes. (Laughter)

Leah 57:49

I remember like... I remember how into it you were.

Meliza Manalo 57:54

Yeah. The URSA day has something family. I don't remember now. Cuz I'm not in college and now I'm done. (Laughter)

Leah 58:01

But yeah, I was like, oh, man, she's so smart. I want to be like her.

Meliza Manalo 58:05


Bailey 58:06


Leah 58:06


Meliza Manalo 58:07

No one ever said that.

Leah 58:08

And we also played Minecraft together. So, I was like, oh, and she's nerdy. But not nerdy like me where I look nerdy. But you're like the cool nerdy.

Meliza Manalo 58:20

I know. People get shocked. Like, shocked that I play video games. It's like, what are you expecting. Some sweaty, stinky, acne prone person living in the basement? Like what?

Bailey 58:34

Ah, such a harmful stereotype.

Meliza Manalo 58:36

I know. I'm sorry I smell good. And take a shower. Yeah, people don't... like they don't think I'm a nerd, I guess.

Bailey 58:47

Okay, so what's your rising?

Meliza Manalo 58:49

Leo. Again.

Bailey 58:51

Oh, again.

Meliza Manalo 58:52

\So, I'm a Capricorn, Sun. Moon, Leo and then Rising, Leo.

Katrina 58:56

Which is quite interesting because you married a Leo.

Bailey 59:00


Meliza Manalo 59:00

Yeah, I did marry a Leo.

Bailey 59:02

MFEO, baby. MFEO.

Leah 59:04


Bailey 59:05

Okay, so what does it say? Because it's interesting. Because it says something different for this than as your moon, huh?

Meliza Manalo 59:10

Yeah, it's a little different. Okay, so for the Leo. "You love to be the center of attention." No.

Leah 59:18


Meliza Manalo 59:18

"And you want to appear strong, confident dominant." Yeah.

Bailey 59:21

Yeah. (Laughter)

Katrina 59:23

That's you.

Meliza Manalo 59:25

"You're very proud of yourself. Sometimes quite vain even. When all around you are bedraggled and falling apart, you look like a million bucks."

Katrina 59:34


Meliza Manalo 59:34

That sounds so bad. But, okay.

Katrina 59:38

I mean, you come up real clean. Like, you know?

Bailey 59:40

Yeah, nice girl. Yeah.

Meliza Manalo 59:41

I come up real clean cuz I shower.

Katrina 59:43

No, I mean, (Laughter) your style is very nice and edgy and elegant.

Meliza Manalo 59:48

Yeah? You think so? I'm gonna shop at a threft...threft...No, what am I saying? Thrift store. Yeah. "Very dignified and honorable. You enjoy the power and privilege but not the responsibilities that come with leadership. You're very idealistic but can also be quite stubborn. Others impress you only if they have integrity. But wealth, power and influence can also turn your head. You prefer rich, elegant surroundings and possessions and will try to acquire them as your budget allows. Physically you're very impressive at your best. You have a regal, charismatic demeanor, and baring. Try not to be such a showoff." So, I don't know.

Leah 1:00:32

Maybe like 25% of that is you.

Meliza Manalo 1:00:35

Yeah, like, the 'prefer the rich, elegant surroundings'. I mean, no. Clearly not. I'm using this old a*s dining table as my desk. That we've had since our first apartment. And not this bowing table.

Katrina 1:00:51

Memories. (Singing)

Meliza Manalo 1:00:53

No. Like I said, I shop at thrift stores. Yeah,

Katrina 1:00:58

One man's junk is another man's treasure. Right?

Meliza Manalo 1:01:01

Yeah. And center of attention, Obviously not.

Leah 1:01:05

Yeah, no.

Meliza Manalo 1:01:08

I don't know.

Leah 1:01:09

Maybe if you were highly extroverted, maybe that would be you.

Bailey 1:01:16


Meliza Manalo 1:01:16

But this is what people perceive me as, right?

Bailey 1:01:19


Leah 1:01:20


Meliza Manalo 1:01:20

So, maybe it's hard because you guys already know me.

Bailey 1:01:23

The real you?

Katrina 1:01:24


Meliza Manalo 1:01:25

I would have to ask someone.

Katrina 1:01:26

I think maybe at work, people think you're an extrovert. Because they all come to you.

Meliza Manalo 1:01:30

Like hoity toity? I guess. I mean, I do drive a Lexus. (Laughter)

Leah 1:01:36

Oh, my God.

Meliza Manalo 1:01:37

But I mean, like, I don't know. If that's how people perceive me, I don't know if I like that. Because I don't like hoity toity people. And people are so like...

Leah 1:01:47

You're one of them, Mia.

Meliza Manalo 1:01:49

Oh, geez. And I don't try to be a showoff. But yeah.

Leah 1:01:55

Makes sense.

Meliza Manalo 1:01:56

So, that's why I don't really agree with this. Because I don't... I mean I don't own expensive things.

Katrina 1:02:02

I have a Lexus.

Meliza Manalo 1:02:03

I've had this same phone for years.

Katrina 1:02:05

I know. I know it's a different situation.

Meliza Manalo 1:02:07

That's a weird situation how I acquired that car. Yeah, so that's my rising.

Katrina 1:02:15

Fire, Fire, Earth.

Meliza Manalo 1:02:18

It's my outwardness and my innerness is fire. And then my whole is the earth. That sounds weird, right? Like, how can I be so like fire but then I'm cool as a cucumber.

Bailey 1:02:32

Your planet is just burnt to a crisp. (Laughter)

Meliza Manalo 1:02:39

In California.

Katrina 1:02:41

In California.

Leah 1:02:42

So, how does everyone feel about their Zodiac?

Katrina 1:02:48

Um, I feel like Aries is pretty umm...

Leah 1:02:54

I think most of yours was pretty accurate, right?

Meliza Manalo 1:02:59

I like my sun a lot. Cuz it's very much me. That's like me to a T.

Katrina 1:03:03

Right. That's your core.

Meliza Manalo 1:03:05


Katrina 1:03:05

That's why if you see like... I don't know. I follow a Zodiac thing on Instagram that I just like to read out for others, you know?

Meliza Manalo 1:03:12


Katrina 1:03:13

And I think it's pretty accurate. The core for sure. And then I think the moon is pretty accurate for the most part. Because...

Meliza Manalo 1:03:22

Yeah. My moon is pretty accurate.

Katrina 1:03:23

... that's your internal. So, that's really of how you see it, you know? As for my rising I guess we all got to work on ourselves a little bit better for everyone, you know? (Laughter)

Meliza Manalo 1:03:39

I think I was just surprised, I guess.

Bailey 1:03:42

At you results?

Meliza Manalo 1:03:44

Yeah, my results. Like obviously the sun, I agree with. But I was surprised getting the Leo. Just because Bailey and Brandon are Leos. And like, I don't...

Bailey 1:03:54

You don't identify with either one of us.

Meliza Manalo 1:03:56

Yeah. So that's why I was like, surprised.

Bailey 1:04:00

Yeah, I'm surprised by that too. It's like, overall, Leo.

Katrina 1:04:04


Meliza Manalo 1:04:05

I know. It's weird.

Katrina 1:04:07

Leo Leo.

Meliza Manalo 1:04:07

Like, I hope people don't actually perceive me as that.

Bailey 1:04:11

Hahaha. They're like, actually, that is not a compliment.

Meliza Manalo 1:04:14

You know. I'm not this.

Bailey 1:04:16

Thanks. No, I'm just playing.

Meliza Manalo 1:04:18

But maybe I should ask a co-worker or something.

Bailey 1:04:22

Yeah, ask somebody who doesn't know you super well.

Leah 1:04:24

Like, be honest.

Meliza Manalo 1:04:26

Yeah, be honest.

Bailey 1:04:27

Be honest.

Meliza Manalo 1:04:27

I want to know if my rising actually matches.

Bailey 1:04:30

What did you honestly think it could be in the percent if any?

Leah 1:04:33

Oh, my God.

Bailey 1:04:35

What about you, Leah?

Katrina 1:04:35

I did...

Bailey 1:04:36

Oh wait, Sorry. Go ahead Casey.

Katrina 1:04:37

All right go ahead. What?

Bailey 1:04:38

Why? What?

Katrina 1:04:39

Yeah, Louie. What do you think?

Leah 1:04:41

Oh, about mine?

Bailey 1:04:42


Leah 1:04:43

I think mine was mostly accurate. Now that I understand what the rising sign means.

Katrina 1:04:47


Leah 1:04:48

I think it does. Yeah, I think mine came across as pretty accurate. And it kind of went with my... what's it called? The personality thing too. The MBTI.

Meliza Manalo 1:05:04


Leah 1:05:05


Meliza Manalo 1:05:06

Your NFGJ type?

Leah 1:05:08

Yeah. So, that gives me more confidence in it. Yeah.

Meliza Manalo 1:05:16

What are these other planets? Because we only went through the three. But there's like, this whole slew of planets.

Bailey 1:05:23

I have no idea what the other planets mean. That's why I just stick to the three main ones.

Katrina 1:05:27

Yeah, for sure.

Bailey 1:05:29

Mercury. I don't know. Because there's 12 houses. And together they all make up your personality or something like that. Casey, what do you think? Do you agree with yours?

Katrina 1:05:39

Mm hmm. I think yeah. I think the Aries is pretty...

Meliza Manalo 1:05:44

Yours is pretty accurate.

Katrina 1:05:45

Yeah. Pretty accurate. Stubborn... that's why I was kind of estimate about that one. Because as a Taurus, I know Tauruses are very stubborn a.k.a. my ex. (Laughter) But I don't know. We have a lot of tauruses that are stubborn too.

Meliza Manalo 1:06:01

I don't think you're stubborn. You're pretty open minded. Like, willing to look or hear other people out. I think the most thing that I'm stubborn about is probably my anger. You know, like for myself internally, I'm very stubborn on myself and like, you know?

Leah 1:06:18

Yeah, I can see that.

Katrina 1:06:21

All right, we did it. Yayyy.

Bailey 1:06:24

Yayy. We've been talking about this for a while. So, I'm so happy that we finally just did it.

Meliza Manalo 1:06:27

I know.

Katrina 1:06:28

I know.

Leah 1:06:28

Oh my God. I have to pee so bad. Hold on one second. I'm coming back.

Meliza Manalo 1:06:33


Bailey 1:06:33


Meliza Manalo 1:06:33

You want me to leave that on?

Katrina 1:06:35

Well, I'll read a fun little Zodiac thing for January babies. It's, "Very critical yet sensitive, super witty when they want to be, young at heart and old soul, immune to stupid remarks, hardworking and patient."

Bailey 1:06:50

What is this? Is this from Instagram?

Katrina 1:06:51

Yeah. It's of the Zodiac thing.

Meliza Manalo 1:06:54

Immune to stupid remarks? Yeah. For April babies, "Tackles everything head on, won't back down easily, generous and emotional, usually follow their heart over their head, loves to enjoy life." Yeah. (Laughter)

Katrina 1:07:11

June babies, "Easily worried, powerful ability to sniff out bullshit, amazing at reading people, has a super lively presence, their mind is constantly racing." And for August babies, "Don't open up easily, can be straight up savage...

Bailey 1:07:34

Hahaha. Yeah, I agree.

Katrina 1:07:35

... highly motivated and ambitious, having a stubborn attitude, very intuitive and good at reading people.

Meliza Manalo 1:07:43

Yeah. I agree for both Brandon and Bailey. So, for the... what was it? The restrained part?

Katrina 1:07:50

For who?

Meliza Manalo 1:07:51

For the August baby?

Katrina 1:07:53

August baby? Ummm...

Meliza Manalo 1:07:55

Oh, 'Don't open up easily'. That's very much Brandon but not Bailey.

Bailey 1:07:59

I'm an open book you can literally asked me anything.

Meliza Manalo 1:08:03

I just read over the fun facts. But I'll read yours again.

Leah 1:08:07


Katrina 1:08:07

For June babies, "Easily worried...

Leah 1:08:10


Katrina 1:08:11

That one I know, right? ... powerful ability to sniff out bullshit, amazing at reading people, having a super lively presence, their mind is constantly racing.

Leah 1:08:23

For sure that one.

Meliza Manalo 1:08:24

Yeah. It's pretty accurate.

Leah 1:08:26

The last one. I might just not stop.

Katrina 1:08:29

So, I guess, you know, what would be a fun episode? Or what do you guys call these? Episodes, right?

Meliza Manalo 1:08:33

Yeah, episodes. For you and Fabian. And then... not necessarily them in it, but the compatibility.

Leah 1:08:44

I was just thinking about that.

Katrina 1:08:45

Like how you and Fabian. And then you and Brandon.

Meliza Manalo 1:08:48

I would say it probably won't go on the path.

Katrina 1:08:49

No, no, no. I know.

Meliza Manalo 1:08:50

Oh, Leah can talk about it.

Katrina 1:08:50

But I mean, it's something that you guys could look into and then like talk about it. If you guys are actually compatible.

Meliza Manalo 1:08:55

I was going to actually talk about that cuz our... Brandon and Fabian's MBTI are pretty similar. I think they're only different by one thing.

Leah 1:09:04

but the funny thing is, everything says that I should not be with Fabian.

Meliza Manalo 1:09:10

Yeah, Brandon's not part of my compatibility.

Leah 1:09:13

Yeah, like it legitimately says that you should not be with this person. And then it'll list his...

Meliza Manalo 1:09:18

Really? That's funny.

Leah 1:09:20


Katrina 1:09:20

what is he? A Pisces or an Aquarius? He's a Pisces, isn't he?

Leah 1:09:23

He's Pisces. Yeah. I know for the MBTI; it says that we don't... INTJs don't get along well with his. And I'm pretty sure with zodiacs too.

Meliza Manalo 1:09:37


Leah 1:09:38

We're not supposed to be compatible. Or at least he's not listed as someone who I would be compatible with. Very interesting.

Meliza Manalo 1:09:45

It is very interesting.

Katrina 1:09:47

Is he pretty emotional?

Leah 1:09:49

Oh, yeah.

Katrina 1:09:50

Pisces are very emotional.

Leah 1:09:52

Yeah. He likes to say he's not. He's very emotional. He's probably more emotional than I am sometimes.

Katrina 1:10:00

Cancers? Do you guys know any cancer babies? July?

Bailey 1:10:03

Yes. I do.

Meliza Manalo 1:10:04

July. Oh, yeah. Marie.

Leah 1:10:05

They're very soft. They're soft.

Bailey 1:10:08

Soft? I think cancers are very like... (making an airy sound)

Leah 1:10:11

I don't know any July's. Angela is July. Wait. First half of July or second half of July?

Katrina 1:10:17


Leah 1:10:19

Oh, Angela.

Meliza Manalo 1:10:20


Katrina 1:10:20

So, the end of June and the beginning of July.

Meliza Manalo 1:10:23

Anyways. (Laughter)

Katrina 1:10:25


Meliza Manalo 1:10:26

Thanks... for ...coming... on ... the episode.

Bailey 1:10:32

That was fun, you guys.

Katrina 1:10:32

I know. I loved it.

Bailey 1:10:32

Thanks for having me.

Leah 1:10:33

Yeah. Thank you.

Bailey 1:10:34

Thanks for continuing to invite me back. Because each time I do an episode, I'm just like, uhh. It just keeps getting worse. Damn it girl.

Meliza Manalo 1:10:44


Leah 1:10:45

You're a piece of the puzzle, Bailey.

Meliza Manalo 1:10:48

Our episodes crack me up when I edit it. Sometimes, it's hard.

Bailey 1:10:52


Meliza Manalo 1:10:52

I'll just be in here by myself. And I'm just laughing, and Brandon is just out there wondering why I'm laughing so much.

Bailey 1:10:59

Honestly, it's nice to listen to them with you, Leah. Cuz you're so far away. I'm like, oh.

Leah 1:11:04

Oh. Thank you. I know. I love it too. I love these little sessions we have.

Bailey 1:11:09

Mmuahh. (kissing sound)

Leah 1:11:10


Meliza Manalo 1:11:12

We need to figure out what our next one's going to be.

Leah 1:11:15

I know. I feel like I had an idea the other day. But that wouldn't work.

Katrina 1:11:19

Listeners. What would you guys want to hear from us?

Bailey 1:11:22

Yeah. Tell us what do you want to hear?

Katrina 1:11:23

Now you know a little bit about personalities. We're extroverts and introverts here.

Leah 1:11:28

We've got a mixture of everything here.

Katrina 1:11:29

Yeah. We have a mixture of everything.

Meliza Manalo 1:11:30

Well, you guys still need to take the 16 personalities quiz.

Katrina 1:11:35

Can you resend the link?

Leah 1:11:36

I never did my...

Meliza Manalo 1:11:37


Katrina 1:11:39

Leah 1:11:40

Yeah, you guys have to do yours.

Meliza Manalo 1:11:42


Katrina 1:11:43

Okay, that could be our next one.

Leah 1:11:44

Yeah. I didn't do my love languages.

Bailey 1:11:46

You did one episode, though.

Meliza Manalo 1:11:47


Bailey 1:11:48

You did your episode. Like the introvert extrovert one, right?

Meliza Manalo 1:11:51

Yeah, we did.

Leah 1:11:52

Do you guys want to guess my love languages?

Meliza Manalo 1:11:55


Leah 1:11:56

Cuz I don't think we did that.

Katrina 1:11:57

Oh, yeah. You weren't here with us.

Leah 1:11:57

You don't have to include this. You don't have to include this in the episode.

Meliza Manalo 1:12:00

Oh, we can include it. That's fine. What are the five again? There's gifts.

Leah 1:12:05

So funny.

Bailey 1:12:05

Gifts, acts of service, words of affirmation, physical touch and...

Leah 1:12:14


Meliza Manalo 1:12:14

Oh, quality time.

Bailey 1:12:15

Quality time.

Leah 1:12:16

Quality time. Yeah.

Bailey 1:12:18

What are you Leah?

Katrina 1:12:19

I was joking with them this morning. I was like, I know you guys don't like gifts. But I brought you goodies. (Laughter)

Leah 1:12:27

How cute.

Meliza Manalo 1:12:28

It's like the last on the list if I remember.

Bailey 1:12:30

Leah, I think yours is quality time.

Meliza Manalo 1:12:32

Yeah. I was saying quality time.

Katrina 1:12:33

Yeah. Quality time.

Meliza Manalo 1:12:34

Acts of service.

Leah 1:12:35

Well, hit the nail on the nose or the head.

Bailey 1:12:39

I think it's head. Because nails have heads not noses. (Laughter)

Leah 1:12:45

Nose sounds more right though. Yes. Quality time is my number one. Number two. Can you guess number two?

Meliza Manalo 1:12:54

I was saying acts of service.

Katrina 1:12:55

No wonder why we're so compatible.

Bailey 1:12:57

I feel like number two is physical touch.

Meliza Manalo 1:13:00

What do you think? I said acts of service. Bailey said physical touch.

Leah 1:13:04


Katrina 1:13:05

What are the other categories again?

Meliza Manalo 1:13:07

There's gifts, words of affirmation.

Bailey 1:13:09

Physical touch.

Katrina 1:13:11

I think it's acts of service.

Meliza Manalo 1:13:12

acts of service? What is it, Louie?

Leah 1:13:15

I'm actually really shocked that Bailey got that right.

Katrina 1:13:18

Physical touch?

Meliza Manalo 1:13:19

It's physical touch? Oh, really?

Leah 1:13:22

I didn't even think that physical touch would be that high on my list.

Meliza Manalo 1:13:25

Mine is very low.

Katrina 1:13:26

Yeah. Me too. I love physical touch.

Leah 1:13:27

But it's because I love things like being hugged.

Katrina 1:13:32

And being f*cking tickled on the back. God dammit.

Meliza Manalo 1:13:35

Oh, yeah. That makes sense.

Leah 1:13:37

Yeah. Or like holding hands or just like... I really like being touched by people that I want to be touched by.

Meliza Manalo 1:13:44

Oh, I forgot that.

Katrina 1:13:44


Meliza Manalo 1:13:45

Yeah. Please don't touch Leah.

Leah 1:13:46


Katrina 1:13:47

Oh my god. Leah used to make me frickin tickle her back all f*cking night.

Meliza Manalo 1:13:51

And play with your hair? Like, b*tch, I already brushed it.

Leah 1:13:55

Ahh, I love it. I love it.

Meliza Manalo 1:14:00

Like a dog. (Laughter)

Leah 1:14:03

Yeah, every time I go to a massage, they're like... if I go to someone new, they're like, "So, where do you want to be massaged?" I'm like, "I'm cool with everything. You can touch me anywhere. I don't care." (Laughter)

Meliza Manalo 1:14:11

Oh, my God. Gross. (Laughter)

Leah 1:14:14

Like I literally say, "I love everything." I do. And then number three. So, you two got close. Number three is acts of service.

Meliza Manalo 1:14:26


Leah 1:14:27

And then number four is words of affirmation. And I got 0% on receiving gifts.

Bailey 1:14:34


Meliza Manalo 1:14:35

Yeah, I think all of us. That was our last. Receiving gifts.

Katrina 1:14:38


Bailey 1:14:38

My last is words of affirmation.

Katrina 1:14:40

Oh, yeah.

Bailey 1:14:40

I love gifts.

Meliza Manalo 1:14:42

And what's your number one? Physical touch?

Katrina 1:14:44

You're the best person to give gifts though. Because like, you have the best reactions.

Meliza Manalo 1:14:46

You have the best reactions.

Leah 1:14:47

Yeah. I think that's why I'm so afraid of getting gifts.

Katrina 1:14:51

Yeah, exactly, you know. You're like, "Ummm, thank you."

Bailey 1:14:55

Just take a page out of my book, ladies. (Laughter)

Meliza Manalo 1:14:59

I don't squeal. I don't scream. I don't know how to cry.

Katrina 1:15:04

Cry. Have to cry.

Leah 1:15:04

And then I feel like I have to give.

Meliza Manalo 1:15:05

I can't deal.

Leah 1:15:05

I feel like I have to give a gift if I get a gift.

Katrina 1:15:08

Wait what?

Meliza Manalo 1:15:09

Yeah, same.

Katrina 1:15:10

What did you say? What did she say?

Meliza Manalo 1:15:11

Like, she has to gift. If she gets. We have to. Yeah.

Leah 1:15:16

And I really don't like giving gifts. Yeah. If I get, I have to give. But I feel like that's not the point of giving gifts. Like you shouldn't give a gift because you're expecting one in return. If I give a gift, that's because I truly think this is something that you'd like.

Katrina 1:15:27

Wow, though. 0%. That's crazy.

Meliza Manalo 1:15:30

But in high school, I used to give gifts after Christmas. Because I would wait until I see which friend is gonna get me a gift.

Leah 1:15:38

Which friend gave you gift.

Meliza Manalo 1:15:39

And then I give them a gift after. I'm not friends with them anymore, though.

Leah 1:15:43

That's so true. I always feel so bad whenever anyone...

Katrina 1:15:46

And Mia.

Meliza Manalo 1:15:47


Katrina 1:15:47

Right? I know. I totally agree.

Meliza Manalo 1:15:49

I met Shannon in college, though.

Bailey 1:15:51

Sorry, Shannon. You don't count.

Meliza Manalo 1:15:53


Bailey 1:15:54

Sorry, Shannon. Um, yeah. My number two is acts of service.

Meliza Manalo 1:16:00

That's my number one.

Katrina 1:16:02

Mine is quality time.

Leah 1:16:04

Yup. Me and Casey. Quality time.

Meliza Manalo 1:16:06

Makes sense.

Leah 1:16:07

I got like 33% on that.

Katrina 1:16:10

I'm just trying to remember mine. I don't think I...

Bailey 1:16:11

Dang. That's a whopping.

Leah 1:16:12

Yeah. And then 27% for physical touch. 23...

Katrina 1:16:15

You got 33% on your quality time?

Leah 1:16:18


Katrina 1:16:19

I think I got 33% on quality time.

Leah 1:16:21

Oh, really? (Laughter) Look at that. That's why we spend so much time together. We worked together. We lived together.

Katrina 1:16:29


Leah 1:16:30

We went to school together.

Meliza Manalo 1:16:32

That's true. You guys have spent a lot of time together.

Katrina 1:16:34

We do.

Bailey 1:16:34

And grew up together.

Leah 1:16:36

Yeah, we would go... like, anytime we did anything, I feel like we did it together.

Katrina 1:16:41

We are compatible.

Bailey 1:16:43

You and me. (Singing) Always together.

Leah 1:16:45

Yeah. Go ride bikes together.

Katrina 1:16:46

What are you? An air?

Leah 1:16:49

Me? Yeah.

Katrina 1:16:50

Yeah. A Gemini is an air?

Leah 1:16:52


Bailey 1:16:53

Oh, air. Just fan that fire.

Katrina 1:16:55

I know.

Bailey 1:16:56

Y'all light each other. Well, this was fun, you guys.

Katrina 1:17:01

It was really fun. It's really interesting. I love it.

Meliza Manalo 1:17:04

I know. I have just a new insight into Zodiacs. Yeah. Which is why I love reading about it. Because it's like, yeah, that is true about me, you know. But now, it's interesting to know our moon and rising and to actually understand it. Because now once you come across your actual, social media ones for your other ones, you could be like, I guess this that, you know. It makes me a little more self-aware though. Especially because I don't like my rising. So, it makes me wanna like...

Katrina 1:17:32

Exactly. That's what I said.

Leah 1:17:33


Katrina 1:17:34

Stubbornness. I'm like, you know, maybe I physically can't see it. But I am stubborn. It just depends on the person. Like out of respect. Because I feel like I'm really stubborn with my mom. And I feel really guilty right after. So, then I tried to be really nice to her.

Meliza Manalo 1:17:49

My rising is 100% my dad though. So, I feel like I probably got it from my dad. Cuz he's very show-offy.

Leah 1:17:58

Oh, yeah.

Meliza Manalo 1:17:58

That's probably where I get that. My dad's very uppity.

Katrina 1:18:00

Oh, yeah. Your dad's very flashy.

Meliza Manalo 1:18:04

So flashy. My God. That man.

Katrina 1:18:07

That's what I'm saying. I mean, your outfits look rich, but you don't have to be rich for it.

Meliza Manalo 1:18:13

That's true. Cuz we definitely were not rich.

Leah 1:18:16


Meliza Manalo 1:18:16

But my dad always...he always looked so good.

Katrina 1:18:19


Meliza Manalo 1:18:19

Oh, yeah. Always teasing.

Bailey 1:18:21

Always so clean. Hmmm. So fresh and so clean. So fresh and so clean.

Meliza Manalo 1:18:27


Katrina 1:18:28

All right, well.

Meliza Manalo 1:18:30

Thanks again for coming on. We'll do another episode.

Leah 1:18:34

Thank you, guys.

Katrina 1:18:34

Have fun with you business today.

Meliza Manalo 1:18:36

Bye, Leah. Love you.

Katrina 1:18:38

Love you.

Leah 1:18:38

Bye. Love you too. I love your faces.

Meliza Manalo 1:18:42


Katrina 1:18:44


Meliza Manalo 1:18:44

All right. Hope you guys enjoyed that episode. Go check out the website and see what your signs are. Let us know on social media. How much of it is accurate and how much is it? Thanks so much for listening. If you enjoy the show and want to stay in the know, please follow me on social media. I am on Facebook and on Instagram. You can also check out my website at All the information will be on there as well as in the show notes. Please help support the show by rating and reviewing it on Apple Podcasts. If you leave a review, I'll make sure to feature in the show. Thanks so much. And I'll talk to you guys in the next episode.

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