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S1E24 - Introverts Going Back to the Office

Episode Description:

A lot of businesses are opening back up and there’s already discussions about going back to the office. Although I’m happy to hear businesses are opening back up, the office, however, not so much. For some extroverts, they may be ecstatic for the work life to go back to how it was and for the day-to-day interactions with their colleagues. However, this can be a different story for introverts. In preparation for this episode, I went to social media to see how people felt about going back and to ask what their tips are on how to socially recharge at the office.


Some parts of the transcript may be edited for better readability, but the content remains the same. Mostly removed duplicate words, vocal filler words, and added/removed some words for clarification.


Hey, everyone! This is Meliza, and I'm the Talkative Introvert.


Happy election week, everyone. If you haven't already voted, I hope you can find the time to do that this week. You can drop it off or go in in-person. Then after this week, we can start moving on. Because I'm very much over it. If you can't tell from the tone of my voice. I'm mostly over the arguments and social media and all the nasty things people say to each other. I hope that will slow down after the election, and we can just move on. I honestly can't wait for this to be over. I don't know if it's just the era that we live in now. With social media and all these readily available media in general. And when I was younger. It makes me sound old, but I don't know. I feel like it's just more so now than it is before how toxic people are to each other. So, I'm over it. And I can't wait for this to be over. I can't wait for the election to be over. And then it will be the holidays. It will be Thanksgiving and then Christmas or whatever holiday you celebrate. And then it'll be my birthday. And hopefully we can get just a break from all this political talk. Because I think we need it.


Anyways, so today's episode is another introvert episode. I feel like I haven't done one in a while. And that's kind of how I started this podcast is talking about introverts. So, I wanted to bring it back. And bring it back to introverts a little bit. We're going to talk about introverts going back to the office. But before we go to that, I want to give a little shout out to someone on Instagram who left a little comment on one of my posts. So, shout out to 'famofthree'. I believe it's a family Instagram account. I don't know. He/she or I guess I'll just go with they. So, they left a little comment. And I don't know if you're listening, but I wanted to shout out to you. Because your comment really made my day. My podcast is very new, very small. So, I don't really get to hear from listeners. And I've gotten a couple DMs, but they don't seem like listeners. I think they're just DMing me because I'm a podcaster and a new one. And honestly, other than from friends and family. I don't really know how other people feel about the podcast and whether they like the content or not. I mean, I did mention that I'm mostly doing this podcast for myself. But it is really nice to hear about others. And others enjoying it as well. So, I just want to thank you for your comment. And I really, really appreciated it. And it really just... it made my day. So, shout out to you guys. All right, onto today's episode. As I mentioned earlier, this episode is going to be about introverts going back to the office. So, I did an episode about introverts in the workplace. So, if you haven't listened to that, please go check that out. A little backstory. So, I do work in the office. Well, before the pandemic I worked in an office. So, I work in IT. I'm an analyst. I used to be in a cubicle. And it's just your basic nine to five computer type work. So, that's what I'll be sharing today. Since that's what I know. So, I don't know how people are dealing with going back to a non-office setting, but maybe it's similar. Who knows?


Anyways, so before the pandemic, yeah, so I used to be in an office, in the office building. But then Coronavirus happened. So, on March 16th, we got a notice that everyone was going to start teleworking. So, it was kind of a weird announcement. So, on Fridays, we have a managers’ meeting. Managers and leads all meet up. And we were done with our meeting. And we're about to leave the conference room. But then our two directors came back in and told everyone to go... to sit down again. Because they had a really important announcement, which was kind of eerie at first. Cuz I was like, oh my God, what's happening? And basically, that's just when they announced that. I guess there's a... I don't know if it's the state of emergency if that's the proper term for it. But basically, they got word from their bosses. So, the people above them that everyone needs to pack up their stuff and then start working from home starting the following Monday. So that was a Friday, I think, right? March 16th was Friday? Whatever. Whatever that Friday was, that's when they announced it. We got all our stuff together. And then we basically just went home. We finished up the day and then we went home, and then started working in the following Monday. It was kind of... the vibe was weird. I think people were just processing it. It was just... I don't know, it was a weird vibe when we left work. Because everyone was still kind of processing it. I just came back from vacation. And I just heard about the Coronavirus. I didn't know that it reached America by the time I got back until I saw it on the news. And yeah, it was just like this weird. It was a weird Friday afternoon. Like no one was panicking, or anything like that. Everyone pretty much finished up the rest of their work, and then just started packing. And then that was the weird part was when everyone started packing. Because we were bringing our monitors home. We were bringing our computer and our docking station home. And we were cleaning out like making sure that there wasn't any food left. Because we didn't know how long we were going to be teleworking. Yeah, because we do... it's kind of gross, but we do have a rat problem. Unfortunately. Hopefully, no one left a bunch of food in the office. Because who knows? It's probably gone by now I'm sure. I'm sure the rats have eaten it already. But yeah. So, that was the first month we were teleworking, and we just brought home whatever we needed. And then eventually it kept extending and extending and got to the point where we got to bring home, our ergonomic equipment. We went in to just get our personal stuff that we left behind. And that was weird too. Because you're only allowed to go back to the office if you're going to go collect your personal stuff. But a manager had to be present, you have to wear a mask, you have to practice social distancing. And eventually, it just kept extending, kept extending. And people just ended up just bringing their stuff home. And then now we're extended to the rest of the year. So, I don't know what January is gonna look like. But we will see. I'm hoping we're not going to go back. Because teleworking has been working just fine. There is no end to production. We haven't had like a whole ton of hiccups. Like it's been working just fine. Honestly, teleworking has been great. And I actually did talk to other co-workers and then our department sent out a survey also just to get a feel of how everyone was feeling about teleworking. So, for me and others we're definitely more productive. I feel like we're finishing more projects, we're doing better analysis, we have better focus. And, for me at least, I'm not as burned out. Which is funny cuz I just told my manager I felt burnt out. But I'm not burned out from work necessarily, I don't think. I think I'm just burned out by what's going on in the world. That's like a different, different burnout feeling, I guess. It's not work related.


And it's been really great for me teleworking. Because it's also allowed me to do other stuff, you know, because you don't have to commute to work. So, you're saving that time. And I live in a fairly congested area. So even though, on a non-traffic day, it'll take me maybe 15 minutes to get to work. But on a regular like a rush hour day, it can take me a good 45 minutes to work. And imagine 45 minutes to work. And then 45 minutes home. That's just a wasted time that you're just spending in your car guzzling gas, you know. So, it has allowed me to do my hobbies, like I do a lot of crafting. I started up Yoga. And then after yoga, I walk Link. And now that the weather is getting a little better, I'm gonna try to walk him during lunch as well. So, he gets a little exercise too. It's like really great for me and my dog. And, you know, it's been nice because you can actually do housework too at the same time. You know, there are a load of laundry. And while you're in a meeting that can just like... or while you're doing work that's going. And then you could take a short break and switch on the laundry, you know. And it's definitely been great financially as well. Like, I get gas maybe once a month. Because I only use my car to get grocery. And you guys know, I'm an introvert. So, I'm not going out. Plus, there's a pandemic. Of course, there's nowhere to go. Everything's closed. Well, not now. Everything's kind of slowly opening up. But at the beginning, I didn't go anywhere. And so, I was only getting gas once a month, if that. And my insurance went way down. So, if you didn't do this yet, you guys should have done this like way earlier, I think you'd still do it. But I called my insurance company and said that I don't drive to work anymore. And so, I'm just home and I only use my car to go grocery, which literally is like a mile down the street or maybe two miles down the street. And so, I told my car insurance company that and they lowered my insurance way down, like way down. I only pay 180 bucks for six months. Well, mind you, I have the bare minimum that you can get in car insurance. And I also have like... my car is paid off, and it's of 2008. So, it's 12 years old. I think that's fairly old. So, if you haven't fully paid old car like me, in here in teleworking, make sure you tell your insurance company. Because then your insurance is gonna go way down. And lastly, it allowed me to do this podcast. Quite honestly, if it wasn't for the pandemic, I probably wouldn't do this. I mean, I don't know. Maybe I would have eventually. But I definitely wouldn't have the time, as much time to do it. Yeah. So, those are like all the pros. And I really love teleworking. I don't really want to go back. But there are some cons. But they're not that bad. And I think there's more cons for other co-workers that I've spoken to. And the major con really is just the vendor client communication. So, if you're in IT like me, you know, there's the vendor and the client. So, I am on the client side. And the thing that I miss, I think the most, is that if I have a simple question, like a very simple question, I can literally just walk up to someone's cubicle, and ask them. And I really miss that. Because right now, we're still setting up instant messenger between the vendor and the client. So, like, we're... I don't know, what? March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November. So, we're eight months in. And we're just now setting up this being able to IM each other. So, before it was just like, emailing each other. Either email or phone calls. But not everyone puts their phone number in their signature line. Because not everyone wants to, you know, or share their personal phone number, which I get. Because I don't put my personal number either. I put my desk number and then it forwards to my cell phone. So, I don't like sharing my personal phone number. I don't want people to have that. So, yes. That's been a little difficult. But now that we're gonna set up instant messaging, I think that'll be fine. I think we'll get better. And I don't have to worry about that so much.


But I have noticed that it does... I mean, I don't know if it's true for everybody. But I think... I feel like it has led to more meetings. Because I have a meeting every single day. Sometimes I'm in a meeting. I'm in meetings all day. And I don't know the last time I had a day without a meeting. And then we also have a new co-worker. So, it's kind of difficult to do all the training virtually. Sometimes it's nice to have them shadow you. And I have multiple screens that I'm working on too. And when you're in a meeting, you can only share one screen at a time. So, that's been a little difficult. But she seems to be doing okay. So, it's not too bad. And then some cons that I've talked to my co-workers about is that they really miss the social aspect. And they miss talking with their friends. And they miss going out to team lunches. Or with their, you know, colleague friends. And that doesn't bother me that much. But for some co-workers, it's a big deal. And I get it. I guess there are some people who live alone. And they miss people. And some people only get their social life through work. A good example is, I had this one co-worker. He's not from California, so he moved over here. And he doesn't have any family here, no friends. And so, all of his social interactions happened at work. He's a very social person. He loves talking to people, he loves the social events, he loves when we do group stuff. He loves it. So, to just cut that off, I'm sure he's really, really struggling. So, I don't work with him anymore. But I'm sure he's really, really struggling. And I'm sure it's affecting his mental health. Not being able to see his friends, not being able to socialize with anyone, not being able to see anyone on a daily basis. Especially being such a social person. I really feel for people who are dealing with that right now. But I hope, you know, it gets a little better for them. Because things are starting to open up, you know. You could go to restaurants now. You could go to the gym now. So, hopefully it's getting a little better for those people. And another thing for me is I do miss the work events. So, I'm part of the social Committee, which I know that sounds funny for an introvert to do. But I really love planning events. And I love doing all the social events stuff. And so far, we've done two virtually, and they both been trivia. Trivia themed. And we just did our Halloween one. So, we did a pumpkin carving contest and a costume contest. And then team name contest. Like, who made up the best team name. So, that's been really fun. And it was really great. And it was kind of nice to see everyone. And I don't know, it wasn't too bad. Like, I think what I miss the most is the potlucks. Because I love potlucks. I love when people make their favorite dishes, and they share it with everyone, and you get to try something new. And you get to try other cultural foods. And I think that's the only thing missing. Because other than that, the virtual events actually aren't that bad. Like, I think they're fine. I like them. I've liked them so far. It's not... It's not too bad. I mean, it does suck because we do random grouping. So, when you're in a trivia team, you don't get to pick your teammates. You kind of just randomly get placed into those. It's great, because you get to meet other people on the project that you probably would have never talked to. But then it kind of sucks, because I kind of want to talk to people who I haven't talked to in a while. So, there's pros and cons with that. But so far, it's been working.


But anyways. So, on to the actual topic. So, for my work, and I'm sure for others as well, because I did post this like on Reddit. Like, hey is your, you know, is your office opening up? And I guess some people are talking about it. And so, that. And along with that is our company. So, our department is talking about it. And our director has asked management to start discussing it with their teams about the new norms, you know, like, what is 2021 going to look like for us? Do we want to go back? Do we not want to go back? You know, is it half and half? Like how do we want to approach the office post COVID. And so, one of the options that they were thinking is the rotation schedule. So, half go in on certain days, then switch. So, I'll go in like Monday, Wednesday, Friday, then my co-worker will go Tuesday, Thursday. And then we'll switch it up every other week. I remember them bringing that up and thinking, what's the point of that? What's the point of doing rotation schedules? If I can do my work at home, why do I need to go into the office and rotate? Like, it doesn't make any sense. Like it's an inconvenience for me. Because I have to bring... I have to have two pieces of equipment, right? Like, I would have to have my equipment at home like my...I have two monitors, and then also have that at the office. Plus, I already brought home all my ergonomic equipment. So, my office right now, or not my office, but my desk is already set up for me. So, how are they gonna do that in the office? Like, are they gonna buy double the equipment? That's just not very cost effective. It doesn't make any sense. And then they're thinking, okay, well, then we'll just do hotel cubes. So, you only go in if you need to. And that leads to the same question. Why would you need to? You know, we've been teleworking this whole time. And we never needed to go in other than to just bring something home that we forgot. Like I had a blanket at work that I've wanted to bring home because it's probably super nasty and dusty. But other than that, when would you need to go into the office? I mean, we can keep the hotel cubes. But also, they have to think about also sanitizing and keeping the office clean. And so, they're saying that we can't go into the conference rooms. Even if the vaccine comes out, everyone takes the vaccine, whatever. Or you're, you know, you take your COVID test and you're clean, blah, blah, blah. You still have to sanitize the hotel cube. So, we have to sanitize every single night, if we decide to go in. We can't go into conference rooms, and the session where we are able to distance ourselves. And I was thinking, well then in that case, why even go in if you could just call in how we've been doing this whole time. Just use WebEx or MS teams or Skype, whatever you're using. So, what's the point of going in? And I feel like, say you're in a meeting and your cubicle mate is also in a meeting. But in a different meeting. Like you're just disturbing each other. Because there's two people talking at the same time and they're next to each other. It doesn't make any sense. So, I'm not for going back in. Like, maybe if you want to do like a group project, or if you want to do a team meeting and meet up once a week, and just do a stand up? Sure. Okay, fine. We can do that. But to do the rotation doesn't make any sense. Cuz there's no point. So, as we can't even use the conference rooms, and you're just disturbing each other. And then the hotel cubes are the same thing. And I know some people want to go back. And those people should be allowed to go back. If they really want to go back, like, one example is one of my managers. He has his kids at home doing their zoom meeting. Then his wife is at home, also doing teleconferencing. And so, there's four people in one household, talking and being in meetings and being, you know, in the same room working together. So, I understand that. Needing to go back to the office. But for him, he's a manager. So, he has his own office. It's not like he's in a cubicle, like he can close his door. So, he has his own personal room.


So, for managers it works out. And then I don't know. And then just for the people who just need a place, I guess, a quieter place than home? Sure. I guess it makes sense for them to go into the office. But for the rest of us, if we don't have any issues being home, and we prefer to be home, and we're more productive at home, then I think we should be allowed to just stay home. But that's just my opinion. I don't know. Anyways, so I went to social media, like I said. I'm in a couple of Facebook groups and I go on Reddit a lot. And so, I posted the question to both Reddit and Facebook about what are they doing to prep for going to work? And how do they socially recharge at work? So, I'll go through some of the advice that I got. And I'll share that with you guys. Social media is good and bad. You know, there's a lot of bad things about social media. But some of the great things about it is that you can pose a question, and people love to answer them. I got... my phone is going off for another question I asked that will be in a later episode. So, the first one I noted was, "If your work allows it, do an off shift." What I mean is either do an early shift or do a late shift. In some... some places will let you do that. So, for me, for example, when I was in the office, I did a seven to four with an hour lunch. In my experience, the early shifts tend to be a little better. Because the early shifts, they're quiet. Not everyone wants to wake up early. Not everyone can do an early shift. I feel like most introvert... I feel like most of the people who do an early shift are introverts also. Because we don't ever talk to each other. And it's nice because even when I bump into a co-worker, like say in the break room, we tend to also whisper or speak softly in the morning. So, there's no loud talkers in the morning. So, when I did the seven to four shifts, I have an extra hour or two hours of quiet before everyone started trickling in. So, that's nice. So, if your work allows it, try to do an early shift. So, you can get that morning quiet time before the hustle and bustle. And then you can also do a late shift. So, if you're not able to do an early shift, you can do a late shift. However, that one's not as nice I feel like. Because people do tend to work overtime. People do start later because they have to do drop off their kids at school or something. There's something that prevents them from going to work earlier. And, you know, people like to sleep in too, or people stay late. Like I know, some people who stay late. Because they talk too much and didn't complete their work during work hours. So, they have to stay late. And so, you do end up with those people. But if you can stay a little later, then you get that little quiet time after work hours. So, if everyone typically goes home at five, and you go home at six or seven, you get that extra hour, two hours quiet, assuming that people aren't working overtime. Or the people who do stay late aren't going to talk to you. So, I have noticed that early shifts are honestly the best. Because you truly do get that quiet two hours in the morning. And it's really nice. And you get to leave earlier than everybody.


So that's great. And you skip traffic. So, I loved the morning shift because like I said earlier, I live in a very congested place. But if I can leave early enough, like at 06:30, 06:45, I can get to work in 15 minutes. It's so nice. However, after... here in Sacramento, after like 03:30, it's rush hour already. It sucks. So, I save time in the morning bit I don't necessarily save time in the afternoon. But anyways, yeah. So, if you can try to do an off shift, those are honestly the best. Then the other advice I got was, 'Eat lunch alone'. So, this one I... this is what most of the people wrote is that they eat their lunches alone. And I just want to tell you that it is okay to eat at a restaurant by yourself. I actually do that a lot. I love eating at a restaurant by myself. Sometimes when my husband is working on the weekends, I'll just go and eat breakfast by myself in a restaurant. And I'll bring all my... I'll bring my journal or bring my laptop. I just bought a new laptop. So, I'm doing that now. I have a laptop and so I'm handwriting it. Because it is getting a little difficult writing in my journal, and then putting it all on the document. But anyways, that a... whatever, tangent. Sorry. But I love eating at the restaurant by myself. And there's nothing weird about it. And it's totally cool to do it. It's totally okay. And it's totally fine. So, I highly suggest, especially to introverts to eat lunch alone. It's a great time, especially if you're like me and you have an hour break. Or even just like half an hour. Just to be alone and take a break from all the people at work. And from the meetings and all that. And I know sometimes people also bring their work laptop to the restaurant to do some work. Just to get away from the office and get away from everyone and refocus, and then they could eat at the same time. And then as long as you don't need internet, or you could even use the hotspot on your phone. And then it still counts towards your hours depending if you're hourly or salary. So, you're still working. And you're also being more productive. So, I highly suggest eating lunch alone. I used to do all the time when I was in the office. It's really nice. It's awesome, honestly. Because then I feel so rejuvenated by the time I get back to the office. But for people who bring their lunch to work and don't eat at the restaurant, try to find just a good place to eat your lunch by yourself. Like in a quiet place, maybe outside. Like my work, I know there's tables outside, or there's a break room. And you can just eat your lunch at off time. It's kind of the same concept as like doing an off shift. But maybe eating earlier or later. Like since I was in early shift, I ate my lunch earlier. I did 11:00 to 12:00 instead of a 12:00 to 01:00 that people usually do. Or even later, a 01:00 to 02:00. Or you know, what have you. Then that way, you know you have less traffic in the break room and then you can go eat lunch there. Or I have noticed a co-worker do this once. But he used to eat his lunch in his car and then he would listen to a podcast or music. And he purposely parked really far away. So, everyone you know, tends to park closer to the office. So, it's a shorter walk. But he purposely parks farthest away so that he can go in eat his lunch in his car. And I was like man, that is genius. Because I usually just park as close as possible to the office. It's a short walk. But that gives him a little quiet time as he walks his car, and then eats his lunch and does whatever he wants to do in his car. And honestly, the only reason why I noticed this was because I was on a walk. And I was like, why is he parked so far away? And then that's when I realized that he eats his lunch in his car. And that's pretty smart, too. I've never done it. But if I ever had to, I'll know to park far away. Another advice I got was, 'Take breaks alone. Get up and leave the office and go for a walk.' So, you know how people always suggest to get up every hour, to take a break from looking at your computer and just stretch. Well, maybe just go on a quick five-minute walk around the office by yourself.


And then another advice I got was, 'Block out focus timing in your schedule.' So, this is really important, both teleworking and when you're in the office, honestly, because people will snatch up that time if they see that you're free. So, setting up focus time. So, setting up your calendar, like your Outlook calendar to block out time, so people can't reserve a meeting with you during that time. That way, that is your time. That is your time to focus. That is your time to do your work and not be in a meeting, collaborating with people. It's really just your alone time to do what you need to do to get work done. Now when I feel like it is really important. This next advice is something that I do regularly. But I always have headphones on. So, if your work allows it, most definitely bring headphones to work. So, use it during your focus time. Use it while you're on break, while you're walking, while you're working, while in lunch. Because then, you know, people tend to not bother you when you have headphones on too. Like, it's pretty nice. My mistake, though, is that I bought these wireless earbuds, which I absolutely love. But people don't know that you have headphones on when you have the earbuds. And so, I think if we ever go back to the office, I'm probably gonna buy some over the head headphones so people know, I have headphones on. Because really, people do not bother you as much I've noticed. Because I did end up making a sign. So, I made a desk sign so that when I have my headphones on, I have... I put my sign up. And I'll say, 'Headphones are on please tap on my shoulder' or something like that. Because sometimes people will start talking to me but don't realize. Because I have my headphones on. And then they'll go like, "Meliza, are you listening?" And they'll tap on my shoulder and then they'll freak me out. Because I didn't know they were even there to begin with. And then I have to expand like, "Oh, sorry, I had my headphones on, what did you say?" So, yeah. I highly suggest maybe getting over the head headphones if you are going back to the office. Alright, this isn't the last advice that I got.


And it's the last one because I also feel like it is the most important one. And that is to speak up for yourself. Because you are your biggest advocate. And I know that this may be hard for some shy people, or for some anxious people. And I get that. But you shouldn't be scared to tell people you need time alone. So, it's okay to say no to lunches. It's okay to say no to group outings. And there's always a nice way to say everything. Because if you don't speak up for yourself, then you're gonna get burned out, you're gonna feel obligated to do these things. And then you're gonna get socially drained, and then you're not gonna be able to focus, you're not gonna be able to do your work properly. And then by the time you get home, you're just gonna be so exhausted that you can't do anything else. So, make sure you speak up for yourself, when you need the time to be alone to do your work. Because you're at work to do work. But yeah, there's always a nice way to say something. Like if someone invites you to go have lunch with them, just thank them, you know. Say, "Thanks for the invite. But I just have a lot of work to do that needs to get done today." You know, let people know if you need to make a deadline. Or even just let people know. Be honest. Like, "I'm really exhausted from all these meetings. And I need some time to collect my thoughts", or "I need some time to refocus." You know, you can always tell them, you know, "Rain check I'll catch you guys in the next one, the next outing." And you can also just talk to your manager about it. You know if you have a nice and understanding manager. I'm very fortunate to have a nice and understanding manager. Just explain that you are an introvert. Explain that you do your best work in silence. Or you do your best work alone. Or explain that too much collaboration isn't always beneficial, it doesn't always help. Sometimes you need to just step away, recollect your thoughts, and recollect what you guys discussed during the meetings so that you can be better prepared to execute the job. So, there's always nice ways to say things. You know, like, there's always nice ways to explain to people why you need alone time, why you need to recharge, why you need to take this break alone, or why you need to, you know, do a rain check, and not go to lunch with everybody today. It's totally okay to tell people that you're tired, that you're exhausted, that you need this time for yourself. So, that is the most important advice is to speak up for yourself. And I hope that you do, and I hope that you can practice that. And I hope that when you guys go back into the office, some of this advice I got from social media, can be helpful for you. And helpful to get you through the rest of your day. So yeah, that is all I got from Reddit and Facebook. I'm sure I probably got more since the recording of this episode. As much as I hate social media, sometimes it is nice to be part of these groups, especially the introvert groups. And there's so many of them. There's so many Facebook introvert groups. And people tend to be pretty nice on there. You know, they tend to give good advice, and they tend to be pretty... what's the word? Not so toxic. Not like a political group. So, if you have questions, I highly suggest posting something on the Facebook group page, or even on the subreddit. There's an introvert subreddit, there's a subreddit for every MBTI personality as well. Like, I am part of the INTJ subreddit. So, those are good too. People are pretty quick to comment and give you advice. And sometimes they are really great advice. Anyways, guys, I hope you enjoyed this episode. I hope you found something useful from this episode. I am not excited to go back to the office. As I'm sure maybe most of you are either. Best of luck for when that ever happens. And best of luck also to it hopefully never happening. Hopefully, your company will decide that teleworking really is the best thing for everyone. Or at least give you the options. I hope they at least gave you options. And if you have some advice, please let me know on social media. I am on Instagram and Facebook.


I also started to do transcripts. So... oops. So, if you go on my website, in the blog/transcripts section, I am starting to do transcripts of all my episodes. I feel kind of dumb for not doing this earlier. Because we're already on, this is 24? I think this is 24. And so, now I'm going back and doing the transcripts for all 24 episodes. So, I will try as fast as possible to get those out. Because the great thing about the website as well is that you can also comment on there too. So, if you want to comment on previous episodes, please feel free to do it. Like if you don't want to go back to an Instagram post and comment on something, the website is there. The transcripts are there, and they have the... the title is the same as the episode title and I put the episode number and everything. So, if you want to make a comment, please go check out the website and leave a comment. Let me know if you like episode if you don't like the episode. Sometimes I asked questions within the episode. Feel free to answer those in the comments. I would love to hear from you guys. Please go check that out. All right.


Thanks so much for listening. If you enjoy the show and want to stay in the know, please follow me on social media. Like I said earlier I am on Facebook, on Instagram. Check out the website at All information will be on the website as well as in the show notes. Please help support the show by rating and reviewing it on Apple Podcasts. If you leave a review, I'll make sure to feature in the show. Thanks so much, guys. And I'll talk to you in the next episode.

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