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S1E18 - Finding My Podcast Voice

Episode Description:

I got a solo one for you guys. I know I’ve been having guests on a lot lately, so I needed to put in a solo one in there. In this episode, I talk about my podcast voice and basically think out loud about what I want my voice to be and what the future of this podcast would look like. It’s really a rambling episode, so if you like those types of episodes, then this is the one for you. Enjoy!


Some parts of the transcript may be edited for better readability, but the content remains the same. Mostly removed duplicate words, vocal filler words, and added/removed some words for clarification.


Hey, everyone! This is Meliza, and I'm the Talkative Introvert.


In today's episode it's just gonna be me. No guests today, no family members, no friends. Just good Ol' Meliza. So, I haven't done this in a while. I have been doing a lot of interviews if you guys haven't noticed. And, honestly, they've been a lot of fun. And I've mentioned this before, but I love that everyone loves that I'm doing this and want to be a part of it. Like, it's so awesome that my friends want to come on to the show, and family wants to come on to the show. So honestly, if other family members and friends out there, if you guys want to go on to the show, just let me know. And we can pretty much talk about whatever you want to talk about. Can be any subject. Just, you know, nothing controversial. I want to keep this pretty, pretty positive. We already have too much negativity out there in the world. So, let's make this a good and positive episode. But yeah, reach out to me, if you guys want to be a part of it. I definitely want to eventually branch out to other podcasters. And get them onto the show. I have been listening to a lot of other introvert type podcasts. And they're really interesting. However, I have no clue how that works.


So, I was following this podcast tips and tricks, kind of Instagram page. And had a post about when you have a guest on, and it's like, make sure you got your contracts right. And make sure that you're all-in agreement on the contract and blah, blah, blah. And I was thinking there's a contract? You're supposed to have a contract. I mean, my podcast is pretty small. So, I can't offer them money. If people go onto my podcast, they gotta do it just because they want to do it. There's no money involved. I'm not making any money. In fact, I spend money for this podcast. So sorry. So, I probably won't have other people on. Because I have no clue what that means to do a contract with them. Or to sign a contract or write a contract. Like I don't want to go down that road. So anyways, it'll just be friends and family for now, which is fine. Like I love doing those. And there are a lot of fun. And I see that you guys like it too. Because based on my stats, you guys really do like those and you guys really like the ones that have like an interesting topic, I guess. Not the rambling ones so much, which is pretty much this episode. So hopefully you guys like this one. But if you don't, I got a ton of other episodes. Yes, go check those out.


Anyway, so today's episode, it's mostly going to be about understanding my podcast voice. So, not like my literal voice. But what I want to do with this podcast. And so, one of the first things I did when I started this podcast was watch a bunch of YouTube videos. And a lot of it is, like they talk about your podcast, sorry, podcast voice. And I guess when you start a podcast, the first thing you need to do is figure out what your voice is. So, what that means is like, what's your podcast platform going to be about? So, for example, if you guys listen to the lore podcast, you know, it's a lot of like, well lore, you know? Short stories of, you know, old lore. I don't know, whatever you want to call it. And there's some people who record their D and D sessions, and there are some people who talk about 'The Bachelor' or 'The Office' or, you know, everyone has like this specific theme. And for me, I didn't know what my podcast voice was going to be. But I just kind of wanted to start the podcast. And I guess because I came up with the name of 'The Talkative Introvert', and I highly resonate with being an introvert. I kind of started with that. With talking about being an introvert. And the misconceptions. I still cannot say that word. The misconceptions and all that good stuff. But as much as I love being an introvert and I love the introvert memes. And learning the different types and learning about all this different stuff that I've been learning, it's not all I want to talk about.


And so, I was trying to think. You know, there's plenty of podcasts too that it's solely about being an introvert. And that's great. And the content is really good. And it's interesting and all that. But like I said, in my 'Why am I starting this podcast?' episode, you know, this platform is really for me to just vocally think out my thoughts. And I don't only think about being an introvert, obviously. So, like, as you guys noticed, I branch out a little bit. We talked about our different love languages. If you haven't heard that episode, that's the one I did with my two girlfriends. And that was a really fun one. And I love that one. And it is a really interesting topic too. So, I definitely want to do more. I definitely want to branch out too. I'll still do some introvert stuff here and there, of course, but I do want to venture out and do other subjects, like topics. And honestly, that's kind of one of my favorite types of podcasts. Because so I mentioned Chatty Broads a lot. In Chatty Broads, they talk about 'The Bachelor'. However, I don't watch 'The Bachelor'. It's not like my... I tried to just because I felt like I was missing out on those other episodes that they had, but I just can't get into it. So, my favorite episodes are the ones they do about just random topics. And talking to all kinds of different people and their different professions and all that. And just different stories. And those are like my absolute favorite episodes. And then, I don't know if you guys know what the Triforce podcast is. But theirs doesn't really have a specific topic. They kind of just talk about whatever they want to talk about. It's basically just three guys who are good friends, and they just go on different tangents and talk about random stuff. And those are the best. I love those. I think those are so much more interesting to listen to.


And then I also listen to 'Ear biscuits'. And theirs is really interesting too. Because they don't have a specific topic really. It's really just kind of talking about them and their story. And they have a different topic basically for every episode. So, I feel like that's kind of where my podcast is heading towards. It's just, yeah, I'll do the introvert stuff, but I also want to do other stuff. Like, I have some episodes planned with my friends to talk about our zodiac sign, to talk about our Myers Briggs, which can be related to you know, oops (phone vibrating) introverts and stuff like that. I forgot to put my phone on silent. My bad. And I want to talk about like, I love all the personality stuff, right? So, I've never done an enneagram. I think that'd be a really interesting one too. And, I don't know, whatever I can think about, I guess at the time. I did mention, I think in my intro, about type A and type B personalities. And not everyone knows what that means or what that is. So, I think these are just, you know, some topics, about personalities. And those are really interesting, too. And overall, I think my podcast voice is just talking about interesting topics. And then straying away from controversial stuff too. I don't want to be a news outlet, I guess, if you will. Or like a journalist. Alright, so, I don't really want to get into the politics and the different stuff that we're going through right now. Because there's a lot of that already, you know? Like there's so much of that already. And I'm not a professional or anything. Like I've said before. So, I don't want to send out any misinformation or, you know, start, I don't know. I want to make it; I want this podcast to be fun and lighthearted and just about topics that are interesting. And so yeah. So, that's kind of what my podcast is going to be about, I think going forward. So really this episode, I think is just like a little status update. I don't like have a specific subject today. I just haven't done a solo one in a really long time. And I just wanted to do one.


And I also wanted to just thank you guys. Thank you, guys, so much for listening and for sharing. I know a lot of my family and friends are sharing the podcast. So, thank you, guys so much for doing that. Like my download counts are going up. And it's really interesting to see this. So, I've mentioned this before, that I am hosted on Buzzsprout. And so, Buzzsprout gives you all the stats, you know. And so as of today's date, today is the 18th of September. And as of today, I have, let's see. 662 downloads, which is a lot. I didn't think I would ever get this far. I mean, again, it's not like. you know, those really popular podcasts. Because popular podcasts, I think, get like 10,000 downloads per episode. Or something crazy like that. And so, I am definitely not there. I think my average is like 30 to 40 downloads per episode. And I have been trying to see which ones people tend to click on. So, according to Buzzsprout, here, let me sort by most popular. So, of course, the intro. I think that's just the one people... I feel like I need to redo my intro, to be honest. It's so short. I don't know, let me know if I should redo my intro. Like it's so short and doesn't really tell you anything about the podcasts. But again, like I was saying earlier, I don't really have a specific topic. Yes, I'm going to talk about inter introversion, but I'm pretty much just gonna talk about whatever. So, I think the best intro would just to look through season one and see the different topics I talked about. But anyways, my most popular episode, other than the intro is the 'Introvert dating' episode. So, looks like you guys really love subjects about introvert dating. So, Mia, my friend is the one that did that one with me. That's like, I think that was my first guest episode actually. So, yeah. I don't know where she's at with the whole dating or if she wants to do a part two to that. Or maybe I can invite another friend, another single introvert friend and see.


I mean, I don't know if anyone's dating right now during this pandemic. I mean, I'm pretty sure everyone's over it. Because I definitely see a lot more people out there, out and about and eating at restaurants. So, I'm sure people are still dating. But yeah, that's like my most popular episode. And then, 'Learning how to small talk'. So, those are my top two. It'll be interesting to see like later down the road, what is my absolute, most popular episode. Just because like, I'm still, you know, spinning out episodes. So, a lot of the other ones haven't had enough airtime I guess, to really see how many downloads they would potentially get. But it is interesting that the dating one specifically. Like everyone likes the dating one. I like that episode too. That was the fun episode. But I definitely want to get Mia back on. I guess this turned into my podcast journey segment too. Because I guess if you guys haven't noticed, I kind of stopped doing the podcast journey segment just because my interviews ended up being super long. I guess when I talked to other people, we just... I mean, I talked to my friends and family. So, of course it's gonna be people I love talking to regardless and so those episodes end up being over an hour long. So, I didn't want to approach or elongate it too much and just skip the whole podcast journey. But I'm kind of already doing that right now. So, thanks. Thanks for listening to me ramble about my podcast journey. But yeah, my podcast downloads are going up. Oh, and then just to like clarify because I did have a friend ask what does it mean to download it? Because he doesn't actually download anything, and no one really downloads anything. So basically, if you listen to an episode, that counts as a download. So, listen is basically a download.


So anytime you listen to me on Apple or Google or Spotify or Stitcher, whatever you use, that counts as a download. And so, Buzzsprout collects those from all the different platforms and then puts them onto the website. And since we are on the subject of my podcast journey, I... Well, I posted this a while ago, but I do now have over 100 followers on Instagram. And I believe I mentioned that before in a previous episode. I don't remember. Honestly, I keep forgetting what I say on different podcasts, or different episodes. Because I'm not constantly listening to myself, you know. But I guess the coolest part, or the most amazing part of over 100 followers on Instagram, that I'm actually getting new followers are actual people. So, on Instagram, a lot of my followers are other podcasters. And a lot of introvert type pages and stuff like that. So, I noticed that I actually have real people who aren't linked to the podcast community, or the introvert community. Or I mean, I guess they could be linked to the Introvert community. But basically, like media community. Just like, you know, your average Joe person. And I was like, ah! Those types of followers are awesome. Because I know a lot of the other ones that are part of the podcast community. They're just following so that they can get another follow. So, having like actual people, like real listeners, follow me, that's amazing. So, thank you, guys so much for following. And I hope you hear this. Little shout out to you guys. But thank you. I won't say who's who. Just in case you don't want your names out there. But on that topic, if you do like this podcast and you enjoy it, and you like the episodes and all that good stuff, please consider rating my podcast on Apple Podcasts. And I believe Stitcher maybe? I don't know. I know on Google you can't rate and review. On Spotify, you can't. But a lot of the ratings are on Apple Podcasts. So, please give me a rating and you know, ranking. And I can or I'll even shout you out on the future episode, you know? I'll read some reviews in the future. So, please go and do that. It would be really helpful and really great for the podcast to kind of get me out there and get more listeners. Because like I mentioned before, this is a hobby of mine. So, it's not my full-time job or anything like that. I don't make money from this. So, I am not putting money into ads or anything like that. It's all word of mouth. And it's all through like social media and hashtags, and just trying to think of creative titles that people would be interested in. So, please go rate review and share it with your friends, family, whoever you think would be interested. And I will definitely shout you guys out. And when I get new revealed, I'll read in the future episode. Yeah.


So well, what else is happening on my podcast? There is one sad news. It's not that sad, but Target declined to my affiliate program application. Which, I mean, I don't have a lot of listeners. And I feel like maybe I should just take the ads out. I don't think... I mean, it doesn't impact me either way, whether I have them or not, but it does. I don't know. It does, you know, take a pause in the episode and I know people hate commercials and all that. So, I feel like I'm gonna probably pause on all the ads for now. I mean, I only have the two. But I think I'll just take a pause on that. Just because I don't have a lot of followers and a lot of listeners. And I don't I haven't seen anything from it. You know, like a couple people clicked on it, sure. But it's not enough to actually make an impact or make a difference. So, I will probably take a pause on that until I get more followers and it's like worth it, you know? Because there is this thing. I think they're called like 'Podcorn' or 'Pod'. I don't remember but you can actually apply for sponsorship, which is like more ideal than the affiliate ones, right? But there's a minimum you have to meet. And so, I'm not quite there. So, that's totally fine. I don't, like I said, this is a hobby. If I make money, I make money. But until I have enough listeners, I'm not gonna bother with signing up for affiliate programs, and probably adding the ads. I mean, I'll keep them in my previous episodes. So, it's still there. If you guys are still interested in getting hosted on Buzzsprout, or want to use Instacart, you're more than welcome to look at previous episodes. Those links will still work, and they'll still be active. So, I still get something if you do click on those. But going forward, I will probably put a pause on that until, you know, I become big enough where it actually matters, and I can actually get enough clicks. Because honestly, like Buzzsprout, Instacart, no offense, but I don't know, if this podcast has a lot of listeners who want to become podcasters themselves. Or, you know, Instacart only works if it's like your, I think, your first time And Instacart has been around for a while. Especially with this pandemic and people wanting to, you know, not go to the grocery store. So that's fine, though. So, no big deal.


Um, but other than that, I think it's been really great doing this podcast. It has been really fun. It has been like a great outlet. I've learned to like my voice. I don't love it. I don't know if I'll ever love my voice. But I've definitely become more used to it. I don't mind listening to it. It doesn't make me cringe anymore. When I listen to create soundbite. So, that's great, you know. So, I listen to my voice a lot. Because I do hear it also when I'm doing this podcast right now. Like, I can't hear myself talking through my headphones. So, I'm used to it now. It's cool. It's fine. It's not as bad as I think it is. But yeah, so future episodes, maybe about introverts, may not be about introverts, maybe about zodiacs, and Enneagrams and whatnot. But if you guys have any suggestions or any fun topics, please let me know. Please DM me or comment or write a comment on my Instagram page or Facebook or you can email me literally like I have it all. Social media, email, whatever. Whatever, you know, whatever you like. Because I'd love to hear from you guys. I don't have a very interactive audience. But I'm always open for feedback. So, I guess long story short, my podcast voice is gonna be pretty much whatever I want to talk about. And I hope you guys like that. I hope you guys do like my future episodes; I will be taking a break though. I am going to do these in seasons, I'm going to take a Thanksgiving break, and a Christmas and New Year's break. And end the season at the end of this year. And start again in January.


So, but if you guys want to know when I'll be skipping and when I will be like on a break, I will always post it on social media. So always be on Instagram. I did notice that my posts don't always make it over to Facebook. I'm not really sure why or what's the deal with that. I need to go google that and figure that out. I guess when I have... So, there's those posts that I have, which is a picture and the soundbite. So, when I have those double like a video and a picture, it doesn't go to Facebook. But I know I can because I do it on my personal account. So, I don't know why for specifically 'The Talkative Introvert podcast' Instagram page, why it doesn't want to link to Facebook. It only links to Facebook if it's a single picture or something like that. So, I apologize if you guys are more on Facebook. But Instagram really is where I do most of my social media. I honestly rarely use Facebook, even my personal Facebook. It's just kind of... I don't know. It's not as interesting or it's like... Honestly, I think the reason why I'm not on Facebook now mostly is because it's like all politics. Like all politics, people are angry and mad and people unfriending each other. Because they can't seem to agree to do disagree in a polite manner. So, it's a little chaotic over on Facebook. And Instagram, yeah, people have their stories and still talk about politics, but for the most part, it's not that bad. So, I think that's why I'm straying away from Facebook. People get so angry on there. And people are so quick to comment, you know? So, I'm not on there that much. So, sorry if you are missing out on some Instagram posts. It's just, they're not linking for some reason. So, please go follow my Instagram page. If you want to be in the know for future episodes, it's @thetalkativeintrovertpodcast. So, I will also put that in the description along with all my other links. So, please feel free to follow me on social media.


I unfortunately, don't have a whole lot of posts. And I think that kind of hurts me a little bit, I guess? I don't know. Because I think that's why I'm not so... I don't have a whole lot of interactive followers. It's just because I'm not a big social media person. I rarely post on my personal account. And on my personal account, it's mostly my dog. And lately, my niece, my brother's daughter. So that's it, really. I don't really put anything else in there. Like, I rarely post a selfie. And I don't take selfies, too. I am trying to actually. Not like take more selfies necessarily but take more pictures with my friends. And I want to take more pictures with my husband. Because we're not like selfie people. And we don't tend to like being in pictures or taking pictures. Like it's just, I don't know. I like being the one to take the picture. I am usually the one that takes pictures during our vacations. So, a lot of our vacation pictures actually is just of my husband and my dog. I'm not in a lot of them. I'm in some. Because I'm the one that's always taking the picture. But I was looking at old pictures and there's a subreddit. I forgot what it was. But it's like, basically comparing old pictures to new pictures. And sometimes they have friends and family pictures. And they retake them like 10 years or 20 years or whatever later. And it kind of clicked that I wouldn't really have that you know. I'm kind of missing that. Because I don't take so many selfies. I'll have a bunch of my husband and my dog. And you know, I can compare him like 30 years from now, but not a lot of me and me with my friends. And so, I'm trying to. If I can remember, I'm trying to take more pictures, but I don't know. It's not part of my regular thing that like the first thing I think about when I see my friends is like, "Oh, let's take a picture." Like, it's never my thing. So, it's like something I have to remember. Because it's more for memories. It's not like, you know, I'm not trying to be vain or anything. It's solely for memories. It doesn't matter whether it posts or not. I just kind of want the picture itself so.


And I know my cousin is really big on that she does it. Casey. Always takes pictures and I used to hate it. (Link barking) Oh. Did you guys hear Link? I used to hate it but now I'm just like, I should take more. Not for social media sake but just to have a memory of it. That was a tangent. But anyways, I'm gonna keep this one a little short. Shorter than the other ones, shorter than my interviews just because it's a solo one. This is a ranting-status-update-on-my-podcast kind of episode. And I hope you still liked it. But I do have future ones planed. I have one planned with my sister-in-law. We're going to talk about our Myers Briggs personality test results. Because we were shocked but not shocked. And it like just explains so many things. So, I can't wait to do that one. I have that one scheduled with her soon. And I hope you guys enjoy that one. So, stay tuned. New episodes every Monday again. If I have, I will have a break on Thanksgiving and Christmas and New Year. So, I will let you guys know in advance when that happens. And yeah. So, please go follow me on Instagram, Facebook, go check out my website. I have like a couple of blogs there. I haven't been keeping up with that. I don't think anyone reads them anyways. So, it's just for me. But if you're interested, go check those out. I might just do some fun, I don't know. 'Ask me 20 questions' type blog or I don't know. Some fun ones. But yeah, go check those out. And let me know what you think about the episode. Please go rate and review on Apple podcasts. And I hope you guys have a great day and a great rest of your week and I will talk to you in the next episode.

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