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S1E17 - Traveling Introvert w/ Shannon Ebler (Part 2)

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

Episode Description:

In this episode, I am joined by my good friend Shannon Ebler. She is another one of my closest introvert friends and we talk about her adventures outside the country and her experience living on the east coast. Shannon being a social and anxious introvert, I was curious about her adventures and how she prepares for traveling. I haven’t traveled much, so I love hearing her stories. Let me know your traveling stories. Are there places you have on your bucket list? Do you have any plans in the future? Let me know on social media.


Some parts of the transcript may be edited for better readability, but the content remains the same. Mostly removed duplicate words, vocal filler words, and added/removed some words for clarification.


Continuation from Part 1...

Meliza Manalo 57:16

You know what I mean?

Shannon 57:17

Yeah. Well, I feel like they're, I want to say there must be a difference in taste just because of what we would put into Gelato making it here?

Meliza Manalo 57:25

Yeah, with the ingredients and stuff.

Shannon 57:26

Yeah. So, I feel like yes. But I also... That would be fun. Let's go travel and just taste test all the Gelato. (Laughter)

Meliza Manalo 57:38

Taste the different ice cream.

Shannon 57:40

Uh huh. Yeah.

Meliza Manalo 57:43


Shannon 57:43

God, I'm hungry. Okay,

Meliza Manalo 57:44

I know.

Shannon 57:46

Anyways, but yeah, yeah. So, Rome was nice. So, you know again, with people with friends, close friends.

Meliza Manalo 57:54

Mm hmm. So, you're never like in a huge group?

Shannon 57:58


Meliza Manalo 57:59

Only small groups.

Shannon 58:00

Yes. So yeah, Barcelona was just me and Sarah. And that was mostly just because Markie's Spring Break started a week after ours. So, her first week was Rome.

Meliza Manalo 58:13

Oh, got that.

Shannon 58:13

So, it was like us three Rome and then she spent her second week. I think it was just back with us in Leeds.

Meliza Manalo 58:20


Shannon 58:21

If I'm remembering right.

Meliza Manalo 58:22

So, she didn't go to the same school you guys did?

Shannon 58:24

No. Her school was in London. It wasn't city center. It was outside a little bit.

Meliza Manalo 58:33


Shannon 58:35

I think it was Middlesex is where she went? Ooh. I want to say Middlesex because there's like three schools in England for our program to study abroad.

Meliza Manalo 58:50

Mm hmm.

Shannon 58:51

Because there was like Oxford Brookes. Not Oxford, Oxford Brookes.

Meliza Manalo 58:56

Not the prestigious one.

Shannon 58:58

Yeah. (Laughter) I don't think Sac state has ties with Oxford.

Meliza Manalo 59:05

The cheaper like state one. Not the UC but the, you know, the CSU.

Shannon 59:12

Yeah. So funny. But yeah, so I think Middlesex is where she went. And Oxford Brooks was another one. That was London area at least and then Leeds. And Leeds just for to know where it is, so it's more Northern England, and kind of like center-ish of UK.

Meliza Manalo 59:40

So why did you pick Leeds over the other ones?

Shannon 59:43

Why did I pick Leeds over the other ones? That's a good question. I think I did pick it because it was kind of Central to the UK in general. Just for like traveling sake.

Meliza Manalo 59:57

Mm hmm. You could like go visit the other places.

Shannon 1:00:00

That everything is gonna... Yeah. From Leeds, everything would be about the same distance.

Meliza Manalo 1:00:05

Got it. Okay.

Shannon 1:00:07


Meliza Manalo 1:00:10

I was so sad when you left.

Shannon 1:00:11

There must have been at least one reason. Awww.

Meliza Manalo 1:00:13

That was a lonely semester. (Laughter) I was like, man, I have to make new friends. I was just like... because a lot of... I don't think it was just you out of my friends that left that year, too. I feel like there's other people. I can't remember. There's just something specific about that year, like everyone...

Shannon 1:00:35

Was doing something?

Meliza Manalo 1:00:36

Yeah. Or I think some people just left Sac state too. Like, in general.

Shannon 1:00:42

In general.

Meliza Manalo 1:00:43


Shannon 1:00:43


Meliza Manalo 1:00:44

You know, I don't really make friends. They come to me. I don't go to them.

Shannon 1:00:50

Yes. (Laughter) It's actually, you know, thinking about that because that's so true. Like, you know, I let people come to me like, I'm not the approacher. So, it's like, how did Sarah and I become friends? If we're both like....

Meliza Manalo 1:01:07

Yeah, I know, that's why I kind of wonder. I was just talking to my sister-in-law yesterday. And we were trying to figure out like, I was trying to figure out how I became friends with you. Because we shared a class together. Like we both... I don't remember if one of us approached each other, or we just made eye contact. And we're like, "Hey, you went to the same high school as I did", you know?

Shannon 1:01:32

Right. And then it just took off from there.

Meliza Manalo 1:01:34


Shannon 1:01:34

That's actually... Yeah. How? Cuz I remember because it was freshman seminar.

Meliza Manalo 1:01:39


Shannon 1:01:40

And I remember. I don't know if it was actual day one or just early on, but you were wearing the BV like the class sweatshirt.

Meliza Manalo 1:01:51

Was I Really?

Shannon 1:01:52


Meliza Manalo 1:01:53

How cringy. I'm gonna sport my high school sweatshirt. Cuz it's like, their 50th birthday or whatever.

Shannon 1:02:02

Yeah, like anniversary or whatever.

Meliza Manalo 1:02:04


Shannon 1:02:04

Yeah. But I don't know. I mean, I feel like that. I probably noticed that first. And then looked at you and was like, Oh, she's, you know, well, obviously, we're in the BV sweatshirt. So, you went to BV. Or? I mean, I guess, no. Technically, you wouldn't have to. And then, you know, I probably looked at your face.

Meliza Manalo 1:02:28


Shannon 1:02:29

And recognized you.

Meliza Manalo 1:02:30

And only made eye contact. But we didn't say 'hi' to each other. I just remember we made eye contact and smiled.

Shannon 1:02:38

I think that too. Okay, like we didn't talk right then. It wasn't like I walked into class and saw you wearing a sweatshirt and went right up to you. That did not happen.

Meliza Manalo 1:02:46

Yeah. I do remember you were wearing green. It was like...

Shannon 1:02:50


Meliza Manalo 1:02:51

A lime green tank top something.

Shannon 1:02:54

Lime green tank top.

Meliza Manalo 1:02:54

I don't know if it's... Not lime green. Like a green apple.

Shannon 1:02:57

Okay, I was gonna say I don't know if I would wear lime green. That wouldn't look good.

Meliza Manalo 1:03:01

Yeah, not lime green. Sorry.

Shannon 1:03:03

Agreeing yes.

Meliza Manalo 1:03:04

No, no offence, you're little too white for that.

Shannon 1:03:07

No, no, that's what I'm saying. Like, I couldn't pull off lime green. My greens have to be a little darker like olive green.

Meliza Manalo 1:03:13

Yeah. (Laughter) That's funny that we remember what we wore.

Shannon 1:03:20

Yeah. I know what each other wore. Aww, that's so cute. You know what? I'm thinking about it more and I'm wondering because Amy Lane...

Meliza Manalo 1:03:29


Shannon 1:03:30

...Was in our class too. And I feel like...

Meliza Manalo 1:03:32

Oh, yeah, she was my friend.

Shannon 1:03:33

I feel like she could have known or was talking to both of us. And then maybe one of us was like, "Oh, yeah, I think we went to high school together."

Meliza Manalo 1:03:44

Okay. Oh, yeah. I remember.

Shannon 1:03:45

I feel like she could have been part of our link.

Meliza Manalo 1:03:48

Yeah, she was a link because she was my friend first. Because I think we did like a partner thing. You know how, you know, you do partner stuff. I think, we were friends first.

Shannon 1:03:58

Yeah. I think you're right. Because then...and then I must've... because I remember learning that Amy lived in the same dorm as me.

Meliza Manalo 1:04:07

Yes. Yeah.

Shannon 1:04:09


Meliza Manalo 1:04:10

And then I would go to her dorm all the time.

Shannon 1:04:12


Meliza Manalo 1:04:13

And then we became friends that way.

Shannon 1:04:16

Because it's so funny.

Meliza Manalo 1:04:18

Because she's an extrovert for sure. She is just always the one that initiates conversations. And she's like the one that gets people together. And she was just like this little ray of sunshine. And I think she's the one that brought us together. So, we didn't even interact with each other. She brought us together. So funny. Okay, I remember now. I totally forgot about Amy. Oh, she was such a cutie.

Shannon 1:04:47

Awww. I think she's still in Texas.

Meliza Manalo 1:04:49

I think so.

Shannon 1:04:50

I think she's living in Texas. Living her best life.

Meliza Manalo 1:04:53

Yeah. I know cuz I remember she bought a house there. And I was like, What? I'm still at Chipotle. How did you buy a house?

Shannon 1:05:01

(Laughter) Right?

Meliza Manalo 1:05:04

Yeah. Like dang.

Shannon 1:05:06

But I know she is...

Meliza Manalo 1:05:06

Cuz Texas is pretty cheap.

Shannon 1:05:08

Yeah. Oh, did you guys meet because were you both doing photography?

Meliza Manalo 1:05:13

That's how we... I wasn't doing photography but that's how we became friends. Because I was really into photography.

Shannon 1:05:23

Cuz you were into it and she was majoring t.

Meliza Manalo 1:05:24

She was majoring it. Yeah. And then she was the photographer at a concert that I went to.

Shannon 1:05:32


Meliza Manalo 1:05:32

Yeah, I was so jealous because as a photographer, you get to be in front of everyone. So, there's the crowd, and then they have that little fence. Then there's a little area for the photographers. And then the stage.

Shannon 1:05:44

For press.

Meliza Manalo 1:05:45

Yeah. And so, she was on the press line, I guess, or whatever you want to call it. And then I remember seeing her I was like, "Amy! Amy!" (Laughter)

Shannon 1:05:58

Awww. That's so funny.

Meliza Manalo 1:05:59

I was like, "Oh my God, that's my favorite band. How did you get there?" I was so jealous. I was like, how did she get to do that? But that's because she's a photographer.

Shannon 1:06:08

She shot a lot of shows.

Meliza Manalo 1:06:10

Mm hmm. She even shot some bands. I think she shot a band from our high school too. I forgot which band.

Shannon 1:06:19

Yeah, no, no, no. Yes. Yes. Because maybe I saw it via Facebook or something.

Meliza Manalo 1:06:26


Shannon 1:06:26

But she was Facebook friends with...

Meliza Manalo 1:06:30

Was it the Templetons?

Shannon 1:06:32

Yes, I think so. Jamie Templeton and Alex.

Meliza Manalo 1:06:37


Shannon 1:06:38

Yeah. And I was like, "Wait, you know them?" And I was like... (Laughing)

Meliza Manalo 1:06:41

And I was like, "Whaat?" Yeah. Like how do you know these dumbos? Just kidding. (Laughter) But really, I was like, what? But I guess they were doing a photo shoot.

Shannon 1:06:53


Meliza Manalo 1:06:53

Was a damn photo shoot for them. Which is interesting. Like, I wonder. I don't think they got very far though. I don't hear them anywhere.

Shannon 1:07:02

I don't know. I don't know what their band name was. I don't know.

Meliza Manalo 1:07:10

Oh, we just... It's Green Light District. Because we watched, for some reason, we were watching BVTV. Oh, because they were interviewing. And they still are on YouTube. BVTV. I think they're called something else or someone bought them, or I don't know, whatever. However, it worked. And they still do interviews for people. And we were like, wait, this is still like a thing? They still interview bands. But they still kept all the YouTube videos from when they first started when we were in high school.

Shannon 1:07:48


Meliza Manalo 1:07:48

And we were like, "Oh my God." What's his name? Evan? Evan something.

Shannon 1:07:56


Meliza Manalo 1:07:58


Shannon 1:07:58

That's the only Evan I can think of right now.

Meliza Manalo 1:07:59

Yeah. So, he was the host at the time.

Shannon 1:08:03

Okay. Is that right?

Meliza Manalo 1:08:04

So, all his videos are in there. I think so. I think this is him.

Shannon 1:08:08


Meliza Manalo 1:08:09

All his videos are still on there on YouTube. I'm like, dang, these are relics. (Laughter)

Shannon 1:08:19

Aww, that's cute. But crazy. Okay, that little tangent. That was fun.

Meliza Manalo 1:08:27

Down the memory lane. Oh, man. I wonder how many, I don't think, well, I'm not friends with a lot of people from high school. So, I doubt they'll listen to this. Maybe they will. I don't know.

Shannon 1:08:39

Maybe. Who knows?

Meliza Manalo 1:08:40

Hey, if you're listening, you know.

Shannon 1:08:44


Meliza Manalo 1:08:44

Hi, DM me.

Shannon 1:08:48

Slide into my DM.

Meliza Manalo 1:08:51

If you want to get on the podcast, you know. Let's talk.

Shannon 1:08:55

Yeah. Let's talk. You're so funny. (Laughter) I mean, who knows? Maybe I'll share this on my social media.

Meliza Manalo 1:09:06

Yeah. You should.

Shannon 1:09:08

Like, I did a thing.

Meliza Manalo 1:09:09

Yeah, I went on a podcast, I think I'm at 50 listeners.

Shannon 1:09:16

Awww. Hi everyone.

Meliza Manalo 1:09:18

Yeah, so it's like, there's 50 people listening to me! A lot of it I'm sure are friends and family. But there's other strangers.

Shannon 1:09:27

But still. You don't know 50 people.

Meliza Manalo 1:09:30

Yeah, I don't. (Laughter) I mean, other than family, but I don't think they're all listening.

Shannon 1:09:38

They're not all listening. So, it's some other people too.

Meliza Manalo 1:09:41

Yeah, I have few listeners outside the country too. Like a couple of them. Which is interesting.

Shannon 1:09:49

Hello! Hello outside listeners.

Meliza Manalo 1:09:51

I know.

Shannon 1:09:51

That's exciting.

Meliza Manalo 1:09:51

Hello Non-Americans.

Shannon 1:09:52


Meliza Manalo 1:09:52

We're not all bad. (Laughter) You know, there's always that stigma about Americans for some reason. Hold on, Link is barking.

Shannon 1:10:05


Meliza Manalo 1:10:06

Link. Okay, I guess he is stopping. I don't know.

Shannon 1:10:12

At least for now.

Meliza Manalo 1:10:13

Yeah. Okay.

Shannon 1:10:15

Okay. We're gearing back towards what we were talking about.

Meliza Manalo 1:10:18

Yeah. So after... Let's see. So, after you studied abroad, where is that, like, when you... When did you go to Boston? Did you travel between then in Boston?

Shannon 1:10:31

I don't think so. Oh, I do just want to... before we leave studying abroad.

Meliza Manalo 1:10:37

Before we leave England.

Shannon 1:10:38

Yeah, we're leaving England. Because I did do, and I think I texted you this too. But I did do two solo trips when I was in England. And they were just both weekend trips. But I had to do them by myself.

Meliza Manalo 1:10:57

Ooh. That gives me anxiety.

Shannon 1:11:04


Meliza Manalo 1:11:05

I mean, at least they know the language. So that's a plus.

Shannon 1:11:08

Right. And they were, what the first? I think they were just weekends, like bac- to-back weekends, too, is how it ended up being scheduled and everything. But so, I went to Edinburgh. So, Scotland. And then the next weekend I went to Cardiff, Wales.

Meliza Manalo 1:11:28


Shannon 1:11:29


Meliza Manalo 1:11:30

That's where Link is from. Well, not him personally.

Shannon 1:11:34

But, like his breed.

Meliza Manalo 1:11:35

But his breed. (Laughter) No, Link is from Sacramento.

Shannon 1:11:39

Sacramento! (Laughter)

Meliza Manalo 1:11:43

He's American.

Shannon 1:11:45

Awww. But yeah, so I did those two trips.

Meliza Manalo 1:11:52

How was that?

Shannon 1:11:54

They were good. So, it was kind of like, when I was talking earlier, when I did that little conference thing of like, 'I'm here. Like, I need to do this.' And it's funny. I guess kind of funny, but also kind of way of like, I was supposed to go with people? For both of these trips. And then it just didn't, you know, work out and pan out.

Meliza Manalo 1:12:19

Pan out. Mm hmm.

Shannon 1:12:20

And so, it was just me being like, I need to still go, right. I can't not go just cuz no one can come with me. When am I gonna be able to do it again? You know, who knows? Like, I haven't been able to go back to England yet. So...

Meliza Manalo 1:12:36

Yeah, good point.

Shannon 1:12:38

You know, it's been years since this. So, it's like, yeah, I need to do this. So, I did it.

Meliza Manalo 1:12:46


Shannon 1:12:48

I'm here to tell the tales. They're not exciting tales. Right? But I mean, I had a good time. It was weird, though. Because it was probably the most I haven't talked to people in a long time. And it was just, you know, it was a weekend. So, I think there was like, you know, three days, three-ish days. It was just like; I didn't talk to people.

Meliza Manalo 1:13:22

Interesting. So, it was just like...

Shannon 1:13:23

Like I talked to the people I had to talk to you. But I wasn't like socializing and talking to people. Really.

Meliza Manalo 1:13:29

Yeah. That sounds kind of nice, actually.

Shannon 1:13:31

Yeah. Like it was kind of weird too. And I don't know if other introverts kind of feel this way too, but feeling like, should I be talking to people? Do other people notice I'm not talking to them? And they think I'm weird? You know, like, do I need?

Meliza Manalo 1:13:51

Oh, yeah. That's your anxious introvert talking.

Shannon 1:13:52

Yes, it is. So, it's like, do I need to talk to them? And it's like, well, no. No, I don't. I really don't. Because I don't need these people to be on my little trip.

Meliza Manalo 1:14:08

Yeah, exactly.

Shannon 1:14:09

Like, they're not why I'm there.

Meliza Manalo 1:14:11

Yeah. Well, there's this slight obligation for some reason. To socialize.

Shannon 1:14:18

Yes. Well, that's like, okay a mini tangent of like... I think maybe I messaged you a little bit about this, too. But the best example I can think of is car rides.

Meliza Manalo 1:14:29


Shannon 1:14:30

So, being in the car, I am perfectly fine with silence. And not talking in the car. I like to have the radio on. Because then it's not as weird, I guess. But some people, you know, need to fill the void. And when I'm with my friends, you know, it's like, we'll have conversations. It's fine or whatever. But sometimes, if there's a lull, I don't feel like I need to feel that lull.

Meliza Manalo 1:14:57

Yeah, like it's not a big deal.

Shannon 1:14:59

Yeah. But sometimes in my head, I'm like, do I need to fill this void? Like are they fine? And then I'm like, why am I trying to cater to this other person? Or you know what I mean?

Meliza Manalo 1:15:15


Shannon 1:15:16

Like, why do I feel like I need to do that? Like, I'm fine in the silence. It should be fine. But I'm worried about like, is it weird?

Meliza Manalo 1:15:25

Yeah. No, I totally get that. Cuz I'm totally fine with silence too. Like, it's not a big deal to me. But I feel like it's a big deal to other people. Like, I need to entertain them.

Shannon 1:15:38

Yes. And it's like, but why is it on me? Why am I so worried about it?

Meliza Manalo 1:15:43


Shannon 1:15:43

Like you shouldn't have to be.

Meliza Manalo 1:15:44

Cuz if they want it, then they should talk.

Shannon 1:15:47

And they should be the one. Like, I don't have anything to say if you have something to say like, okay, great. But yeah, I'm so worried. It's like, oh, we're not talking. Do they think it's weird? Are they like, oh, no one's talking? But...

Meliza Manalo 1:16:01

I know, sometimes.

Shannon 1:16:02

Yeah. So, that was kind of, you know, in Edinburgh too. It's like, do I need to? It's like, well, no, I don't need to. If I'm fine not talking to people, that's how it is.

Meliza Manalo 1:16:13

Yeah, exactly. Because were you like in a tour bus or something? Or just in public transport?

Shannon 1:16:19

So, it was public transport up there. Just a coach of us. Fancier bus, up there. And so, you know, got up there, made my way. I stayed in hostels, both in Edinburgh and in Cardiff. And it's like, I don't... like there weren't... Like, people were out and about. Like when I... I remember Edinburgh too. When I got to my room, you know, no one was there. So, it wasn't like, "Oh, hello, I'm also staying in this room." Or, you know?

Meliza Manalo 1:16:54

Mm hmm.

Shannon 1:16:55

So, it's just people are, you know, out doing their thing. And I think that's also kind of a culture of hostels if people are doing their own things. And I guess maybe if I were there, like a longer time, probably the two nights or whatever, then maybe you're seeing these people more, and then you might want to say something. But I don't know. You know, both of these trips were short. But yeah. And then, so these trips, also, both of them, I had planned, you know, this is what I'm doing. This day, this day, this day. I have these activities that I'm doing to stay busy. And I think that, at least for me, that helps me too.

Meliza Manalo 1:17:39


Shannon 1:17:40

And like I said before, I mean, I'm a planner. I have at least a general idea what I'm doing. And you know, I have these plans, I could do whatever I wanted to. Which is also a nice thing of solo or even just a smaller group. You can do whatever you want. Right? You don't really have to stick to a schedule really.

Meliza Manalo 1:18:02

I love it. Yeah.

Shannon 1:18:03

It's give and take of it. But yeah, Edinburgh, I mean, England, UK in general, too. But just the drive up, it's just so pretty there. It's so green. And I remember little lambs and sheep on the hill.

Meliza Manalo 1:18:22

Awww. That sounds nice.

Shannon 1:18:23

Right? It was just so pretty. Like, the best way I can describe it is it was green. Because they get, you know, rain.

Meliza Manalo 1:18:29

Yeah. Unlike here.

Shannon 1:18:31

It's wet over there. Yeah. But so, it's just really pretty.

Meliza Manalo 1:18:37

That sounds like a very peaceful and relaxing trip.

Shannon 1:18:40

Yeah, it was. Because I think... Was it the first thing I had planned? I don't know. I can't remember. Whatever, it doesn't matter. But I did like a city bus tour. Right? So, it must have actually, it must have been one of the first things I did. So, I think I did this bus tour. And it's one of those ones that I think it is technically like a hop on hop off, but I stayed on the whole time just to get the lay of the land. You know, like, see everything. So, did that. And you know, it has like an audio thing to it. So, listening to all of that. So, did that, saw some sights of the city. So, at the last, you know, the end or the last drop off point or whatever, so got off there. And you're like in the city center. And it's, oh, let me do some googling because it's like... (Typing)... Prince... Princess... Monument... Scott monument? Okay. It's Princes. Not princess but Princes Street. And so, I don't remember what the Scott monument is exactly. Like who it is or why it's there? But it's like this big park, right? So, it's this big, long park in the middle of the city. And just flowers and grass and people lounging out, enjoying the weather.

Meliza Manalo 1:20:14

Oh, that sounds good.

Shannon 1:20:15

And so, I just like, I walked through that because at the end of it or whatever is the castle, Edinburgh Castle.

Meliza Manalo 1:20:23

Mm hmm.

Shannon 1:20:24

And so, you know, walk through that. And then I went to the castle and I had myself a little castle tour.

Meliza Manalo 1:20:31

That sounds nice.

Shannon 1:20:33

Yeah, it was. It was really nice. I can't remember too much. But because it's up, you know, on a big cliff. I don't know if you know what...

Meliza Manalo 1:20:45


Shannon 1:20:46 looks like. But when I was down in the park area, so it is up on a hill.

Meliza Manalo 1:20:53

Mm hmm.

Shannon 1:20:53

From the park view. So, you know, it's up. Protected.

Meliza Manalo 1:20:59


Shannon 1:21:00

Good vantage point for a castle, right?

Meliza Manalo 1:21:02

Yeah, exactly.

Shannon 1:21:05

But so, it's just, it was very pretty and good. When you get up their too good views of the city.

Meliza Manalo 1:21:12

Mm hmm.

Shannon 1:21:13


Meliza Manalo 1:21:15

That's nice. I've always, I've told this too. But I live vicariously through you. Because you've done so. Just even the study abroad. Like, I was never in a position that I could do that financially. So, it's really cool. Like, I'm seeing your pictures and when you came back home, and we were talking about it and all the stuff. I'm just like, I was like, oh my God. It's like a fairy tale.

Shannon 1:21:43

Yeah, I'm definitely lucky enough to have done the traveling and everything.

Meliza Manalo 1:21:51

And then, like...

Shannon 1:21:52

Not everyone can do that.

Meliza Manalo 1:21:54


Shannon 1:21:55

And I've not traveled a whole lot. So, I'm an avid traveler.

Meliza Manalo 1:22:00

Yeah. It kind of all started from then though. Cuz after that, then you moved across the country for school. Like Shannon's leaving me again.

Shannon 1:22:12

I know, right? I left you again. And that time for longer, too.

Meliza Manalo 1:22:18

Yeah. Cuz I was...

Shannon 1:22:18

I mean, at least like, it was two years.

Meliza Manalo 1:22:21

Yeah. Two years. But you came home for the break?

Shannon 1:22:24

Yes. Yeah. I came home for breaks. So, I was home for the winter break and for summers. Oh, it was like a couple months at a time. It wasn't like a solid two-year engagement.

Meliza Manalo 1:22:36

Yeah. So, I still got to see you. When you came back.

Shannon 1:22:40

Yes. For like your birthday. And then I'd leave.

Meliza Manalo 1:22:44

Yeah, exactly. Happy Birthday. Bye b*tch. (Laughter)

Shannon 1:22:53


Meliza Manalo 1:22:55

I was not shocked. But I was like, man, I don't know if I could do it. People do it all the time where they just up and leave and go somewhere completely different. But I don't know if I can do that. Like I've moved a lot in my lifetime, but they're always not that far away from each other. Like it's all been in California.

Shannon 1:23:18

Yeah. (Luna growling)

Meliza Manalo 1:23:21


Shannon 1:23:22

Yeah, I know. That was Luna. She's actually sitting on my lap right now. So, you can probably hear her a little better. I don't know what they're reacting to. Kenzie, are you okay? She's like laying down just kind of like, uhh, uhh.

Meliza Manalo 1:23:40

Listeners are probably like, Wait, how many? Because you said Lexi earlier.

Shannon 1:23:44

I know.

Meliza Manalo 1:23:45

Then Luna. Now Kenzie.

Shannon 1:23:48

So, I have three dogs that are in my room with me right now. And they're all being well behaved for the most part.

Meliza Manalo 1:23:55

You only have one cat, right?

Shannon 1:23:58

I have one cat. The house has two cats.

Meliza Manalo 1:24:02

Oh, Okay. Right.

Shannon 1:24:06

Yes, we are a full house. But my sister has a cat and two dogs. And then I have a cat and a dog. And then I guess Kenzie and Luna are like, you know, I don't know if the family ones my "mom's" quote unquote. I don't know?

Meliza Manalo 1:24:28

Yeah. Wait, so...

Shannon 1:24:30

So, they're everyone's. But Lexi is mine. And Sophie is mine.

Meliza Manalo 1:24:33

Okay. I was gonna say, oh, wait what?

Shannon 1:24:37

Yeah. Well, it's weird because we're all here together. That's peculiar right now.

Meliza Manalo 1:24:41

Yeah. So additional to Lexi, Luna and Kenzie, your sister also has other dogs?

Shannon 1:24:49


Meliza Manalo 1:24:50

Oh my God.

Shannon 1:24:52

I know.

Meliza Manalo 1:24:52

So, there's five dogs.

Shannon 1:24:54

Yes. And so, it's like, yeah, we have anywhere between three to five dogs at our house. Just because, I mean, they've been here for a while, but they do also stay with my sister's fiancé. So, yeah. Right now, they've been here for a while, but they do also stay with him. Because he is quarantined with his family.

Meliza Manalo 1:25:21

Oh, I see. Okay.

Shannon 1:25:23


Meliza Manalo 1:25:24

Yeah. So that she's just there because she can't go to school right now, Right? Because they're all... Yeah. All the school is in the lock down...

Shannon 1:25:32

Yeah, the school is online. Yeah. So, she's staying here. So, the dogs kind of come. Their two dogs come between the house.

Meliza Manalo 1:25:39


Shannon 1:25:40

But we have the bigger yard and stuff like that. So, it's nice for them sometimes to go out and stretch their legs. Yeah, so it's busy. We have a lot going on.

Meliza Manalo 1:25:55

Yeah. That's a lot of dogs.

Shannon 1:25:56

It is. It's a lot of dogs. They're all really cute, and they all have their quirks though, too. So...

Meliza Manalo 1:26:04

Yeah, I'm sure.

Shannon 1:26:05

Yeah. Yep. Okay, but dog tangent. (Laughter)

Meliza Manalo 1:26:10

Yeah. That's okay. It's not an episode without tangent.

Shannon 1:26:17


Meliza Manalo 1:26:17

Changing direction.

Shannon 1:26:18

We've had our cup of tangents. But yeah. Okay. So yeah...

Meliza Manalo 1:26:24

So, Boston...

Shannon 1:26:24

Did Scotland, did Cardiff. And those are like the same, you know, solo trips. I challenged myself. That's what, you know, stepped out of my comfort zone. I still went. It was fine. And I had a good time. But...

Meliza Manalo 1:26:43

That's the most important part.

Shannon 1:26:45

Yes. But yeah. And then, so I went to Boston in summer of 2015.

Meliza Manalo 1:26:57

Oh, so it was right after? Oh, no. I graduated after everybody.

Shannon 1:27:03


Meliza Manalo 1:27:03

I forgot. I was that one. I was the solo one.

Shannon 1:27:07

Because I was studying abroad in spring of 2013.

Meliza Manalo 1:27:11

Mm hmm.

Shannon 1:27:12

And then I had three more semesters when I came back. Because I graduated winter of 2014.

Meliza Manalo 1:27:18


Shannon 1:27:19

So, then Boston fall of 2015. So, I had that spring semester off, I guess, you know. Yeah. I graduated in the middle.

Meliza Manalo 1:27:32

I always forget about that. Because I am... All my friends graduated. And I graduated fall of 2015. Which sucks. Because we're all in the humanitarian majors, you know?

Shannon 1:27:49


Meliza Manalo 1:27:51

Wait. What did I say? Humanitarian.

Shannon 1:27:52


Meliza Manalo 1:27:53

Humanities major. And so, if I did graduate on time, like I was planning to, we could have at least graduated the same day. Like, together. I was like, Man, I'm all alone. (Laughter) I mean, I did walk with some of my classmates, though. So, I wasn't completely alone. But they weren't like my OG college friends. You know, cuz they all graduated before I did. It's fine. I still got my degree. It's all good. Yeah. That was five years ago.

Shannon 1:28:33

Oh, funny. But yeah. So, Boston, Summer of 2015. Or it was like August. So, it was like this time. Well, like a couple days ago, this time, five years ago. Oh, Gosh. Oh, that's so crazy.

Meliza Manalo 1:28:51

I know. So long ago.

Shannon 1:28:53


Meliza Manalo 1:28:54

So why did you choose Boston?

Shannon 1:28:56

So, I chose Boston, because, I think, I've been there before. And that's like the short version. Right? I had been there before. I think I was there for like, a week-ish. Summer... Just after freshman year of high school.

Meliza Manalo 1:29:23


Shannon 1:29:25

And so that was just a little trip. And I just really liked it. I just really liked Boston. So, when it came to applying for grad schools, Boston was somewhere I looked at. Because I was like, you know, it's two years. It's a good chance to try somewhere else, right? And how, you know, might as well go to the other coast?

Meliza Manalo 1:29:54

Yeah. I know.

Shannon 1:29:56

Try out the East Coast. See how see how that is, huh?

Meliza Manalo 1:30:01

So which coast is better?

Shannon 1:30:04

Ummm. (Laughter) Okay. I prefer the West Coast.

Meliza Manalo 1:30:09


Shannon 1:30:13

And like, I feel honestly a lot of that has to do, well, it has to do just with the people, right? Like, most of the people, most of my family is out over here, at least West Coast. And I have family in the southwest, right? So close-ish. Most of my friends are here. Another part of that. It's silly, but it was the weather.

Meliza Manalo 1:30:41

Yeah, I feel like that would be a deal breaker for me.

Shannon 1:30:45

Like, living. And I guess I lived in the snow in Leeds too. Because it did snow there. When we were there. We went in January and stuff. But Boston, it was really like, living snow is tough. (Laughter) Dealing with living in the snow. And my roommates, and I had it, you know, pretty easy in the sense that we didn't have cars. So, we didn't have to shovel out cars. Our landlord shoveled the sidewalks and everything. So, we didn't have to do snow maintenance. But beyond the first day of snow, where it's like, "Oh, it's pretty and fresh and pretty." Day two is like, "It's slushy and dirty and dangerous." (Laughter)

Meliza Manalo 1:31:49

That's Funny.

Shannon 1:31:51

Yeah. And it's like, I don't mind the cold.

Meliza Manalo 1:31:56

Yeah, I love the cold.

Shannon 1:31:56

I actually love the cold. But I think, I don't know, maybe I need to try out the North West Coast.

Meliza Manalo 1:32:07


Shannon 1:32:08

Because like, maybe more rainy and overcasty than snow, is more of my speed.

Meliza Manalo 1:32:13

Yeah. Like Washington, Oregon.

Shannon 1:32:15


Meliza Manalo 1:32:15

Yeah. I love Oregon.

Shannon 1:32:18

But just like, yeah, I don't know. Snow is pretty. It'd be fun, you know, visiting, going to the snow. But living in the snow? Man, that was...

Meliza Manalo 1:32:26


Shannon 1:32:27

That was a different experience. Yeah. Just like snowstorms and everything. And like, I don't think... because there was that I think it was the year before or maybe two years before I went to Boston. But there was a big storm on the East Coast.

Meliza Manalo 1:32:48

Oh, yeah.

Shannon 1:32:49

That knocked out power and a bunch of cities and people were snowed into their house. Because it was like eye and stuff like that. I can't remember what the storm was called. But so, we didn't have anything of that. Like, we would get... we never lost our power or anything. We didn't get super bad snowstorms or anything like that. So that was, you know, good. Nice for us. But yeah, snowman.

Meliza Manalo 1:33:17

Yeah, I've heard horror stories about the snow. Because I love the snow too, but I've never lived in it. But when my dad, when he came to America, they went to New York. So, my dad's a New Yorker, you know. And he said he hated it. He said, he'll never live in the snow ever again. And he's still like, he had all his snow gears still. He had like boots, or like knee high and his trench coats and all this stuff. And he said, it's the absolute worst to have a car there. Because he had to, you know, shovel all the time. And it's to the point, when we were younger, he hardly ever took us to the snow. (Laughter) PTSD from living in New York or something?

Shannon 1:34:06

Yeah, luckily, I don't have that. I would still enjoy going to the snow for, you know, the day or whatever. And then the other weather is the humidity.

Meliza Manalo 1:34:18

Oh my God.

Shannon 1:34:18

I know I've talked about this before.

Meliza Manalo 1:34:20


Shannon 1:34:20

But like, Oh my God. I hate humidity so much. And like, I get it right? If you live there and you live in humidity, you adjust to it.

Meliza Manalo 1:34:31

Yeah, acclimated to it. Yeah.

Shannon 1:34:34

But I didn't you know. So, it's like being in Boston, you know, got there in the summer and sure they get like 80s maybe. 90s or whatever. But it's f*cking humid. So, you're just like walking around drenched in sweat. Or I am. You know I am. I'm there in my tank top and shorts just sweating and everyone else is in their business attire, you know? Their long pants and their sleeves and they're fine. And I'm like, you're fucking crazy. How are you all not dying? But that's because they live there. Whatever. But I'm not a fan of humidity.

Meliza Manalo 1:35:14

Yeah. No, thank you.

Shannon 1:35:15

I like our dry heat out here.

Meliza Manalo 1:35:18

Mm hmm. Like I can stand it better here.

Shannon 1:35:21

Yeah. I just hate the sticky, the wetness you feel.

Meliza Manalo 1:35:29

Yeah. You're constantly showering in your own sweat and like, I don't know. Ughh, I hate it.

Shannon 1:35:34

It's just like, it's Ughh. Yeah. (Laughter) And it seems like yeah, it's just funny. It's just like, no man. The weather, man. Like, give me my 100 degrees and no humidity. It's better than all the humidity.

Meliza Manalo 1:35:50

Yeah. Seriously. Because I was in Miami earlier this year. I was like, how can anyone live here? Why do people move here?

Shannon 1:36:00

Why do people come here?

Meliza Manalo 1:36:02

It's beautiful. Don't get me wrong. It's very beautiful. But man, I just felt so sticky and gross. And like, ughh I did not like it. I was like, I am ready to go home.

Shannon 1:36:19

Yeah. And that's it. Yep. And that's why when, you know, come time for my programs ending and everything. It's like, I didn't want to look for jobs there. I knew I wanted to come back here.

Meliza Manalo 1:36:35

Yeah. You're coming home. Like nothing's Boston. (Laughter)

Shannon 1:36:40


Meliza Manalo 1:36:42

That's funny. And then after grad school, you, and your family? Your mom, right? Went to different places?

Shannon 1:36:53

We went to one place?

Meliza Manalo 1:36:55

Oh, just kidding.

Shannon 1:36:57

I mean, so we went to one country.

Meliza Manalo 1:36:59

Oh, yeah. Okay.

Shannon 1:37:00

But we went to different places. So, it was unofficial. Because I was graduating my master's program. My sister was graduating undergrad. I don't know if we were, you know, quote unquote, "celebrating" anything else. But so, we did this little girl's family girls’ trip. So, it was me, my sister, my mom, and my grandma.

Meliza Manalo 1:37:31


Shannon 1:37:32

And we went to Switzerland.

Meliza Manalo 1:37:35

Oh, right. Yeah.

Shannon 1:37:36

Yes. So, we went to Switzerland, because like I said earlier, I am Swiss. And that's for my mother's side. So, my mom and grandma are Swiss. And so, we went there, I mean, because of that. Because of heritage, and we still have distant, you know, family who lives there. So that was the reason why. That's the first reason, so a little family vaycay to...

Meliza Manalo 1:38:09

To the homeland.

Shannon 1:38:11

to the Homeland. Yes. And it was a really great trip.

Meliza Manalo 1:38:18

The pictures are beautiful.

Shannon 1:38:20


Meliza Manalo 1:38:22

Oh, my goodness.

Shannon 1:38:22

I miss it a lot.

Meliza Manalo 1:38:24

Because you just shared not too long ago. Your looking back pictures?

Shannon 1:38:29


Meliza Manalo 1:38:31

So beautiful.

Shannon 1:38:32

Yeah. Oh, I did do that this. Because this was quarantine time. So, time doesn't mean anything. But that was recent-ish. Because it was, what? It was very end of May, early June. That's when it was. Because that's when we went. Because that was three years ago. Yeah. So, we're sharing pictures from that. So that, you know, okay, so again, it was a small trip, right? So, it's just like the four of us. My mom and I were the ones who planned it really.

Meliza Manalo 1:39:09

Mm hmm.

Shannon 1:39:10

So, we had to plan out. Okay, we were gonna be there for... I think we were there for 15-16 days. So, just over two weeks.

Meliza Manalo 1:39:21

Yeah. Not super long.

Shannon 1:39:23

Yeah, not super long. But it's like, you know, how much time can you take? So, it's like we wanted at least the two weeks. Just because I think also everything we wanted to do. And if we only stayed on like, two thirds of the country. And I'll say that just because we were in the German part and the French part. So, there's also an Italian part of Switzerland. Because it is bordered by all of those countries. So, they have different parts. And so, they say speak French, German, Italian in Switzerland.

Meliza Manalo 1:40:03

Wow, interesting.

Shannon 1:40:05

Like all of those languages are like, I don't know if they're all official. They might be.

Meliza Manalo 1:40:10

So, is there a Swiss language?

Shannon 1:40:14

That's a good question. All right. (Laughter) I know. Well, because they're Swiss German. So, I feel like there might be Swiss French and Swiss Italian.

Meliza Manalo 1:40:26

Oh, okay.

Shannon 1:40:26

It's not German. But so... Okay, dogs, can you guys chill please? Luna?

Meliza Manalo 1:40:36

This is what happens when you do a podcast with someone with five dogs in their house.

Shannon 1:40:40

I know. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry, dogs. Okay, but it's okay. Everyone just lay down again. You were doing so well. Okay. What was I googling? I got my Google ready to google everything.

Meliza Manalo 1:40:56


Shannon 1:40:57

Okay, so there are four national languages of Switzerland. German, French, Italian and Romansh.

Meliza Manalo 1:41:03

What the hell is Romansh?

Shannon 1:41:05

I don't know.

Meliza Manalo 1:41:06

So, like, Italian? But they speak in Rome? (Laughter)

Shannon 1:41:14

I'd have to click on it's just Wikipedia link. Okay, so that's what I was thinking. So, it's not Swiss. But each of those languages, like it's not 'German' German, it's 'Swiss' German. So, there are...

Meliza Manalo 1:41:27

Like a derivative of German.

Shannon 1:41:29

Yeah. So, I would assume it's kind of the same for French and Italian. Like, it's similar. And I know when we were talking to. Either it must have been like a hostess or something at the restaurant where we're at. They were saying too, like, they can understand people from Germany, but Germans have a hard time understanding them is how he explained it.

Meliza Manalo 1:41:50

Oh, I see. Yeah. How interesting.

Shannon 1:41:51

So similar but different.

Meliza Manalo 1:41:55

So, you don't have just like their own language, just like, bits and pieces of other languages.

Shannon 1:42:01


Meliza Manalo 1:42:02

How interesting. Okay.

Shannon 1:42:04

Yes. Because yeah, they have Germany up top, France, on the left. I'm looking at the map. Like they're kind of, you know, France kind of goes around the side. And Italy is underneath. And there's also Liechtenstein. Next to it, too.

Meliza Manalo 1:42:22

So, where's your family from?

Shannon 1:42:23

So, my family is from the German part.

Meliza Manalo 1:42:29


Shannon 1:42:30

So, we're yeah, Swiss German. So, let me click on this map, actually, because now I just want to. So actually, it was our last day is when we were able to coordinate and go visit family. And go see my grandma’s if it was her parents or her grandparents' house. Like the old family homes in Switzerland.

Meliza Manalo 1:43:03

Oh, that's cool.

Shannon 1:43:04

So, my family is from... It's called Schwartznick. And it is, where is it? It's south of Bern. So, Bern is the capital. And that is German part. But it's near-ish the French side too. I'm trying to zoom in on. Because it's, so Schwartznick is like a little little village. It's small. I'm trying to zoom in because I know it's near. Because Thun is a place we went. Because there's a lake here. Okay, well, there's a bunch of lakes. Switzerland is all green and blue and beautiful. There's mountains, right the Swiss Alps. There's lakes, rivers. Oh, it's beautiful. I feel like it's too small. I'm gonna have to zoom in forever, but it's near. I'm gonna pronounce this wrong. Thunersee? But like the Thun lake.

Meliza Manalo 1:44:08

Okay. Sure.

Shannon 1:44:10

I just betrayed all these words. It's fine. Well, they're hard to pronounce. You know? They're German and stuff.

Meliza Manalo 1:44:17

Oh, yeah. That's not our main language.

Shannon 1:44:20

It's tough. I know that s-e-e, I'm pretty sure it's pronounced like 'Z'. And that means lake. So, I know that much.

Meliza Manalo 1:44:30

Ah, okay. Sure.

Shannon 1:44:34

Yeah, right. I could say anything, you won't know. (Laughter) So, yes. So, we visited family and did all that on our last day or the second to last day of our trip. So, we flew into Zurich. Zurich is where we started our little journey. Oh, it was so much fun. Just everything. And I don't even know if I have a favorite part of Switzerland because it was all beautiful.

Meliza Manalo 1:45:08

Was the food good?

Shannon 1:45:09

Yeah. Yeah, it was.

Meliza Manalo 1:45:11

What is Swiss food? All I know about is Cheese.

Shannon 1:45:15

Right. Okay. Yeah. So, you got your cheese, you got your chocolate. But also, and I think, I mean for also just Europe and also Germany though, a lot of meat and potatoes. There's a lot of dishes that are meat and potatoes. I have no idea what's happening in the Italian part of Switzerland because we weren't able to include on our trip. When we were planning like we were trying to see if we could work it in. But it was just, it would have been too much.

Meliza Manalo 1:45:43

Yeah. For sure.

Shannon 1:45:45

So, we sorted it out to be able to get to a lot of places in the time we had or the most we could. But yeah, there is there's a dish it's called 'Rosti'.

Meliza Manalo 1:46:01


Shannon 1:46:02

And an easy way to explain it is like hash browns. So that's kind of, you know, the kind of like the shredded potato, right? That's how it looks. And you can, you know, kind of get like different kinds, or with different things on it. Like, because I had one that had, you know, bacon and a fried egg on top and stuff. But it's just like, it's just potatoes. Right? But it's so good. Like, yeah, it's so good! I miss food so much.

Meliza Manalo 1:46:39

It's hard not to like potatoes.

Shannon 1:46:41

Yeah, I mean, meat and potatoes. Like simple and sweet.

Meliza Manalo 1:46:45

Yeah, everyone likes meat and potatoes.

Shannon 1:46:47

Everyone likes meat and potatoes. Was just thinking about the food and stuff. So, we also had just for breakfast a lot. Because like we'd, you know, get up from the train station when we're going on base or whatever. Or just like at the markets and things like that. But Croissants. We had so many Croissants. That's how you say it. I don't know. Croissants. Crow-sants.

Meliza Manalo 1:47:14

Wanted to take a quick break to talk about Instacart. With Instacart, you no longer have to do the shopping and you can get your groceries delivered right to your doorstep. They connect you to a personal shopper who you can easily chat with online or on the mobile app. It's super easy to use and can save on travel time and going through the store. listeners will receive free delivery on your first order over $35. Follow the link in the description to let them know I sent you and to help support the show. Alright, croissants,

Shannon 1:47:40

Croissants. Oh, yes. So, these were the best frickin Croissants I've ever had. Better than anything we've had here. They were...

Meliza Manalo 1:47:49

Better than Costco croissants?

Shannon 1:47:53

Yes. (Laughter) And I can't tell you why. Like, I don't know.

Meliza Manalo 1:47:58

There's just something about them?

Shannon 1:47:59

They're just... God they're so good. And I miss them so much. It's the little things, man. Little Croissants.

Meliza Manalo 1:48:09

Yeah. Man, that sounds good. Maybe once all this is over, and I don't know, I rack up some vacation time, I'd love to go somewhere. Just visit anywhere, go across to a different country or like something like that. But I do see. So, the common theme so far with all of your travel stuff is that you tend to go in small groups.

Shannon 1:48:40

Mm hmm.

Meliza Manalo 1:48:41

And with like, people, you know. And I feel like it's very introvert of you. (Laughter)

Shannon 1:48:50


Meliza Manalo 1:48:51

So, would you ever go in a large group?

Shannon 1:48:55


Meliza Manalo 1:48:55

It's okay, you can say 'no'.

Shannon 1:48:55

Like a large group of people, I know? Or just like a tour group?

Meliza Manalo 1:48:59

Like a tour group.

Shannon 1:49:01

That's a good question. Trying to think about it. I feel like maybe. That's just like a 'what?' answer. But I feel like if I were to do that, I'd want to try to have someone come with me.

Meliza Manalo 1:49:16

Yeah, like have a buddy. A travel buddy.

Shannon 1:49:19

Like I wouldn't mind being in a large group. I would probably prefer to have someone I knew. So, if I could, you know, go with a friend if we're playing together, it'd be totally fine. If I couldn’t if I had to go alone? Maybe. I'd have to think about it more.

Meliza Manalo 1:49:38

It has to be like worth the trip.

Shannon 1:49:40

Yeah, I'd have to weigh how much do I want to do this? Will I be able to do it again?

Meliza Manalo 1:49:47

Yeah, that's a good point. So, do you have advice for anyone that wants to start traveling once all this is done? Like our fellow introverts, what would you give advice for? Like, you know?

Shannon 1:50:03

I guess I would say, don't be afraid to do it. And don't be afraid to do it by yourself. Like, I know I just said I wouldn't go into large group, right? Or I have to think about it more. But I would have to think about it more, right? Because if it's something you really want to do, I think don't be afraid to just go and do it.

Meliza Manalo 1:50:21

Mm hmm. And you could do like solo trips, not in a large group. Kind of like your trip. Your weekend trip.

Shannon 1:50:29

Because yeah. There's so many factors that would go into just a trip. Like, you know, what does that mean? How long are you going for? Is it some big, European tour? Like, you know? So, I think there's a lot of factors on what type of trip you're doing. You know, can affect that. But yeah, don't be afraid to travel by yourself. Like, it was tough. But it was fine. You know, I got to see what I wanted to see. I did what I wanted to do. I survived it.

Meliza Manalo 1:51:05

Now you have this story and this experience that you may or may not have again.

Shannon 1:51:11

Yeah. Because it's like, I want to go back to the UK. But especially right now, you know, who knows? And just beyond that, who knows? You know, like...

Meliza Manalo 1:51:20

Yeah, exactly.

Shannon 1:51:21

It's hard to travel abroad. Or like, you know, to plan it and do that. I guess that would be my other thing. And I don't know if it's an introvert thing, or maybe my type of introvert thing, but planning. Just like planning what you want to do. Because for me, that helps a lot, because it's a form of control, right? Like you're in control of the situation. You know what you want to see. You know when you need to see it. So, our Switzerland trip, we had to plan out. Like, okay, how many days are we staying in each location? What is there that we want to see? And how much time is this all going to take? So, you know, we were in Zurich for like three days. And then we went down to Lucerne for a couple days. And then we you know, so it's just like doing your research. What do you need to see, how much time is it going to take? How much travel time? Because we were just in Switzerland. So, Switzerland is, you know, pretty small. Especially compared to the US, right? So, it doesn't take too long to get everywhere. But it still is, like, hours, couple of hours by train and everything. So yeah. So, for me, I'd say don't be afraid to do it. Especially for me, it's like, you know, those were big my solo trips, and solo just things I did were big. Like, step out of my...

Meliza Manalo 1:52:51

You comfort zone?

Shannon 1:52:52

Right, my comfort zone. Like challenging myself to do something. Because there were things I really wanted to do. So, I wasn't going to let my introversion, but also my shyness. Because I am a shy introvert. Yeah, because shyness, an introvert is not mutually exclusive.

Meliza Manalo 1:53:10

Ah, you listened to my episode.

Shannon 1:53:12

Yes, I did. But you know. Introverts can be shy, right? So, I am a shy one. So, it's like, I wasn't going to let it stop me from doing these things I really wanted to do. Or talking to that sociology professor I really wanted to talk to. Or you know? So, yeah.

Meliza Manalo 1:53:34

Awesome. Well, thanks for sharing all your stories. There's like so much. And I honestly, wish I got to do some of that stuff. But, you know, hopefully, it's not too late. And hopefully, like this COVID stuff will go away so we can travel again. And yeah, but thank you for sharing all that. And thanks for going on the podcasts. Another thing that you got out of your comfort box and did.

Shannon 1:54:04


Meliza Manalo 1:54:05

You know? You talked to the listeners.

Shannon 1:54:07

To the listeners. Oh, we love the listener.

Meliza Manalo 1:54:10

Yeah. We love the listeners. Do you have any last things you want to tell them?

Shannon 1:54:16

I don't think so.

Meliza Manalo 1:54:18


Shannon 1:54:18

Oh Gosh. No. Travel, you guys if you can. If you're able to.

Meliza Manalo 1:54:24


Shannon 1:54:25

Yes, travel safely. Yeah, not right now. (Laughter) Don't do it now.

Meliza Manalo 1:54:34

When it's safe to do so.

Shannon 1:54:35

Yeah, when you can. When it's safe. If you're able to go. Go see something. Go see something new.

Meliza Manalo 1:54:45

Even if it's just in your home state. Like there's so many things, like parts of California I still haven't seen, you know? So, you know, start small. Baby steps.

Shannon 1:54:56

Baby steps.

Meliza Manalo 1:54:57

Yeah, baby steps.

Shannon 1:54:59


Meliza Manalo 1:55:02

All right. Well, thanks, Shannon.

Shannon 1:55:03

Yeah, it was fun.

Meliza Manalo 1:55:06

Yeah. Can't wait to have you in more episodes. We can talk about all kinds of stuff.

Shannon 1:55:09

Yes. Sounds good. Sounds so good.

Meliza Manalo 1:55:15

All right. I hope you guys enjoyed this episode. Please let me know what you thought about it. And let me know what places do you guys want to visit? Do you have any traveling plans in the future? And let me know what other topics you want me to discuss. If you enjoyed the show and want to stay in the know, follow me on social media. You can find me on Instagram and Facebook under The Talkative Introvert podcast. All the information will be in the description. And you can also check out my website at Please follow and share with others and rate and review me on Apple podcasts. I appreciate the listens and I'll talk to you guys in the next episode.

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