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S1E14 - Love Languages w/ Bailey and Katrina (Part 1)

Episode Description:

In this episode, I have some special guests on with me! If you listened to episode 11, then you’ve already met Katrina. She joins me today along with another one of our best friends, Ms. Bailey! These ladies join me as we talk about our love languages. We guess each other’s love language and reveal what we got on the quiz.

If you’re interested in knowing about the 5 different love languages and figuring out what you are, here’s the link to the quiz: Please let me know what you got. Do you agree with the quiz? Why or why not? Katrina's YT Channel:


Some parts of the transcript may be edited for better readability, but the content remains the same. Mostly removed duplicate words, vocal filler words, and added/removed some words for clarification.


Hey everyone! This is Meliza. And I'm The Talkative Introvert. We got a fun one for you guys today. And I'm so excited for you guys to listen. I'm joined by two of my bestest friends ever. And it's just such a fun episode that I just can't wait for you guys to listen to it. So, I'm going to keep this intro pretty short and just get right into it. A little room like this for recording.

Katrina 00:32

Yeah, you do. The smaller the room, the better the sound.

Meliza Manalo 00:34

Yeah. Cuz my room is like huge.

Bailey 00:36

It's just a little warm in here.

Katrina 00:37

You should've bought yourself a f*ckin fan! (Laughter)

Meliza Manalo 00:39

But it would be too loud. (Katrina asked if she could cuss) Oh, honestly, I mean, well, it's up to you guys if you care.

Bailey 00:46

I'm gonna try my best not to.

Katrina 00:48

I mean that's what I've been.

Bailey 00:48

Because a lot of people are going to hear it.

Meliza Manalo 00:50

Yeah. No.

Bailey 00:51

I'm just like, I don't want people to know how much I cuss, like if my boss is to hear this, I just... (Laughter). Hey!

Katrina 01:06

Hey! What's up?

Bailey 01:07

This is Bailey calling from Sacramento, California, and Carson, I'm requesting... (Laughter)

Meliza Manalo 01:16

Anyways. Wait...

Bailey 01:17

Are you all really too young to remember' TRL'?

Meliza Manalo 01:19

Yeah, I remember 'TRL'.

Katrina 01:21

I don't remember sh*t. (Laughter)

Bailey 01:22

Do you know what's 'TRL'?

Katrina 01:25

Oh my God.

Meliza Manalo 01:25

Was it 'Today Live'? No.

Bailey 01:27

Total Request Live with Carson Daly!

Katrina 01:32

Mia's like, she was just watching you lips.

Meliza Manalo 01:36

Okay, wait.

Bailey 01:37

I'm about to start sweating any second.

Katrina 01:39

Yeah, it's pretty hot.

Bailey 01:39

Let's just f*ckin figure this sh*t out. Let's figure this out.

Katrina 01:43

My hands sweat a lot.

Meliza Manalo 01:43

Yeah, it's hot. Okay.

Bailey 01:44

Don't know how long it's gonna last. (Laughter)

Meliza Manalo 01:49

So, is this gonna last an hour though?

Bailey 01:51

Oh, we haven't even started.

Meliza Manalo 01:53

Exactly. That's why I'm like is this evening enough?

Katrina 01:57


Meliza Manalo 01:58

It's so hot. Can we?

Katrina 02:00

I mean yes. What are we gonna put that f*ckin fan? But that'd be way to loud.

Meliza Manalo 02:04

Yeah, it'd be way too loud.

Katrina 02:05

Yeah. Just right there.

Meliza Manalo 02:06

We have a f*ckin engine. (Laughter) We're two minutes and we haven't even done the introduction.

Bailey 02:16

Oh, you're going to make me pee.

Meliza Manalo 02:18

All right. Today I'm joined with my good friend Casey. If you remember, she's from Episode 11. Go check that one out. She has her YouTube channel. I'll link that in description. Hey, Casey!

Katrina 02:30

Hi, guys! If you guys listened to the previous video, my name is not Casey introduced. (Laughter). This is also that Katrina is known as Casey.

Meliza Manalo 02:40


Bailey 02:41

In the previous video?

Meliza Manalo 02:43

It's a podcast.

Katrina 02:44

Oh, Sh*t. Sorry. Oh, Podcast. Sorry.

Bailey 02:47

Previous episode?

Katrina 02:48

I said episode.

Meliza Manalo 02:49

Well, it's like a couple of episodes ago.

Bailey 02:51

I thought you said video.

Meliza Manalo 02:53

Yeah, you said video. Few episodes ago, it's actually Katrina Lim. Sorry, my bad. But I call her Casey. Because if you listen to that last podcast, as basic Filipinos go by nickname. But also joining with us today is Bailey! Bailey!

Katrina 03:08


Bailey 03:11


Meliza Manalo 03:12

Hi! (Laughter) What's poppin Bailey?

Bailey 03:18

It's good to be here.

Meliza Manalo 03:20

Oh my God, we've been trying to record, oh God.

Bailey 03:23

What's up, y'all? I'm Bailey. I'm Mia's and Casey's best friend.

Meliza Manalo 03:29

Oh, I go by...

Bailey 03:30

These are my... Oh, you go by Meliza.

Meliza Manalo 03:32


Katrina 03:33

I did mention that though. Yeah. So, that episode is really important to listen to. Oh gosh, sorry.

Meliza Manalo 03:40

Yeah. So, I go by 'Mia' in my family, but my legal name is Meliza. And that's what...Oh my God, I'm sweating.

Katrina 03:49


Bailey 03:51

Do we need to relocate you think? I'm fine. We could find a place.

Meliza Manalo 03:55

It's fine. No, my body will readjust. I'm just gonna sweat for a little bit. I'm gonna take that out though. Or we could keep it in. We're in Bailey's bathroom right now.

Bailey 04:08

Like vanity.

Meliza Manalo 04:10


Bailey 04:10

Sink area of the hallway.

Meliza Manalo 04:12

Because it's so loud outside.

Bailey 04:15

Y'all, there is no AC in this little, tiny room.

Meliza Manalo 04:18

I know, why didn't you put a vent? Why is there no vent?

Katrina 04:21

I know, you would think because you're gonna spend some time if you're gonna have this as your glam room.

Bailey 04:25

Okay, wait, what if we open up this door cuz there is a vent in the bathroom.

Meliza Manalo 04:30

And then I'll sit over there?

Bailey 04:32


Katrina 04:32


Meliza Manalo 04:32

Okay, let me stop this real quick. Okay, so coming from Bailey's bathroom.

Katrina 04:37

Yeah, another transition.

Meliza Manalo 04:39

Yeah. Sorry. It's hot. It's Sacramento hot. If you guys know what that means.

Katrina 04:44

98. It's the highest today.

Meliza Manalo 04:46

Is it?

Bailey 04:46

That's not too bad. At least it's not triple digits.

Katrina 04:49


Meliza Manalo 04:49

Oh my God.

Bailey 04:50

We should still go swimming after this. If you guys want to. I feel like that'd be the perfect way to cool off.

Meliza Manalo 04:55

Sure. But back to the episode. (Laughter) Today we're gonna talk about our love languages.

Bailey 05:05

And this is super exciting because we don't know what each other's Love Language is. I'm so excited to reveal.

Meliza Manalo 05:12

We're gonna reveal it to each other.

Katrina 05:13

I'm kind of nervous.

Bailey 05:14

Oh! I'm excited.

Meliza Manalo 05:14

So, if you guys don't know what that is, there's five love languages. I will link in the description so you could go take the quiz yourselves. But we took the quiz, and we are going to reveal it. Who wants to go first?

Katrina 05:27

We don't even know. You!

Bailey 05:28

Yeah, you go first.

Meliza Manalo 05:29

I think I should go last.

Katrina 05:30

Why? You're the host.

Meliza Manalo 05:31

That's why. (Laughter)

Bailey 05:37

I'll go first.

Meliza Manalo 05:38


Bailey 05:39

Okay, so you want me to say, my, what my actual Love language is? And then ...

Meliza Manalo 05:43

What did you think your love language was going to be?

Katrina 05:45

So, given off the categories.

Bailey 05:48

Oh, right. Yeah. So, let's talk about the different categories.

Meliza Manalo 05:51

So, there's five different kinds. There's 'Acts of service', 'Quality time', 'Words of affirmation', 'Physical touch', and what's the other one?

Katrina 06:01

'Receiving gifts'.

Meliza Manalo 06:02

'Receiving gifts'. So, before you took the quiz, what did you think you got? Or what do you think you would have gotten?

Bailey 06:13

Well, since we can only perceive things from the lens of our own experience. (Laughter)

Meliza Manalo 06:20

So intellectual.

Bailey 06:21

No. I don't know. I hadn't even really thought about love language. I didn't even really know it was a thing until recently. And so, I learned about it, you know, and I wish I would have known sooner. I wish I would have known when I was in high school. Or like, I don't know.

Katrina 06:42

Why so?

Bailey 06:43

Because I've always just been a super, like wanting-a-companion type of a person. Even from a young age, I had a boyfriend, Robert. We were six. (Laughter) He lived right down the street from me. We were neighbors.

Katrina 07:03


Meliza Manalo 07:03


Bailey 07:03

And he was my first kiss. I planted it on him. I grabbed his head and I like... went in all with crazy eyes. Just like full on.

Meliza Manalo 07:15

Six-year-old Bailey.

Bailey 07:16

Yes. I've always been a romantic lover. I've always been a lover. Even with my friends., I'm very loving. And I just love you guys. Thank you, guys, so much.

Katrina 07:26

So, what do you think which one was yours? Did you know before the test?

Bailey 07:30

No. Because I didn't even know what love language was, you know? Like something to know about, excuse me, something to know about yourself.

Meliza Manalo 07:41

So, when you take the quiz, there's the, what is it? The couple's one, singles one and there's two other ones, I can't remember what they are.

Bailey 07:51

There's one for kids. To find out what your child's love language is.

Katrina 07:56

Oh, that's a good idea.

Meliza Manalo 07:59

So, which one did you take?

Bailey 08:01


Meliza Manalo 08:01


Bailey 08:01

The singles one.

Meliza Manalo 08:02

Singles one?

Bailey 08:03


Meliza Manalo 08:04

Because our Miss Bailey Jane is...Oh, did you want your middle name exposed?

Bailey 08:09

Sure. Bailey Jane Jorgeson babies. Don't forget it.

Meliza Manalo 08:15

Okay. Anyways. Okay. So, what did you get then?

Bailey 08:17

So, umm... I actually started reading the book a while ago.

Katrina 08:22

You have it?

Bailey 08:23

Almost a year ago. I do. Do you want to read it?

Katrina 08:24

Yeah. Can I borrow it whenever you're done?

Bailey 08:27

Yeah, absolutely. I already finished it.

Katrina 08:30


Bailey 08:31

So, you can take it home today. But so, I read the book and even like starting the beginning of the book, I already had a very clear idea of what my love language was. And so, I read the book and made a decision for myself. But then I also took the singles quiz and then I just like, I got the same.

Meliza Manalo 08:51

Just like confirmed it.

Bailey 08:52

Yeah. And that is 'Physical touch'.

Meliza Manalo 08:56

That's what I was thinking you would get. We should've...whatever too late.

Bailey 09:01


Meliza Manalo 09:01

Like guessed what each other's was.

Katrina 09:04

Oh yeah.

Meliza Manalo 09:05

It's all good. But that's what I thought of you again.

Katrina 09:07


Meliza Manalo 09:09

Yeah. Because you're all about the hugs. Every time we see you, it's always about the hugs.

Katrina 09:16


Bailey 09:17

And I give good hugs too. I give those 'Bailey bear hugs'. To be quite frank, sex has just always been the number one most important thing to me in a relationship. If the sex isn't there, I can't.

Katrina 09:40

I think it's a very important thing for a relationship to have good sex in there.

Bailey 09:45


Katrina 09:46

That's a huge, like... I don't know, satisfying thing.

Meliza Manalo 09:51


Bailey 09:52

It is important for me personally. Sorry I keep touching you.

Meliza Manalo 09:56

It's okay.

Bailey 09:57

Is it?

Meliza Manalo 09:57

We're in very close quarters.

Bailey 09:58

We are.

Meliza Manalo 10:00

It's okay. It's all good.

Bailey 10:01

Does that gross you out?

Meliza Manalo 10:02


Katrina 10:02

You would gross me out.

Bailey 10:04

I know. You're a weirdo. You're a weirdo.

Katrina 10:08

Yeah. I might be.

Bailey 10:09

Yeah. I just like... And it's not even just about sex.

Katrina 10:12


Bailey 10:12

I love, like I always put my hand on someone's shoulder. That's why this whole quarantine thing has been hard for me. Because, like when I came back to work, and I saw my co-workers for the first time after almost five months, not only did I cry, but I gave every single one of them a hug.

Katrina 10:33

You are very loving.

Meliza Manalo 10:35

Yeah, you are.

Bailey 10:37

I'm just... That's just who I am. This isn't really a love language thing, but I guess it kind of goes in with...

Meliza Manalo 10:47

Hand in hand.

Bailey 10:48

With like loyalty. Number one. Is that just like a default?

Meliza Manalo 10:54

I think so.

Bailey 10:55

Oh! (Laughter)

Meliza Manalo 10:55

Cuz if you're not loyal, then you... (Laughter) We're trying not to cuss but whatever, but it slips out. Sorry.

Katrina 11:03

That's when I'm physical. I always like hit someone when I'm f*ckin laughing. (Laughter) It's hard. See, I tend to cuss when I'm comfortable. Very comfortable.

Bailey 11:16

Oh, yeah.

Meliza Manalo 11:16

Oh, yeah.

Bailey 11:16

It's hard for me right now.

Katrina 11:17

I mean, I have the respect for elders. Like it will never come out. But then when I'm just my physical self and just talking, it's gonna come out.

Meliza Manalo 11:27

And honestly, I never said this outright in my podcast, but there's a little checkbox saying, 'Is this meant for kids or adults?' And I never check boxed the kids one because it's not for kids, the things I talked about. They could probably listen to some of the introvert stuff, but for the most part, it's mainly for adults. I talk about the workplace and stuff like that. So, I'm hoping no kids are listening. I think maybe Ava is listening, but Ava is pretty mature. Yeah, and she's super smart.

Katrina 11:55

Hey, girl. Hey!

Meliza Manalo 11:57

Yeah, if you're listening, Hey Ava!

Katrina 11:58

Hi Ava!

Meliza Manalo 12:00

Shut up. Oooh. We should have Ava on the episode.

Bailey 12:04

You totally should. That would be such a good episode.

Meliza Manalo 12:08

She's super smart and articulate.

Katrina 12:09

Oh, that'd be so much fun.

Bailey 12:10

You have to. Yeah, you have to. Ask her if she listens.

Meliza Manalo 12:14

Or let me know Ava. (Laughter) Okay, so you read the book, and you took the quiz and then you got the, what was it? Physical touch.

Katrina 12:30

What was your percent? Did you check?

Bailey 12:33

I don't know. It didn't tell me a percent. It just gave me like when I took the quiz.

Meliza Manalo 12:38

Oh. Well, okay. It ranks you.

Katrina 12:42

Yeah. Ranks you in all the categories.

Bailey 12:44

It does?

Meliza Manalo 12:45

Yeah, you should retake it. Cuz that's how you know.

Bailey 12:48

Maybe I took the different.

Katrina 12:48

No, you took the right one. You probably didn't like...

Meliza Manalo 12:50

You probably didn't scroll down.

Katrina 12:52

Yeah, all the way. (Laughter)

Meliza Manalo 12:55

So, we take the quiz, make sure you scroll down, and it gives you a percentage of each one. Because then 'Physical touch' is number one then you get your number two, three, four, five.

Bailey 13:06


Katrina 13:06


Meliza Manalo 13:07

That's like a whole, do you know yours Casey?

Bailey 13:09

I missed that.

Meliza Manalo 13:09


Katrina 13:10

What do you think I was?

Bailey 13:13

I have a guess.

Meliza Manalo 13:15

What's your guess?

Bailey 13:16

My guess?

Meliza Manalo 13:17


Bailey 13:17

For Casey? 'Physical touch'.

Meliza Manalo 13:19


Bailey 13:20


Meliza Manalo 13:21

I'm thinking 'Words of affirmation' maybe. Or, oh 'Quality time'.

Bailey 13:28

Ohhh! Look at that smile. (Laughter)

Katrina 13:32

Oh my gosh, yeah, I got 37%. I was pretty much a little bit of everything. I'm actually pretty surprised about the physical touch. Because like I said, it's important but it's got ranked to my last two.

Meliza Manalo 13:44

Oh really?

Bailey 13:45


Meliza Manalo 13:45

So, what's your ranking then?

Katrina 13:46

I have 'Quality time' at 37%. I have 'Words of affirmation' and 'Acts of service' tied and then I have 'Physical touch' and then 'Receiving gifts'.

Bailey 13:55


Meliza Manalo 13:55

Okay. Nice. I knew. I should've like, cuz I was just reading, and I was like which one is it?

Katrina 14:02

Quality time.

Meliza Manalo 14:03

Yeah, quality time. That totally makes sense.

Katrina 14:05

Should I read the definition for it? Or should they just do it on their own when they have their own?

Bailey 14:09

I want to hear the definition.

Meliza Manalo 14:10

Yeah, you should read the definition.

Katrina 14:11

So, it says "YOUR PRIMARY LOVE LANGUAGE IS: Quality time. In Quality Time, nothing says "I love you" like full, undivided attention. Being there for this type of person is critical, but really being there—with the TV off, fork and knife down, and all chores and tasks on standby—makes your significant other feel truly special and loved. Distractions, postponed dates, or the failure to listen can be especially hurtful. Quality time also means sharing quality conversations and quality activities."

Meliza Manalo 14:43

That's pretty much all we do together.

Katrina 14:45


Meliza Manalo 14:46

Quality time.

Katrina 14:46

Quality time.

Bailey 14:47

I have a question.

Katrina 14:48

Because I feel...

Bailey 14:49

Okay wait. Go ahead. No, you go.

Katrina 14:51

I was saying like, quality time eventually leads up to all the other things, you know?

Meliza Manalo 14:56


Katrina 14:57

Building time, bonding, you know?

Bailey 15:00


Katrina 15:01

Quality times build trust of words, I guess.

Meliza Manalo 15:04

What's your question?

Bailey 15:05

So, my question is, because it said, 'TV is off, you're not eating'. You're basically not doing anything. you're just...

Katrina 15:13

I mean, not necessarily down to the T like that, of course, you could just be doing nothing. But I mean like...

Bailey 15:18

(Whispering) But doesn't that lead to sex?

Katrina 15:20

Hell yeah. (Laughter)

Bailey 15:23

Doesn't that lead to some... to do the mattress dance?

Meliza Manalo 15:27

That's true because we don't watch TV when we hang out.

Bailey 15:28

That's what it leads me to.

Katrina 15:30

But I mean not necessarily just not watching TV and just sitting there. No, like, you know quality time, like not being on your phone if I'm around you. I try my best. I'm never really distracted ever by my phone. If I'm with people, I will never be on my phone. Not saying never. I mean.

Meliza Manalo 15:49

No, but when we go out and stuff, we're never on our phone.

Katrina 15:53


Meliza Manalo 15:53

Which makes sense. Because when we're on our phones, we're talking to each other.

Katrina 15:56

Yeah. Exactly. Not like it has to be dead silent. And oh, this is bonding. We're not really doing anything.

Meliza Manalo 16:03

But giving each other 100% of our attention.

Katrina 16:06


Meliza Manalo 16:06

I get that. Because I hate when people are on their phones, when we're hanging out. it's like it's our time right now. Use your phone later. Unless it's an emergency obviously or whatever.

Bailey 16:18

Well, it's not like there's anything on social media that's like...

Katrina 16:21

Like you have to see that moment.

Bailey 16:23

Mm hmm.

Meliza Manalo 16:24

Cuz I'm not super obsessed with media.

Katrina 16:25

That's gonna change your life.

Bailey 16:27

I'm obsessed with TikTok. That's it.

Katrina 16:28

I think this podcast kind of brought you out a little bit. I see a lot more posts from Mia now.

Meliza Manalo 16:34

Yeah, just because it's for the gram.

Katrina 16:37

No, not necessarily.

Meliza Manalo 16:38

But not... It's just. I don't know.

Katrina 16:40

For the gram? Did you put the drink just for the gram of your podcast? No, that was literally just like you.

Meliza Manalo 16:45

Oh no, that was on accident. I was supposed to visit someone but then I was like, oh what's on my story? (Laughter) It's funny. Because a few people actually reached out to me. Not just you. I was like, hmm. Should I post more so I can talk to people more?

Katrina 17:02

Just whenever you feel. You don't have to feel demanded to do it. Just whenever you want to.

Meliza Manalo 17:07

Yeah. For sure.

Bailey 17:08

Even when I post stuff, nobody responds or comments or anything except for you.

Katrina 17:12

But they don't have to. It's just something that you want to reflect back on. Which is why again I started YouTube because I just wanted to fall back on those memories. Because I watch other people's memories.

Meliza Manalo 17:24

Like an archive.

Katrina 17:25


Bailey 17:27

That makes sense. Because even though I have literally thousands of videos and pictures in my phone, I never just take the time to sit and like back on this.

Katrina 17:37

And they're nice to just come back. If you guys saw my 'first' first video, I didn't talk one single word.

Bailey 17:44

Oh, yeah.

Katrina 17:44

I didn't talk one single word. I used transitions of words. And like...

Meliza Manalo 17:49

That's the main thing I noticed. Cuz I'm like...

Bailey 17:53

Where's Casey? (Laughter)

Meliza Manalo 17:54

She's not talking. What's up with Casey?

Katrina 17:56

It's hard to just jump right in.

Bailey 17:58

Oh, yeah.

Meliza Manalo 17:58

Oh, yeah.

Katrina 17:59

Like putting yourself, exposed to the world.

Bailey 18:03

Especially in public when you're just like "Heyyy".

Katrina 18:05

Yeah, in public it's pretty hard especially.

Meliza Manalo 18:08

We get used to that.

Bailey 18:09

Doesn't your arm get tired?

Katrina 18:11

Yeah. But I feel like if you're in huge crowds like Disneyland, it's normal.

Bailey 18:16

It's normal.

Meliza Manalo 18:16

Because other people are doing it too.

Bailey 18:18

So many people do that at Disneyland.

Katrina 18:20

Like at an airport, it's kind of like, okay, everyone's looking at me. When we went to the cruise...

Bailey 18:25

Oh, yeah.

Katrina 18:26

... it was kind of hard for me to just pull it out and be like, "Okay, I'm gonna end the vlog now. Bla bla hopping onto the plane." I had to kind of hide in the corner because I didn't want people just directly staring at me.

Meliza Manalo 18:36

Because sometimes we'll be at the restaurant and it's quiet. And there's one other family there. And Casey is like, "Okay, we're eating sushi."

Katrina 18:44

Yeah. It's hard to just be out there.

Meliza Manalo 18:47

Yeah, it's definitely a lifestyle. You have to get used to it. But yeah, like what you're saying like your first YouTube channel. Because my first podcast or first episode was six minutes.

Katrina 18:59

I think my video was six minutes too.

Bailey 19:04

I liked it. I liked it though.

Meliza Manalo 19:05

It's completely different now. I'm definitely more comfortable with it.

Katrina 19:08

I mean, to be frank, I loved it. It was just a small introduction of what's gonna be going on.

Meliza Manalo 19:13

Yeah. It's like a trailer.

Katrina 19:14

Yeah. There you go.

Bailey 19:15

Yeah. And baby you're the main attraction. (Laughter)

Meliza Manalo 19:22

Yeah. (Laughter)

Bailey 19:29

I really wish we were video recording this. Because I feel like we're just funny.

Meliza Manalo 19:34

We could just like archive too.

Bailey 19:35

Yeah, archive purposes.

Meliza Manalo 19:37


Katrina 19:37


Meliza Manalo 19:38

Even if I don't become big, I know I've got more listeners.

Katrina 19:44


Meliza Manalo 19:44

I want to look back at these episodes that we did together.

Bailey 19:47

Oh my God. Yeah.

Meliza Manalo 19:48

That will be so much fun.

Katrina 19:49

It is. That's what I'm saying. Just to retrack back. Because obviously, we can't cram every memory in there.

Meliza Manalo 19:56

Because when Mikie was recording, he had a YouTube channel, but it didn't really go anywhere.

Katrina 20:03

Yeah, I remember it.

Meliza Manalo 20:04

Yeah. And they're pretty funny videos, you can go and check it out.

Bailey 20:07

Well, it's takes a lot of time and energy and effort to keep up on the up-and-up. Even with social media. That stuff takes a lot of time. Especially for an introvert. Ayyy!

Katrina 20:22

Seriously though. What are you Bailey? I feel like you're an extrovert.

Meliza Manalo 20:27

I feel like you're definitely on a spectrum. You're somewhere in the middle.

Katrina 20:30


Meliza Manalo 20:31

Like I was telling her this morning. I think she's like an ambivert.

Bailey 20:34

I mean, I think it changes with my mood. Yeah, I really feel like it does. Because I love human interaction. And that's why I really love my job. Because I get to...

Katrina 20:49

Interact with people. Yeah.

Bailey 20:50 work directly with the community. It's just such a good spot to be in, you know? Good opportunity, for sure. But it has to be on my...

Meliza Manalo 21:03

Like your terms?

Bailey 21:04

Yeah. So, when I don't want to socialize, I just don't want to socialize.

Meliza Manalo 21:10

Yeah. That's true for everybody.

Katrina 21:14


Bailey 21:14

Well, we'll talk about this on our next episode, right? So, like, we were going to talk about....

Meliza Manalo 21:23

Introversion vs depression?

Bailey 21:26


Meliza Manalo 21:27

That's a good one. That one's a little more serious than this one (Laughter). Because we concluded that some of your tendencies were caused because of depression. Not necessarily because you think you're an introvert.

Bailey 21:41


Meliza Manalo 21:42

It kind of goes back to my introvert misconceptions. Check that out. I don't remember what episode number that is. But look it up. (Laughter)

Bailey 21:55

Let us know which episode that is.

Katrina 21:58

Yeah, if you're a true fan. (Laughter)

Bailey 22:01

Girl, you need merch. You need merch.

Meliza Manalo 22:04

I was thinking of making stickers, but like...

Bailey 22:07

Stickers! I want a sticker on my water bottle!

Katrina 22:10

Sticker or a magnet?

Meliza Manalo 22:12

Maybe not that but I'll do stickers first. Magnets, yeah. That's a whole another level.

Bailey 22:17

Right on my fridge.

Meliza Manalo 22:20

Like, every time I go there. No, I wanted to stickers because I have the silhouette.

Katrina 22:23

Yeah, and you could do the decons! Oh my gosh!

Meliza Manalo 22:26


Bailey 22:27


Katrina 22:27

Decals. (Laughter)

Meliza Manalo 22:31

I was like, what's that?

Bailey 22:33

You're so smooth.

Katrina 22:35


Bailey 22:35

Sorry. Physical touch remember?

Katrina 22:37

Yeah. I guess it was the last time I shaved...

Bailey 22:39

At least four months ago.

Katrina 22:41

I haven't shaved since my birthday.

Meliza Manalo 22:42

I don't shave often.

Bailey 22:44

That was like four months ago. (Laughter)

Katrina 22:48

I'm only going to shave once on my birthday, every year.

Meliza Manalo 22:51

Yeah, you only shave once a year.

Katrina 22:52

I lost my hair, so right here.

Bailey 22:53

I'm so jealous.

Meliza Manalo 22:55

It's that Asian blood. Because actually mine I think is thicker than Casey's

Bailey 23:00

I've just shaved last night because I thought I was going to be hanging out with somebody. I'm just kidding. We won't go there. (Laughter)

Meliza Manalo 23:10

Okay, wait, no, we need to go back to the love languages.

Katrina 23:14

Okay, whose turn was it?

Meliza Manalo 23:15

Your turn.

Katrina 23:16

I guess I don't really have much.

Meliza Manalo 23:18

You just have a...

Bailey 23:18

I didn't even talk about my least favorite one though. Did you talk about your least favorite one?

Meliza Manalo 23:23

What's your least?

Katrina 23:23

Oh, 'Receiving gifts'.

Meliza Manalo 23:25

Okay. Why? (Laughter)

Katrina 23:26

I'm not... I mean money doesn't really speak to me.

Meliza Manalo 23:32

Yeah, that makes sense. That's true.

Katrina 23:34

Quality time! I really buy quality time over money.

Meliza Manalo 23:38

Yeah. Because every time it's your birthday, we always want to go out and do something.

Bailey 23:44

We spend like six hours together. (Laughter). It's awesome.

Meliza Manalo 23:49

I love our birthdays.

Bailey 23:50

Me too. We always have the best time.

Meliza Manalo 23:52


Katrina 23:52

We spend the whole day.

Meliza Manalo 23:55


Katrina 23:55

That's so cool.

Meliza Manalo 23:56

The whole day.

Katrina 23:57

The whole day.

Bailey 23:58

We start from frickin crack a*s... Like morning till night.

Meliza Manalo 24:03

It's okay. Just cuss. It's fine.

Katrina 24:05

It is but I'm just like, I don't want it for myself either.

Meliza Manalo 24:08

To be a sailor mouth?

Katrina 24:09


Bailey 24:11

Oh, yeah.

Meliza Manalo 24:12

Oh, good luck!

Katrina 24:12

I know. Clearly.

Bailey 24:14

I'm just practicing being a teacher right now. Because if I become a teacher, it adds to water. It's loud on.

Meliza Manalo 24:20

You're supposed to be able to remove sound. Let's say you have a blank recording of it, and then... (Laughter)

Bailey 24:27

It'll find that same sound.

Katrina 24:29

That's smart. And just take out?

Meliza Manalo 24:30

Yeah, I don't know. I need to google it.

Bailey 24:32

Like a snake. Extracted.

Katrina 24:33

That's pretty cool.

Meliza Manalo 24:34

Yeah. But I mean, okay it's done. (Laughter)

Bailey 24:40

Apartment life y'all.

Meliza Manalo 24:41

That's all good. There's like...umm I think the next episode or the episode after that, you hear Link chewing his bone.

Bailey 24:50

I can never hear it. You always pointed out but I'm like, why is she talking about it?

Meliza Manalo 24:54

His paws.

Katrina 24:54

I think it depends...

Meliza Manalo 24:56

Maybe it depends on your headphones, too. Maybe mine are just too good. Maybe mine are just too...

Bailey 25:00

Too good?

Katrina 25:00

Cuz mine are like... Sorry. My hand is kind of falling asleep.

Bailey 25:03

Are you okay?

Katrina 25:03

I just need to move a little bit.

Meliza Manalo 25:05

My headphones are DJ headphones.

Bailey 25:06

Go crisscross applesauce. Does that hurt you? It hurts my left knee to do crisscross applesauce.

Meliza Manalo 25:10

Oh really? I sit like this at work. Like my chair is big enough so I can sit like this.

Bailey 25:16

I'm jealous. That's so cool.

Katrina 25:18

I forgot that you're at home like you just do that at work.

Meliza Manalo 25:21

Oh no, I do that at work too. So, we are separate from everybody. We have our own little office space. So, we're separate from the rest of the place. So, when my co-worker is away, I take my shoes off and I sit on my chair like crisscross applesauce. It's my...

Bailey 25:40

I wish I could do that.

Meliza Manalo 25:41

I don't know. Like, right now, I'm perfectly fine. I can sit like this. Like, I sat through the whole podcast like this one time.

Bailey 25:48

That's awesome.

Katrina 25:49

Wow. Yeah.

Bailey 25:50

I'm jealous. You look so comfortable.

Meliza Manalo 25:52

I feel comfortable. This is actually really comfortable right now. Sitting in this bathroom. Yeah.

Bailey 25:55

You're nice and cool. Yeah, you're so smiley right now.

Meliza Manalo 25:57

This is so good because it's cold already here.

Katrina 26:02

I'm so manly.

Meliza Manalo 26:03

I'm just like spreading legs like crazy. (Laughter)

Katrina 26:07

I know. That's why earlier I had to change because I noticed and I was like, wow, way to be a lady there. (Laughter)

Meliza Manalo 26:14

Out there in the world.

Katrina 26:15

Yeah, because I was sitting like this earlier when my leg was pressing on Bailey. And I was like...

Bailey 26:19

I didn't even notice. Well because... (Laughter) We do that a lot.

Meliza Manalo 26:24

Yeah. We do.

Katrina 26:25

Wow. That was in sync.

Meliza Manalo 26:28

I love when our laughs sync up. (Laughter). Do you ever notice that?

Katrina 26:31

I noticed it earlier. (Laughter)

Meliza Manalo 26:34

Because we have that, I don't know what you call that.

Bailey 26:36


Meliza Manalo 26:37

Like aa aa aa. (Laughter) And there are so many times when we will start at different times, but it'll sync up.

Katrina 26:48

Yeah, I heard it earlier. I actually looked at the computer and I was like, Woah!

Meliza Manalo 26:52

Yeah. I wonder if they hear it. It's so funny.

Bailey 26:56

We sync up just like a menstrual cycle, baby.

Katrina 26:59

Guys don't even get those.

Bailey 27:00

I don't. (Laughter)

Meliza Manalo 27:01

I get the emotional part.

Bailey 27:05

I wish I did. Because I would just like to know where my cycle is, you know? I have no idea. The tracking of my cycle, I don't know. And I don't like that, you know? But I also don't want to take out my birth control and reschedule it.

Meliza Manalo 27:19

You know, baby! (Laughter)

Bailey 27:21

Let's make the logical choice here please.

Katrina 27:24

I agree.

Meliza Manalo 27:26

That's another episode. Hopefully, I can do with Shannon and Mia. Mia is my other friend. I'm not talking in third person. (Laughter)

Katrina 27:38

Didn't she make an episode with you?

Meliza Manalo 27:39

Yeah, but I mean another episode about kids and stuff.

Katrina 27:42

Yeah. No, no, no.

Bailey 27:43

You totally should. You need to do that.

Meliza Manalo 27:45

Hopefully, I don't lose like a bunch of listeners who don't want kids. Because that's apparently such a touchy subject. Not wanting kids.

Bailey 27:52

I think it's just a really personal decision.

Katrina 27:54


Meliza Manalo 27:54

Especially, I feel like it's more accepted now. Because our generation in general, a lot of them don't want kids. That's really normal for our generation, for millennials.

Bailey 28:04

Everyone who is not a millennial, I feel like, poops on millennials.

Meliza Manalo 28:11

I think all the generations poop on each other.

Katrina 28:14


Bailey 28:14

Yeah, that's true. It's literally the position. If you think about gravity, (Laughter) and the generations that come before you. That's a good point.

Meliza Manalo 28:28

And it's just a different life, a different lifestyle that they lived, you know.

Bailey 28:33

I still think Millennials are the best generation though.

Meliza Manalo 28:36

Yeah. (Laughter)

Katrina 28:38


Bailey 28:38

You're a millennial right?

Katrina 28:40

I think so.

Meliza Manalo 28:40

No. You're the one below us.

Bailey 28:42

No! No, you're not.

Meliza Manalo 28:43

Yeah. I googled that. What's below us?

Bailey 28:45

I have no idea. Gen Z?

Meliza Manalo 28:47

I don't have my phone.

Katrina 28:47

I think it's Gen Z.

Meliza Manalo 28:50

You're right at the cusp.

Bailey 28:51

You're a Cusper.

Meliza Manalo 28:52

You're like the Cusper. You're right at that center. (Laughter)

Bailey 28:58

Don't say that. I'm triggered by that word. Please don't say that to me.

Meliza Manalo 29:01

Okay. (Laughter) Moving on. Okay. So, before I move on, I want to talk to you guys about Buzzsprout. What has made this podcast possible is getting hosted on Buzzsprout. Buzzsprout makes it easy for any aspiring podcaster like myself get started and get listed on all the popular podcast platforms with their easy-to-follow instructions and numerous resources. If you're thinking about starting a podcast, I highly suggest getting hosted on Buzzsprout. New podcasters get a $20 amazon gift card when you sign up for a paid plan. Follow the link in the description to let them know I sent you and to support the show. Should I talk about mine?

Katrina 29:40

What do you mean? Of course!

Bailey 29:41

I still didn't get to discuss my least favorite one!

Meliza Manalo 29:44

Oh, sorry. Let's do your least favorite one.

Bailey 29:46

Dang, I'm feeling super left out here. Just kidding.

Meliza Manalo 29:50

Okay so Bailey, yours is physical touch. And then your Lizzo, your least favorite one...

Katrina 29:55


Bailey 29:55

Oh yeah, that's right baby. Lizzo.

Meliza Manalo 29:57

I love Lizzo.

Bailey 29:58

Me too. My least favorite one is 'Words of affirmation'.

Meliza Manalo 30:03


Katrina 30:04

Words of affirmation?

Meliza Manalo 30:05

So, you don't care if someone says you're pretty or they're proud of you or whatever?

Bailey 30:14

I mean, it's nice, but like...

Meliza Manalo 30:16

It doesn't get you pumping.

Bailey 30:18

Not really.

Meliza Manalo 30:20

Oh, I didn't know that. Because you're such a 'Words of affirmation' person.

Katrina 30:26

That's true.

Meliza Manalo 30:27

Because you always say nice things to us.

Bailey 30:28

Well, that's because I'm such a lover. Because I just love so deeply and so hard. It's easy for me to love. It just comes so easy. But when it comes to receiving love for me? No, I don't really care about words of affirmation.

Katrina 30:46

Oh, that's fair.

Bailey 30:47

Because I've been through it, you know.

Meliza Manalo 30:51

That's a new thing for me because we've known each other for over 10 years.

Bailey 30:56

What did you think mine was?

Meliza Manalo 30:58


Bailey 30:58

My least favorite one?

Meliza Manalo 30:59

You least favorite?

Bailey 31:01

Or my least identifying?

Meliza Manalo 31:06

I guess 'Words of affirmation' now that I look at it.

Bailey 31:08


Meliza Manalo 31:09

So, I think you would've been like, Physical touch. I definitely thought that's what you would have. Quality time, Acts of Service, Gifts, and then Words of Affirmation.

Bailey 31:23

No, definitely. I don't know, making a decision, like number two would be Acts of service. Number three would be Gifts. Number four would be Quality time and then words of affirmation. Because quality time, if I'm gonna be spending, like downtime, I want to be alone. I just want to be able to just do my own thing. I don't know, because when we hang out, like us right now, is this considered? I guess this is...

Meliza Manalo 31:56

This is quality time.

Bailey 31:57

This is definitely quality time.

Katrina 31:58

Oh, yeah.

Meliza Manalo 31:58


Katrina 31:58

But we do it like, bare minimum. Once a month enough time to, you know, miss each other.

Bailey 32:05

But like, I love doing this. I can hang out with y'all every single week. Not every day. (Laughter) Not every day, but like...

Meliza Manalo 32:17

Oh, yeah.

Bailey 32:17

I wish I saw you guys way more. I miss when y'all used to live together because it was so easy because it was like one stop two girls. (Laughter) That sounds really gross, I'm sorry. That sounds really gross.

Continue to Part 2 to read the rest...

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