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An Introduction to My Blog Section

There’s definitely a difference between writing about something and talking about something. On paper, it’s easier to articulate my thoughts and elaborate on what I’m talking about. For my first few blogs, I think I might make them as an addition to my episodes until I figure out what content is worth writing about versus talking about.

As I’ve mentioned in my About section and in my podcast, this is a journey. I’m new to podcasting and I’m fairly new to blogging. I tried it once in high school, but I never continued it and I’m honestly not sure whatever happened to my blog. I can’t even recall what website I used to showcase them, and I also used a pseudonym, so it’s even harder to find. Anyways, I haven’t decided yet what I truly want to write about.

I actually, originally, wanted to become a writer, but I never pursued it. I figured; I can do it on the side, but life happened, and it took a backseat for years! So, there is some good out of this pandemic. I finally started this podcast I’ve been wanting to do and now I’m starting this blog.

Now, here’s a little background for you. My love for writing started in the third grade when our teacher gave us a writing assignment. During that time, we were learning about the different types of poetry, so our assignment was to write a poem. I don’t remember there being a criterion. I think she just wanted us to write about whatever we wanted. Anyways, I really enjoyed that, and I started to really love writing poems. I wish I had them. I need to ask my mom if she saved any of my school stuff. I do have some I wrote in high school. I’ll read through them and if they’re not too cringey, I’ll post them on here.

Then that love for poetry expanded. In middle school, my English teacher was so disappointed in our writing assignments that she made us write a short story. It was apparently supposed to be a punishment, but I was ecstatic! I loved writing that short story. I still have the hard copy, so I need to re-type it, so I don’t lose it. Anyways, it was a murder mystery story about a girl trying to figure out who killed her dad or mom. (It's been awhile since I've read it.) I was really into Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys. Honestly, I still love murder mystery shows and books. So fascinating! The human mind is just so intriguing. Anyways, I did not see that assignment as a punishment. I remember researching what kind of poison to use to kill someone, so that my story can be accurate. That must’ve been an alarming search history for a 6th grader. Or maybe I was in 7th? I don’t remember. Now, I want to dig it up and read it again. Maybe I’ll post it on here or read out loud in an episode.

That assignment definitely fueled my love for writing. It also helped that people actually liked it too. My English teacher asked me to write a poem to be included in the yearbook. My mom, legit, wanted to publish my short story, but she didn’t know how, and I was a kid, so I didn’t care to do it. Then in high school, my English teacher set me aside and told me that I needed to enroll in Honors English and do Advanced Composition senior year, because she saw potential in my writing.

After all that, I’m not sure what happened. I went to college with the intent of majoring in Math and English to become a high school teacher, but then I hated it. I hated my Math professors and my English teacher marked me down for being too sarcastic even though she asked us to write using our own persona. Like, I’m sorry I’m so amazingly sarcastic, I was able to portray that on paper. Then I took out English and did Art in case I wanted to teach Art instead of Math. Then I didn’t like being graded for my art, because it’s supposed to be an expression of myself and it felt weird having my expression graded. Plus, I taught adult citizenship classes and realized I didn’t want to be a teacher anymore. Then, I went on a soul search and landed with Family and Consumer Science with a concentration on Family Studies. Yet, here I am working in the IT industry. Weird how that works out, huh?

Throughout that experience, I guess I lost my passion in writing. I was working full time and going to school full time. I was trying to figure out who I am and figure out this whole adulting thing. I moved out at 18, so I had to grow up and figure out bills and taxes, which they don’t teach you in school by the way. So, I guess I abandoned writing for a while. Kind of sad to think about, now that I’m writing about it. Now though, I have a stable job, I have more time to do the things I want to do, I picked up some hobbies I used to love to do, but didn’t have the time to do it, and I figured, why not start writing again (or really in this case, typing). I do still keep journals and I love the feeling of physically writing things down on paper.

With all that said, I am still learning my voice and understanding what I want to send out to the world. I want to document and share that journey with you if you’re interested. I mentioned this before, but this is my hobby and my outlet, so I look forward to doing this and if I end up with followers, then even better! Maybe some day, I can do this full time.

Another great thing about blogs is that you can leave a comment. So, if you want to continue the conversation, please leave a comment below. Let me know what topics you like to write about or like reading about. Let me know if you have a blog or if there are blogs you like to read. I’d love to see what other people are writing. You can even ask me a question! I just can't guarantee your question will warrant an answer ;)

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